Rios Debut

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Alex Rios, wearing uniform No. 51, debuts for the Sox tonight, batting third, in right field.

Perfect Day

Yesterday: Sox win, Tigers lose, Twins lose, Cubs lose.  Pretty good day.


I disappeared the last few days … Sunday, flew to Cleveland to drive home to Chicago with my family.  Monday, spent the day at the 40th Annual Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities golf outing at Twin Orchards (great job by Billy Pierce, Gene Hisler and Howard Kaplan) and then spent Tuesday with my kids and my spouse (that in-season anniversary can be tough). So anyway, been awhile since I could post.


Looks like Dye drew the short straw today. Let’s see what Rios can do for us. Hopefully he helps us get a W.

And Scott, I know we may give you a hard time when you go through a posting “slump”, but I’m sure we all agree that family time comes first.

Now go get ’em boys. Go White Sox!

I echo those words chvy: We do miss Scott, but family is much more important than keeping us up to date.

There’s ground to be gained tonight. Boston is up big on Detroit, 8-1 in sixth, while the Twins are thumping KC, 7-1 in fifth…… Come on Mark! and Go Sox’09….j.k.

Looks like we have a solid core rootin for the boys tonight! May I join you kids? lol

I still echo your sentiments, Kris! First impressions are pretty important….

Howdy gang! Watching the Cubs get hammered .. why does that make us smile?

Hope Mark has his ‘a’ game on tonight… he’s gonna need it! Go Rios . . I guess… still not smiling about that transaction yet… make a believer of me Alex!

Hey, Kris and Amy. welcome to the White Sox Win with Buehrle pitching site. He’s due…… Go Sox’09……

I’d like to say I’m staying up for the whole game, but really, I’m just going to watch Rios’ first at-bat and then go to bed. East Coast + Working at 7 a.m. = No West Coast White Sox games for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Boston wins. Let’s pick up another game on Detroit. With Verlander going tomorrow, the Tigers should win, so we need this one….. One more time, Go Sox’09….j.k.

Well, since that was quick, I’ll stay for Buehrle’s 1st inning.

That’s the spirit! 1-2-3 Mark and we can hang around a bit longer…..

Unfortunately too quick…

Alright, 1-2-3 inning! And unfortunately, I must go. Take care all and root harder for the guys in my absence. I want to wake up to another White Sox winner tomorrow. Go White Sox!

Ask and Ye shall receive!….. 1-2-3…….

Come on chvy, just one more inning????? Go Sox’09

All right…. Load ’em up and empty ’em out!!

Please Jayson….

Wow – probably the worst two at bats I’ve seen all season by Alexei and Jayson…

Maybe this inning????? Go Sox go….

Hi guys, checking in now and again, as I make dinner tonight.

Let’s get this win – we really need it!


Hi everyone! I’m here too but fading fast so don’t think I’ll make it to the end. Let me wake up to another W though huh?

And we’re right back where we were last inning.

At least we’re making him throw a lot of pitches. Keep up YOUR good work Mark…..Don’t go Donna….Go Sox’09…j.k.

True. The more pitches we make him throw, the sooner he’s gone. Let’s Go MARK!!!

Ok JK I’ll stay for a little while….not sure how long though. You’ve been gone awhile…have a good time?

Mark is looking good and we’re getting to Hernandez. We just need to get that key hit and we’ll be fine.

Sadly, no Donna. It was a family emergency type situation. But happily I think everyone will be O.K……..

My comment finally posted after several tries. This game looks like it will be less than two hours…Go Sox’09…..

Geez, I’M getting tired too. West Coast games are a killer, esp after staying late at work. Maybe some food’ll wake me up… C’mon, Mark, keep chuggin along!

I gotta tell you guys I’m playing around here on the computer with the game on TV and I know Mark works fast, but you can hear it when you aren’t watching…it sounds like he is just playing catch. Just an observation from a tired fan.

Glad everything is ok, JK. This is the inning we score! Then I think it’s bed for me. I will leave it to you guys!

Ok I guess I stick around for 1 more at bat. They better score!

Dang!! Good throw by Ichiro…. Keep holding them down Mark….

Haha, isn’t that what Mark usually does?

What’s with that ump being so loud.. sounds like there’s a mic on him… I can hear ‘strike’ 2 rooms over!

Noticed the dishes.. didn’t realize that’s what they were… quit laughing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ichiro makes me want to slap him!

