Friday Night vs. the Tribe

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sox vs. Indians

Lineup: Pods 8, Beckham 5, JD 9, Thome dh, PK 3, AJ 2, Q 7, Ramirez 6, Nix 4. Buehrle pitching.


If we are fortunate enough to take 2 of 3 the rest of the way out, all will be good.

Volunteer Corps Event

Went with Gordon Beckham, Harold Baines, Minnie Minoso and Ozzie Guillen Jr. to today’s Sox Volunteers Corps event at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.  A group of 60 Volunteers, including Meg Madden of the White Sox, Marla and Toni Baines and yours truly, put together nearly 1,000 boxes of emergency food for Chicago residents most in need.

Working on photos for the event …

Believe It or Not

So name the worst team in baseball at converting balls put into play into outs (i.e. Defensive Efficiency)?

Well, it’s not us.

According to our friends at Baseball Prospectus, here are the AL rankings entering today’s games:

1. Seattle

2. Texas

3. Tampa

4. Detroit

5. Yankees

6. Toronto

7. Minnesota

8. White Sox

9. Anaheim

10. Cleveland

11. Baltimore

12. Oakland

13. Boston

14. Kansas City

Obama Story

The story of President Obama’s All-Star Game first pitch toss just gets better and better.  Sox fan through and through …

click here to read a Sun-Times article.




Looks like Alexei’s back. Ok, we got through that 18-game stretch with a .500 record. We can’t let the Tribe get us. Go White Sox!

I also have to say, great behind the scenes video at the Greater Chicago Food Depository on Twitter, Scott. While it was cool to see Beckham, Baines, and Minoso in action, it was even greater to see all of the volunteers working together for a great cause. Kudos and a hat tip to you all!

I forgot to post the link for those not on Twitter…

This isn’t starting so good.

Nix-Alexei-PK! DP! They scored one, but this helps.

Ah, Josh enjoying Twitter already!! It’s early. Have faith!

Hi Donna. That homer by Shoppach certainly didn’t help. Let’s hold em guys. Go White Sox!

Yea, just as I hit send….UGH!

Ouch! Buehrle isn’t having his most stellar night, and the errors are killing us.

As Hawk always says, “cinch it up and hunker down, guys.”

Nix-Alexei-PK! DP#2! Let’s gets some runs.

ARGH! That’s twice Sowers has made a good pick on us!

Hi Peggy. We’re going to have work hard in comeback mode again. Still a lot of game left, but we need to get to Sowers. Go White Sox!

Well, following online again tonight while working. Just read back through the first three innings and it looks like only one of the errors actually hurt us and led to a run (the first one).

Cleveland is on a nice roll and has no pressure on it right now. Never an easy team to beat when it is in that situation.

A couple of bloops and a blast would look great in the bottom half of an inning here soon.

Nice pickoff! Any surprise? Atta boy Buehrle!

There’s our “double down” Beckham! Let’s keep this inning going!

Thank goodness Ames and Vicki didn’t rough up the “Commish” when theymet him at the volunteer event earlier today. He still had enough poise after meeting them to get that run-scoring double.

A walk, a double, a single ……… time for the blast! C’mon!!!

Alexei-Nix-PK! DP#3! Hell of a play guys. Now, let’s get these runs back. Go White Sox!

The timestamps are way off again tonight. Looks like I’m posting a few minutes ahead of everyone else. IOf course, I always was quick!!!! lol

How about a 1-2-3 inning with no need for a double play?

That’s the way to get it going! Another double by Becks! Atta boy!

Atta boy Thome! Keep it going guys!

That’s two for Shoppach. 😡

Damn. Can’t get Shoppach out.

Thank goodness for the DP ball tonight.

Hey all. Here late since I went out for dinner. And no I didn’t rough Bacon up, I managed to remain quite composed when meeting him – until I got home and couldn’t stop smiling and feeling like a fangirl.😀 At least he managed to score one for me. Just kidding.

Hopefully these guys can get their act together and start this series off on the right foot.

Well, another inning. Another run-scoring hit by Shoppach and another double play.

Need a crooked number on the bottom line of that scoreboard soon.

What is this? 2007?

Need another double play now, and no more errors!!

Nix made need a couple of days off. He’s too good a player to be making the errors he is making. With Alexei back, Ozzie can rest Nix and maybe take his mind off his glove for a couple of days.

And another dropped ball. This hasn’t been a good homestand as far as the defense has gone.

Anybody know the record for the number of double plays in a game?

Heck, Mark may set a record for double play balls induced!!!!! Again, the error doesn’t cost us. DP balls the only thing keeping us within reach.

According to Wiki, it is 7 by SF in 1969.

Thanks, TC!

Obviously, Mark must not have had his good stuff tonight but he battled, gave us 7.2 IP and saved the bullpen some work. Pena needs to get the last out and then the bats have to come alive.

Hey, no chance for a DP this inning!!!!

Let’s go guys, fight back. Go White Sox!

Come on, I want some hard hitting! Thank you Pods, start it off!

Way to start if off, Pods! Let’s get him in, Commissioner.

Alright, there’s two out there for you, Dye. Let’s get em in. Go White Sox!

I smell a long ball coming.

Chris Perez. We roughed this guy up big time the last time we faced them.

Sacks full of Sox! Come on Thome!

Biting my nails anxiously…

Let’s go Paulie!

Ouch. Two quick outs. We need a clutch hit, AJ.


Another great opportunity missed. Let’s hold em.

My goodness. That was extremely painful.

Guess I better get my sense of smell checked. Damn!

We need 4 before they get 3. Let’s Go White Sox!

Exactly my sentiment, Josh.

The scouting report on us is clearly to run at will against us. Only Buerhle seems to be able to hold a runner.

We’re REALLY running out of opportunities to score!!


Alright, still alive. Keep fighting guys.

and there you have it….

Tough loss. Buehrle wasn’t quite as sharp, neither was the defense at times. And it was the Kelly Shoppach Show tonight. Let’s shake it off and get these next two games.

Disappointing loss. These are the games we have to win. We stunk it up. Bases loaded no outs and not even 1? Come on guys. You are better than that. We have to get the next two.

Too bad the offense couldn’t pick up Buehrle on a night when he didn’t have it working. We had our chance in the eighth and failed to get it done.

So, instead of taking the first two and losing the third game of a series, we just have to reverse it.

I know that I’m a glutton for punishment but sometimes I take a gander at the fan comments posted on the MLB board after the Sox’ game story. At least 80-90 percent of the comments come from the whining, complaining and doomsday-speaking side of the crowd.

Two things amaze me about that blog board. No. 1 — the general lack of baseball knowledge expressed by people who seem to spend ours on the board since they post all night long. One guy complained today because the Sox are going to Seattle next week and, as he said, “they never play well in the Kingdome.” Guess he hasn’t watched a game from Seattle since 2000 when the Kingdome was imploded. And he made the Kingdome reference not once, but twice so it wasn’t just a quick faux pas. No. 2 — The constant butchering of the English language by posters on the board. It really makes me appreciate the fact that just about everyone that posts to this Sox Blog board can construct a sentence and spell correctly (with the exception of a few typos that I always seem to make lol).

But, at least those negative, whining pains in the “rear aperture” (thank you TQ) have found a home on the other board and don’t post their incessant complaints here.

Enough of my rant. Let’s bounce back tomorrow and even up the series.

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