Peavy Update

Jake Peavy threw just over 50 pitches in a simulated game this afternoon, facing hitters. He then went through fielding practice, the good old PFP. Everything went well.

Peavy is now scheduled to throw a bullpen session on Monday in Charlotte and then start for the Knights on Thursday night, going approx. 2-3 innings.


Thanks for the update on Peavy, Scott. I hope he continues to improve and is ready for his first start on Thursday.

As for tonight, let’s hope Torres pitches as well as he did last time, and please let’s not give the Tribe more than 3 outs in an inning. Let’s get a W tonight. Go White Sox!

Lord, can you imagine the bruises on Paulie lately? Ridiculous, but you wait, we try something, we’ll be warned, no doubt!

Watching on Wgn tonight, got some family folk there having fun I’m sure!!

Hi Josh, I’ll be back and forth periodically!

Nice call by the ump – NOT – stupid *** umps!

Evening all, just tuning in. It looks like our boys are doing a decent job tonight. Hopefully we can get the win??

Good evening all, just tuning in. It’s seems like our guys have been pretty decent tonight. Hopefully we can bring in the win tonight??

I don’t now why it just did that. Anyways… Thank You Getz!! Now we’ve got a little breathing room.

Well, better to be late than never. I was entertaining company for most of the game, but I did get to see the last couple innings on WGN.

Way to fight back from being down 5-1. Carrasco and Thornton did their job holding them down, and it was good to see Jenks back to get the last two outs.

But what is up with Cleveland hitting our guys this game? 3 of our guys in one game? I know Ozzie’s not going to stand for this. Anyway, I’m glad we got the W, but we need tomorrow as well. If we keep winning series, we should be right in the thick of it. Now if only the Kitties can start losing when we win…

All right! Got here just in time for the big rally. Awesome jobs by Pierzynski, Quentin, Kotsay, and Getz!

All right! Got here just in time for the big rally!! Awesome jobs by Pierzynski, Quentin, Kotsay, Ramirez, and Getz!

Come on, Jose. Get it back together!

And we just lost of our lead.

Heads up play by Kotsay to get Peralta at 3rd. Let’s hold em here and get those runs back. Go White Sox!

Yay, know I don’t feel so alone! Lol. That was a pretty awesome play by Kotsay and Beckham.

Need a clutch hit, Q.

Boooo. Only three innings left – we really need to get our act together.

Yes! Two fabulous plays by Kotsay and Pierzynski. Hopefully we can carry that over into the bottom of the inning.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSS! Atta boy Alexei! Now let’s get at least 2 more.

Hecks yeah! Nice long ball by the Missile, but sad that would couldn’t keep it going.

Hawk just made a very good point. We’ve been playing to the level of our competition. We’ve been lights out against the Angels and Yankees, but we’ve struggled a bit with teams like Cleveland and KC, teams we should easily put away. I’m not in panic mode yet as there’s still a lot of baseball left to play. And, we may lose this series today against Cleveland. It happens. But, we’ve got Seattle, Oakland, KC, and Baltimore in our next 4 series…all bottom dwellers. We’ve got to make sure we gain on the Kitties during this stretch. Go White Sox!

And that’ll do it. Let’s go get em in Seattle. Go White Sox!

Very disappointing game today, but such is baseball life. It’s hot, humid and sunny in Chicago, while we are getting rained on in Wisconsin. Twins lost two of three to the Indians and so did we. Back to three games out. But the Tigers ace gave up a lot of runs to the Twins the other day and now the cats are heading into Beantown where they will hopefully lose more than a few.

Looks like Mark has the toughest of the matchups in Seattle, who by the way is not a “cellar dwellar” type team, owning a better record than we have right now. Hope Ozzie and Kenny come up with a better solution for the fifth starter until Mr. Peavy is ready. Good luck on the road trip, boys, and come back to the Cell in first place, okee dokee?

Seattle is a very good team. There really aren’t many bad teams in the AL. Most of the bad ones are in that “minor” league.

Seattle is strong and Oakland is a park that had not been conducive to our type of play over the years. Will be a challenging trip.

People can rip on Contreras all they want, but until we find a better option he will be in the rotation. He is really mystifying. Was breezing through four innings today and then fell apart suddenly in the fifth. He must drive Ozzie and Coop crazy.

The grind continues. Let’s hope that the overrated Red Sox find a way to score some runs after they get out of New York and can beat the Tigers. Sure wish we were catching Boston right now instead of in a week or two.


Yeah, I feel dumb. I only glimpsed and saw that those four teams were at the bottom of their respective divisions. I didn’t pay close attention to their records, and I didn’t realize that Seattle was ahead of us. Either way, I know that any team, regardless of record, can go on a hot streak at any time, and we’d have to play them tough. What I was trying to say (unsucessfully) was that, while they certainly are not pushovers, we need to play the “lower level” teams with as much intensity as we do the top teams. I know, I know, easier said than done. But we should at least take care of the series we’re “expected” to win, and if we win any of the series we’re not favored in (Angels, Yankees), it’s an added bonus.

But enough rambling from me. Here’s hoping that we open tomorrow’s road trip with a W. Go White Sox!

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