Alright, Boys. Stop playing with these guys and score a couple of runs. Now is the time….. Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Kris, they have that sound dish thing right behind home, you can see it. Carlos just looks lost up at the plate tonight….

Now’s the perfect time to make our move…

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit, Scottie!

The ball’s back in your court Mark. Pitch well……..

0_0. Seriously?!!?

I can’t stay up much longer… can we PLEASE get a run or two? Asking for them seemed for working last night.

Son of a – – – – – – – crikey…. why can’t we do anything???

That was BAD luck for Gordon. I thought we had a lead there……. Keep it up Mark…….Go Sox’09…….

Goodness. Only two more opportunities left, unless they fail to score as well.

Markey Mark, keep it together!!

Dye would’ve had that! ๐Ÿ™‚ ha ha, just kidding… got find something to do as I sit here.

Stressful, but you have to admit this is a BASEBALL game. NOW!!! Go Sox, go…..

Rios, first impressions are IMPORTANT!!! C’mon now!

0_0 Are we sure that pitcher’s mound is regulation?

Yes, this is definitely a baseball game… stressful to say the least.

We need some of the Mariners “luck” and we’d be ahead in this one. One more inning Mark and Alexei can win it for you in the ninth too…….go Sox’09…

What’s the deal with that damn train horn blaring, just as Buehrle is going in to his wind up??? That’s bush league and the Sox should lodge a complaint to the league against the M’s.

There’s appropriate crowd noise, and a professional athlete can block that stuff out. But blowing the train horn just as our pitcher’s just getting ready to throw the ball???

That’s so bush league it’s beyond belief.

P.S. And I thought Scotty Pods ball was FAIR over the 1B bag his last at bat.

//end rant!

That’s true, jk. This is baseball at it’s finest. Neither team being able to score.


There’s your error……… CRAP……..

Let’s just hope that error doesn’t cost us the game.

Get this out Boys…….

WHEW!!!! Mark deserves this win even more than JohnnyD did last night. make it happen Boys……

Oh, he totally does. Can Alexei make it happen again?

Hi again – extra innings, wow!

TC, I’ve been to that ballpark, and the train does run right past the stadium, and the M’s have no control over when the whistle blows.

Let’s win this one – our guys *can* do this!!!

Go Sox!!!!

Dang it. So close. Well, I’m out; maybe the miracle can only happen if I’m not here. Night all.

And there’s their error… Make them PAY…..

I’ve never been to Safeco but I think that train sound is coming from outside the park. I believe the train runs right past the stadium.

I thought that was down. Good catch Q. Nice job Matt…….Now!!!!!!! Go Sox’09….j.k.

I was there once tc, and you’re right. I is right behind the stadium…..

Damn it Scotty!!!! Q’s fly ball would have put us ahead. Can’t make mistakes like that, especially on the road!!

Unbelievable! Come on Sox, we should have already won this game……. DON’T give up…….

Ichiro striking out – that’s something you don’t see every day!

Now, Sox, get some runs, pleeeeeaaase!!!

Beginning to lose air here… can Alexei make it a week with no errors????

Good job Matt!!!! We’re all over these guys, but keep shooting ourselves in the foot. This inning, this inning….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Hello Peggy. You’re the one we need to bring this home…..

I feel a hit coming from Kotsay!

Well, maybe I was not thinking hard enough. Maybe Nix will be the guy.

cheya, this is the one time its good to be a Sox fan on the West Coast.

Don’t be alarmed: the loud “thump” you will hear around 10:30am CT is only my head hitting my desk at work…

I thought after AJ got on base on a strikeout, that would be our inning, but these guys just can’t pull it together tonight.

So much for a quick game. Keep holding them down and win it in the 12th….. Go Sox…..

No save situation… Come on Bobby…..

Good job, Bobby! C’mon guys, pick up your pitchers tonite!!!

Thank you Bobby. If we don’t do it here, only Peggy and I will be left. Redeem yourself Pods…Go Sox’09…….

This is ridiculous – it’s getting late even on the left coast!

C’mon boys, justify my staying up this late!!

Awesome – Bobby gets the double play when he needs it!!!

C’mon guys – it’s waaaaayyy past time to finish this game!

What a play by Kotsay!!!

Nothing better than a 0-0 game that goes extra frames. Very nervewracking when your team is involved but still, this is how baseball was meant to be played. With the game riding on every pitch.

I’m here until whenever it ends, so jk you will have company!

WOW!!!! Refuse to lose……… Now??????

