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man, that was terrible yesterday. But saw on the standings that the sox are like 6 games off the wildcard. And of course our division is still up for grabs. But the whole Jekyll and Hyde play we’ve been showing isn’t helping. Oh, well, this will be interesting down to the final week one way or the other…

Sorry guys, I won’t be around for this road trip, save for the day games. West Coast games don’t fare well for those on the East Coast, especially those who have to be at work at 7 a.m. So, let’s get some W’s and Go White Sox!

Well, it is getting close to put up or shut up time. The Sox have 12 games left before the schedule gets very tough. I think they need to go 8-4 or they will be in trouble for the stretch run. They need to win tonight!!

Well, I am sure you all have heard about the Alex Rios move. Hmmm, who do you think is the odd man out? It can’t be Pods, I would hate for it to be Dye. TCQ’s bat is just now heating up. Maybe they platoon Pods and Q? Though, I want to see Pods in there every day. We would not be where we are right now if it weren’t for him. I kinda feel bad for the guys…I heard on the radio that JD was shocked and Pods didn’t even want to discuss it.

What I want to know is who will take the lead-off spot is Pods loses his starting spot to Rios. He has been our lead-off man ever since he rejoined the team, frankly because no one else was good enough there. Also, I frankly think that he has earned his spot on the team, because he really jump-started the team. Of course I am not Ozzie or Kenny, so what do I know?

Well, Ozzie has a lot of different lineup options now.

The more interesting question is how they fill the 25-man roster. With a fifth starter not needed for over a week, my guess is that either Torres is optioned or Contreras released to make room for Rios tomorrow. Once the fifth start is needed, then a move will have to be made. But I’m sure that Ozzie and Kenny want to kepp Wise so they will find a way to liive with the extra outfielder for the rest of August. Once Spetember 1 rolls around, then they can load up with as many pitchers as they want to try to win the division in September.

And the offseason will be even more interesting with Dye and Thome decisions pending.

In the meantime, let’s beat Seattle. First things first.

Rios is a good acquisition, but as we’ve been saying who is the odd man out? It could very well be Dye, but I think that they would platoon him and Thome at DH if that’s the case. To me, Pods has been such a catalyst for this team when he came back, that I don’t think it would be right to take his spot outright. If it’s not Dye, I’m thinking Rios platoons with Q in LF, seeing as he may still be dealing with that plantar fasciitis deal. Either way, I just hope Rios produces and returns to his all-star form for us.

But first thing’s first, let’s get Seattle tonight and start this road trip off on a good note. Go White Sox!

Well, I just went for my walk with my walkman listening to the Score. Kenny Williams called in. Basically he said that Pods, Q, Dye don’t have anything to worry about. No one better cry about playing time or fewer at bats. This will make Ozzie’s job harder trying to decide who to match up against lefties or righties, that they will just go day by day with the best possible matchups. The thing I liked best was when Kenny said we are going for this NOW, but not ONLY now, but we are lined up to be in contention for the next few years. Behind Pods, Q, Rios, Dye, PK, Thome, AJ we have Beckham, Getz, Ramirez. Behind the young guys we have Viciedo, Jordan Danks, Flowers, etc. Kenny then said I told you all in spring training that we were going for it this year, but no one was listening.

Well Kenny, I hear ya now loud and clear and as a Sox fan, I am pumped.

In Kenny We Trust.


Indeed, MariE. Indeed.

Well, as a Sox fan I agree, it is obvious the front office is going for this year in an all out way. But it still comes down to the guys performing on the field. But as far as my opinion goes, I am guessing Quentin sharing time with Rios. I just can’t say how that condition with his foot is gonna affect him for the rest of the year. I guess we shall find out….

Hopefully Quentin can pull this off…

All right, ahead by one. Good enough for now, but some insurance would be nice. It’s getting late, so I think I’ll head off to bed, and find out the results in the morning. Night all!

What a lackluster week to be away from our Boys of Summer. With a 3-4 record through Monday night, I’d have to say that you all just aren’t trying hard enough!

And now we have Alex Rios!!?? This move along with the Peavy acquisition is simply perplexing. I think those moves are good and will pay off down the road, but so far all we’ve proven this year is that we are a 500 team. This smacks somewhat of desperation. On the other hand, We got two highly touted players with a lot of upside. The Red Sox didn”t do this. The Yankees didn’t do this. The Dodgers or Cubs didn’t do this. The White Sox did it! We are in uncharted territory here Sox Blog Buddies. The White Sox don’t go out and “get” players they target.