Hey, quit your whining. If Buerhle hadn’t started this one, we’d only be in the sixth inning by now!!!!!

Atta Boy tc….. You and me, Buddy…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

*ahem* hi boys. ๐Ÿ˜€

Us girls stick together! Silly boys!

With Buehrle on the bump, I bet Ozzie was hoping that the bullpen would have an easy night…

Good thing tomorrow is a day off, huh?

Sorry Amy. Happy to have you. I guess it’s Line time….. Go Sox….

Right, Ames, you and I are here, too, aren’t we?

*stares* tc, I’m looking at you. You know the face, I don’t even have to say anything.

Me too!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Went and took a bubble bath even… and we’re still playing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey jk, you forgot about the women on our crew!!!! Ah, well, women are easy to forget when you’re in extra innings!!!

(I know, I’ll pay for that comment later!)

Well alright Line……

Wow, there’s more folks here now that three hours ago. And yes tc, you’re gonna get it for that one…..

How many balls are going to bounce off the rubber, off the bag, off the pitcher’s foot, etc., etc.???

Crazy! Can we get it to the 15th?…… Come on Sox’09…..j.k.

Great AB by Nix that time. That kid’s a gamer!!!

Good at-bat by Nix! Let’s make this pay off!!

C’mon Scottie, be clutch again tonite!

Tough night for Beckham.

Wow, Becks is usually so clutch – what’s going on tonight?

Be nice tc, it’s late!!! 10 more minutes.. 1 is my max out time.

Great pitch by Pena. Tough luck with the broken bat single.

Hey, c’mon. I only made one wise acre remark and that was at least 15 minutes ago!!!

I was in the tub 10 minutes ago! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m fixin to go to bed and read about it in the morning but I can’t drag myself away… even made my son come watch it while I was in the tub so I wouldn’t miss anything!

What in God’s name was wrong with that last pitch to Hannahan????

Alrighty, i switched from Restruant City to Farm Town. Maybe the boys’ll like that better…

Ames, that generational gap you are in has lost me again.

hahahahhaha!!! emergency test!!!! hahahahah!!!

All that for THAT??? Good night already!

Aw, Griff, really?!? Damn. G’night kids.

tc, they are game applications on fbook. Let me know if you are ever looking for a way to kill about 2 hours every night through addiction. I’ll hook you up!

Well, Pena did what I figured he would – ended the game. Too bad.

Good night, all!

That’s just sad……… Come on Boston…….

Well, my post-game post never made it through cyberspace.

I’ll make it short. Great game, great effort. Great pitching. Keep that up and we’ll be okay.

On to the East Bay for something we don’t do very often — win some damn games!

tc1980 they had that game won, except the worthless podsednik killed them. hes terrible. he should be benched for at least a week for getting picked off at third.

Well, that was another tough one to take, but I’m sure it was a hell of a game to watch. I haven’t seen the video of Pod’s pickoff, but I don’t want to blame the loss solely on him. We also had runners on third base in the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th innings, so a clutch hit would have helped as well. Let’s give the bullpen some rest today, and play hard in Oakland tomorrow. We’re still only 2 games back of the Kitties, but it could be a lot worse right now. Go White Sox! -Josh

Pods – worthless? Come one….please have more than a one game memory.

The one thing I didn’t understand from last night’s game (and yes I was up until 1 am local time to watch it) was why Ozzie did not bring anyone in off the bench at any time during the game? Seattle didn’t either until they brought in Junior and that won the game for them. Glad for Junior, sad for our boys. Oh, well. Everyone get some rest and we’ll see you on Friday night.

For some weird reason, Saturday’s day game is not being broadcast anywhere but on MLB.TV so I will be here at the computer following along. See you all then!

Actually, no, I am gunna speak to this, bc I’ve spent all day reading about how he lost the game for us and everyone trashing him (not here, on WSI. Fault me for reading).

I just gave 3 solid and very obvious examples where he single handedly saved a game. I’m also 100% positive he’s contributed to wins in numerous other games since he was brought back May 1st. Yesterday, a game where EVERYONE was sucking with RISP, and EVERYONE had a chance to win the game for us MULTIPLE times, he got tagged out at 3rd, possibly when there was some play on and he was trying to be aggressive. But who do we pick on? The guy who jumpstarted this team and had possibly one of the more consistant first halves. Lets call last night for what it was: an excellent pitching duel that carried over to a plethora of blown chances to be the hero. A combined lack of execution by EVERYONE, not specifically Scottie or any one player.

I’m not living in the past with this statement, but it seems worth saying: Everyone says the catalyst for the 05 World Series run was Scott Podsednik. It can easily be argued that, if this team (IF, big IF) makes it to the World Series again, or even just the playoffs, it could be once again contributed to Scott Podsednik.

I understand some people were up till 1:30 am (as was I), but the time has passed to wake up and take a 5 hr. energy. The End.

And for the record, I’m not that upset, not PMSing, no one kicked my dog or peed in my Cheerios, and I haven’t had a bad day. I’m totally open to having rational discussion about this, if anyone disagrees.

Don’t mess with Ame’s man……EVER!

All joking aside, Ame’s point is very valid. Pods alone did not lose the game for us last night. There were a lot of opportunities missed by others on the team as well. Did he make a bonehead play that cost us a run? Yes, he would have scored on Q’s fly ball. But if others had made clutch hits like I mentioned above, Pod’s situation would have been moot. I also feel he is the catalyst of this team, just like he was in ’05. Remember, we didn’t start winning “consistently” until he was brought up back in May. We were 6.5 games back and 6 or 7 games under .500 at one point. Now, we we’re tied for the division lead once and are only 2 games back, and we were once 5 games over .500. We’re still very much in the race, and Pods has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me as well, but hopefully the guys will recharge themselves during this off day, and we can come back even harder against the A’s. Go White Sox!

I support your comments about Pods 100% Amy. It seems like anytime a member of our team makes a mistake (Alexei, Fields, Nix, Pods, even Paulie just to mention a few) our loyal fans can’t wait to criticize or call for whatever fix in their own minds would have made the difference. Sometimes they (our fans) are just plain rude in their comments.

Nobody likes to lose, so I guess it’s only natural to cry out when we do. What’s the old adage? Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the other team. Yesterday, Seattle played better than us when it mattered most. Yes they had the ball bounce their way and that helped them. We had several chances to score at least one run and didn’t. That’s Baseball. For my money, I was proud of all our guys. They didn’t give up. They played hard every out, but they lost. That happens.

I’ve got a good feeling about our Oakland series starting tomorrow. I think we will take two from the A’s and maybe keep pace with Detroit who plays KC at home….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Jake Peavy’s line for tonight:

3.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 5 SO

It’s a very good start. I hope he builds on this and gets healthy soon.

Somthing’s wrong here. That nice, friendly, polite, quiet, subdued, blonde young lady that I meant at Blog Night is Ames. It can’t be the person who penned that four-paragraph, listen-to-me-or-else post a few inches above this one.

She says she’s not PMS’ing and that nobody peed in her Cheerios. But, as far as I’m concerned, I’m staying the hell out of her way tonight if I were a close friend or family member.

Don’t mess with our girl Ames. Or, better yet, don’t mess with our leadoff hitter that wears No. 22.

And she is right. While he contributed to last night’s loss, those three highlights she linked to represent just a few of the wins we may not have right now if it weren’t for him.

Oh, and by the way Ames, after seeing your wrath in print, I will never make fun of your dad carrying that pink bag again!!!!!

I actually spent the night with both friends and family, and it was quite plesent. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wasn’t even that upset by all the comments on WSI, but as soon as I came here and saw that someone “infultrated” our space with that crap, it was too much. And besides that, I got into an argument over the definition of a “real baseball player” with a friend the other day (tc, remember Kyle from my status updates?), so I was amped for this one.

I’ll admit I’m biased, it isn’t hard to tell. And when he really screws up, I’ll admit it. If I ever get too rediculous, let me know. But seriously, have more than a 30 second memory span!

I may usually be “nice, friendly, polite, quiet, and subdued”, but I’m no pushover. Remember, I grew up on the Southside! ;D

Well, I didn’t think I was going to be able to see the game tonight, but my gig got cancelled because of rain. So my White Sox drought will end tonight instead of tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for tonight’s game, Pods is still in the lineup at DH but he drew the short straw for tonight on the field. Thome is out as well, probably because we’re going up against a lefty. Let’s hope we get the “Dr. Jekyll” side of Jose tonight and get a W. Go White Sox!

One and 1/2 hours to go before game time and since it’s on WGN and I now get WGN in HD, I’ll be watching on the big set instead of via Sure are a lot of initials here.

Is that cosmic intervention Josh? Turn your good fortune into a Jose win! I’ll check in as time permits, So go Sox’09….j.k.