I’ve said all year this looked like a rebuilding year. Well, if this is rebuilding, we’re doing it with veteran players instead of rookies. So maybe the best part of our year is still ahead of us. Here’s hoping so. Uh, we do need to start winning road games though. Let’s start doing just that beginning tonight. I’m back and I’m ready to root nightly again for our Team. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Welcome back klein! See what happens when you leave us unattended? So now that your back we will automatically be whipped into shape and now we have a better chance of taking the next two games! We need them!

I have mixed feelings in regards to the Rios acquisition. He makes for some great eye candy and by all accounts is a pretty good player. But if his being here is gonna force out the above mentioned players, all of whom we have grown to love and all of whom have played hard this year and proven themselves, then I must confess it may take some time for me to have his back. He’s gotta prove to me that he has our beloved team’s back first. No matter the outcome, I would hate to see any of these players go. But such is baseball. All we can do is wait and see. In the meantime, we need to win some games! I hate that we lose when Detroit loses. We’re staying idle and not moving up as we should be. But there is plenty of baseball left, soooo…….

Welcome back, JK. We could sure use your help. It was a tough loss again last night, so let’s get these next two. Go White Sox!

About 11/2 hours before game time and the excitement is building. We need to win todays game, but then we need to win every day. A week without the White Sox is like being on a desert island. Sure glad I’ll be able to watch tonight even though the game doesn’t start for me until 7 PM, you guys and gals in Chicago have to wait til 9 PM. That’s brutal. Game doesn’t get over until midnight…… Just another of the many reasons to live out west…. Right Peggy? Go Sox’09….j.k.

Rain delay in Boston with the Red Sox up 6-4. The Royals are up BIG in the Dome, 9-1 in the fourth. Interestingly, the Twins announcers discussed our pick-up of Rios and both agreed that the White Sox line-up and bench is the deepest in the Central. Gardenhire did an in game comment about pitching and it echoed the sentiments of Ozzie and Coop: We need the starters to go deeper in games and give us a chance to win. My guess is that all the other teams would say the same thing too.

Almost time, and after such a long time it’s about time. I can hardly wait….. for a White Sox win that is. The last one I saw was against the Yankees last Saturday…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Let’s hope that Danks has gotten over his rough patch and is on his game tonight. We could really use the win tonight. Let’s Go White Sox!!

Hi all! Wgn’n tonight – still not comfortable with the Rios thing but really for personal reasons – I’m afraid he’s going to shake up some of the chemistry and yea, maybe that’s a stupid reason, we’ll just have to see where and when he’s plunked in position. I understand all the positives about him, just hope the other guys don’t get down on themselves feeling they’ll be replaced. Or, maybe that will make everyone play better to keep their positions solid… I dont know…

Good brawl out East, wish they wouldn’t have broken it up so quickly! πŸ™‚

Hello Kris. Long time no talk to. I will probably move to WGN at the top of the hour after my Wifes show is over…… For now though, it’s great to say Go Sox’09…..

One of the hardest things about following a team is to not let your emotions get too involved when it comes to player transactions. We all have our favorite players and we’re naturally upset if one of our favorites gets traded, released or just benched due to other player moves.

But Kenny and the other GMs have to make moves regardless of emotions. I love most of the guys on our club. I’ll hate to see Thome go (if that happens) or JD (again, if that happens) but I know that whatever personnel decisions Kenny makes they will be done for the betterment of the club.

The guys are professionals. They are well paid to do their jobs. If they don’t do it here, they will do it elsewhere. That’s just part of the pro sports game.

Rios is a talented center fielder and fits our needs — both short-term and long-term — very well. If he produces as Kenny expects, it will be a very good move.

Peavy is also a good talent fit. Moves needed to be made. What we had only got us a few games over .500.

Now, back to the ball game.

Nicely done JohnnyD. Keep it up and go Offense (Sox that is)…

OK Boys, let’s get one here… Go Sox

Just heard about Scott Schoenweiss… guess he’s on the DL for depression after losing his wife earlier this Spring.. not trying to be the preacher lady here but he could use our thoughts and prayers… feel bad for the guy.

Yea, I know tc . . that’s why I’m not really complaining.. I do understand it and I know they know what they’re doing.. it’s a woman thing I guess! πŸ™‚ Remember growing up watching the same players year after year and dad talking about them like family.. hard to let them go. I still follow Rowand, C. Lee, Valentin (when he was playing) keep up on their stats and such.

Now! I’m gonna pick CQ this inning to click……

Switching to TV mode….later all…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Can we please get more than just one measly hit tonight?? A run or two might nice as well…

Can we please get more than one measly hit tonight?? It might also be nice to get a run or two…

One hit thought eight. Still, we certainly have had our chances. Seven walks and nothing to show for it. Three double-play balls.