Well, Inge just hit a walk-off for a 1-0 Tiger win, so Come on Jose…….

Good start Boys…… Keep it up…

Hot dang! Just checked the score on the website (have family with little kids visiting, so the tv’s on Disney/Nick/etc. most of the time) and was VERY pleased with the score!! Let’s just hope that Jose’s on his game tonight and can deliver on the win!!!

Good job Jose….. Up 6-0 through 3…… More runs, Boys. make a statement…..j.k

Well, no more shutout. That just means that our boys really have to do their job tonight and keep the lead. Wait… two errors already tonight? Yeesh. Please don’t tell me that we start off the game so fabulously and then fall apart.

Unfortunately, the statement we’ve made so far is that we can’t catch the ball…… Now we need a lot more runs…… Come on Sox’09….j.k.

Well, we’ve got a ballgame again. I’m only following online. Did Rios drop an easy fly ball???

Sorry I’m late. I had to take care of some things around the house, but I’ve been watching since it was 4-0. Jose was good for the first 3, but that 4th killed us. We’ll need to grind this one out now. They have a runner on 2nd with 1 out. Let’s hold em. Go White Sox!

And now a tie ball game. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Jose just can’t get past one big inning. This can not continue in our rotation. We have to find another option.

a small mix upbetween him and Carlos, Carlos brushed in front as rios was catching it. Went off the heel of his glove. Carlos bobbled 1 in the corner also and Nix bobbled 1.
Change the subject a little, I was surprised to see Carlos in the lineup tonight. He really struggled Wedn. And is continuing to struggle tonight. I would have thought Ozzie would have pinch hit himlate in the innings Wedn. I can only guess his foot must be hurting more than he is admitting.

And no more tie game…..argh.

I left to pick up the girls and it was 6-0 and I come back and it’s 7-6?? What happend???? And who is on TV with Hawk?

I would hope that his “head” is not that sensitive. He struck out three times and when he ran to first almost hobbled. Winning a game should come first, with JD on the bench his fragile ego shouldn’t be a worry.

I don’t think Ozzie will ever pinch hit for Quentin unless he really is hurt. He doesn’t want to mess with Carlos’ head. And if he were really hurting that bad, I don’t think Hermie would let him play.

Gotta come back and get this one. And if we don’t shore up our middle infield defense, it won’t matter in the last two months who our fourth and fifth starters are.

I would hope that his “head” is not that sensitive. He struck out three times and when he ran to first almost hobbled. Winning a game should come first, with JD on the bench his fragile ego shouldn’t be a worry.

Does Pods try for a bunt single here? I’m thinking at least move the guys over so that a fly ball will tie or a base hit scores two.

Giving up the lead was NOT Jose’s fault. Our inability to catch the ball was. But now if Pods can bet down a bunt we’ll be set up for two with a base hit…. Come on Sox’09….

Atta boy Pods, now let’s get em in Becks.

And we’re tied! We need a clutch hit, JD.

3 Inning game Boys…. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Way to start if off Rios, now let’s get him in Q. Go White Sox!

Need a clutch hit Nix.

Sometimes I wish AJ wouldn’t swing at the first pitch, but that’s been his style. Come on Pods, get it started.

Gotta hold em. Go White Sox!

I wasn’t referring to a “fragile” ego. I was talking about his confidence, not his ego. Screw the egos, these guys are paid to do a job. But if you take a guy who was an MVP type player a year ago out of the lineup in a key situation for a pinch-hitter and it is not injury-related, then he may start to question himself.

But I do agree, if this were September in the same situation, I’d get him out of the lineup and say that it is due to his foot, even if it has more to do with his performance.

We can’t have a leadoff double and leave him right there for three outs. That runner has to be moved over and driven in. That is how you win close games, especially on the road.

Get a couple of runs here Guys… Go Sox’09…j.k.

Alright Matt… Get one here Boys. Go Sox’09……j.k.

1-2-3 inning. Let’s score two, get three outs, and stay out of extras. Go White Sox!

Struggling that bad,while trying as hard as he is, that to me is messing more with his confidence then giving him a break, let him relax and then regain his almost MVP status.

that was a confidence builder! 0 for 5. 9th inning Thome on the bench, right hander pitching and someone 0 for his last 2 games is at bat.

Best job by Octavial in more than a month! Get One run Guys….

Hmmmm, maybe I need to stay quiet now. Nothing I’ve said tonight has worked save for Beck’s RBI to tie it. Hold em guys. Go White Sox!