Baseball, the most frustrating of all team sports!!!!!!!

Hey kids, I’ll be here with ya for the rest of the night tonight. Bowling league ended tonight, we came in 5th out of 18 and won $42 bucks each! Not bad, by all accounts.

Gosh, I can’t remember the last time I had time to SIT and WATCH a game! This feels good!!

As far as the Rios trade, I’m kinda “eh” about it. I understand it from a baseball perspective, but dislike it mostly for those “girlie” reasons kris and lisa mentioned. These boys are like family, and I can only imagine what Thome, JD, Scottie, and others are thinking. Plus, its A LOT of money he’ll be making. I think my mom hit it on the head the other day when she said, especially about this season, “They keep bringing people in and letting people go, I can’t even get to know these guys anymore.”


now or never Boys….. Come on White Sox’09…….

Attaboy Alexei!!!!!!!! Shades of your rookie year with that clutch dinger.

And this ballgame is “ovah”!!!!!!!

Danks gets a well deserved win. Bobby gets his fist save in what seems like years and we pick up a game on the Tigers and put Minnesota another game back.

Nothin’ to this game, huh?????? lol

Belatedly some thoughts……

Yea! Sox win. It’s good to be back home!

Way to go Alexei!!

Bobby has lost weight! Can a kidney stone weigh 25 pounds?

We came from behind instead of giving it up!!!!

And we picked up ground (again) on Detroit!!!!!

Finally, Mark is due for a return to prominence and big series winning effort….

Go White Sox’09……j.k.

No drama, no drama, no drama….

JK, it’s true! All we needed was you!!! Of course the clutch hit by alexei didn’t hurt!!!!!

Bobby won the other night.. he’s won since he got back from being ill – – and jk, kidney stones may not weigh that much but they sure will make you sick enough not to want to eat!

Awesome win!!!

Yeah, but Bobby didn’t get a save the other night. So he’s finally back in the save column.

technicalities tc – – quit! πŸ™‚

Alexei’s hit was the cherry on top, tc. I had nothing to do with this win unless watching means something……. Manana all……. and sweet dreams…Go Sox’09……

Ah, it feels good to wake up to a White Sox winner, and all we needed was a little “JK magic”. πŸ™‚

Great performance by Danks to keep it close, and thanks to a clutch hit by Alexei and no drama from Jenks, we’ve got a chance to take the series tonight. It looks like I won’t be around for gametime again until Saturday (darn East Coast), but at least JK’s back to keep the momentum going. Let’s get Buehrle his 12th tonight. Go White Sox!

Thanks to Danks and Alexei for last night’s win! Also, Kudos to Paulie who almost tied it up with one swing, and AJ who walked in the ninth instead of swinging at all those Aardsma pitches outside the zone like the night before, clutch hit from TCQ to keep the line moving, two great assists from our cannon arm JD to keep the game close, no drama from Baa-aaa-aaad Bobby Jenks to slam the door shut, and everyone else on the field who contributed. Hope we can get another one tonight (calling Mark Buehrle, calling Mark Buehrle, will the REAL Mark Buehrle show up tonight? Please?)

Anyone else following Freddy Garcia’s progress in the minors? He had another quality outing: 6 innings, 8 hits, 2 runs, 9 K’s and no walks. (one of the victims–Brian Anderson who struck out all 4 at bats) I will be at the game next Tuesday, which will be the first day the Sox need a fifth starter again. Hopefully, it will be Freddy’s triumphant return to the Cell!

From the “better (way)late than never” department…

It would have been a crying shame if Danks’s best pitching outing in what seems like forever was not rewarded with a “W”…

So, thank you Alexi… and, more importantly, thank you, David Aardsma… for reverting back to the “form?” you showed as a member of “the bullpen from Hell ” a couple of years ago…

As to the acquisition of Alex “Blame it on” Rios (sorry, channeling Chris Berman again…)…

If he is willing to platoon, and the other incumbents in the outfield are willing to give up a game or so to accomodate him in the lineup… this could work out BIG TIME…

The main thing I need to see, however, is the removal of the heads from the rear apertures (Hi, Dawn… Hi, tc)regarding the errors… The WS lead the AL in that dubious category… which makes the 4th or 5th best ERA in the league somewhat suspect, due to all the unearned runs…

Shore that up… keep hitting… and we’ll see what fun there could be over the final seven weeks and 1 day of the regular season…

Howdy Sox’09 Blog Buddies! Twinkies up on KC 5-1 in the third and the Red Sox put up 5 in the fifth for a 8-1 lead on Detroit. There is ground to be gained!

Go White Sox…….. j.k.

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