3 outs, 3 K’s. Atta boy Dotel.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Atta boy Alexei!

Alright, let’s get 3 before they get 1. Go White Sox!

He gone! 2 to go.


I’m not saying that I agree with Q still playing. I’m jsut speculating as to why Ozzie is leaving him in.

At least Alexei is not letting his glove slump affect his hitting in key situations.

Alright explain to me why DW is in left now, but Carlos batted in the ninth. His defensive confidence should be shattered.

Nice pick, Becks! 1 to go.

You’re right tc. I remember an 8-0 Sox lead many years ago turn into a loss in this ballpark. That was then though and this is now. Thank you Alexei and thanks Bobby for “nailing” it down.

We should be in decent shape these next two against the A’s. No more gift runs for them and I think we will be fine. See you all tomorrow… Go Sox’09…..j.k.

oh Bobby… whyyyyyyyyyyy?

tc. why are you at 12:27 on your last post and i was at12:18 when I posted after your previous entry???????? Perplexing.

And this ballgame is OVAH! A little bit of drama form Jenks, but he shut em down. I’m glad the guys didn’t get down after losing a 6-run lead. Great bullpen effort by Thornton and Dotel. And of course, Alexei comes through in the clutch. Let’s get em tomorrow. Go White Sox!

Well, it certainly wasn’t a masterpiece but the end result is beautiful.

Another good game by the ‘pen. Carraso gave up a run-scoring hit to the first man he faced but I don’t think there were any other hits until Jenks gave up his customary two in the 10th (lol).

Would have been a shame to let that 6-0 lead turn into a loss.

Two Alexei swings have kept our heads above water since we landed in the Pacific Time Zone.

Hi all,

Great outcome to a not-so-brilliantly-played game. Nice way for Alexei to pick up the team, and Bobby came through, in his usual dramatic fashion.

Good contingent of Sox fans on hand, and we cheered the team loudly as they left the field. Ozzie waved to us!

I’ll be there tomorrow and Sunday as well, and will try to bring home two more winners.

Go SOX!!!


A couple of interesting notes from tonight’s game in Oakland:

No batting practice, because it took almost till game time to change the field over from football to baseball. (Oakland is one of the few remaining dual-sport stadiums.)

During the game, Scottie Pods went down to the bullpen between innings to stretch and do squats. And AJ, before he came into the game as a pinch hitter, went to the bullpen to stretch and swing the bat.

Just thought you all might appreciate these little within-the-game tidbits๐Ÿ™‚


A couple of interesting notes from tonight’s game in Oakland:

No batting practice, because it took almost till game time to change the field over from football to baseball. (Oakland is one of the few remaining dual-sport stadiums.)

During the game, Scottie Pods went down to the bullpen between innings to stretch and do squats. And AJ, before he came into the game as a pinch hitter, went to the bullpen to stretch and swing the bat.

Just thought you all might appreciate these little within-the-game tidbits๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for the insight and for bringing us a winner, Peggy! Will you be there today and tomorrow too?

Hope Chris Getz is back in the lineup (as well as the Rookie of the Year race) SOON!

Go White Sox!!

I’ll be there for sure, cheering loudly for our Sox! I won’t have internet access to blog here until Monday, though.

Let’s all hope we can win this series, if not sweep.

Go SOX!!!



Chris Getz is on the 15 day DL and isn’t available until 8/27! That really stinks doesn’t it? Defensively, we really are going to miss him at 2B.


Hello ladies. I’m here listening along with the rest of you…. Except for our West Coast representative Peggy. Go Peggy and bring us home another winner. Go Sox’09…j.k.

It’s official! Freddy is READY!! He will start the game on Tuesday and I will be there! (Can you tell how excited I am?) Interesting side note, today’s pitchers are who the White Sox got when they traded Freddy away–Gavin and Gio Gonzalez.

Sounds like Rios just missed a HR! Dang it!

Well, Nix and Alexei may both be struggling with their gloves but they both sure have come up with some clutch hits at the plate in the last week.

I continue to be a glutton for punishment and read a few of the comments posted on the MLB board after reading the story about Freddy getting the start on Tuesday. One bozo chimed in and said the Sox were stupid to start a washed up Garcia and should start Thornton instead. That shows you the lack of intelligence in some of the people who do nothing but stare at their screen and post comments online. Makes me so happy to have real, knowledgeable baseball fans — and good Sox fans — on this board.

Anyway, back to the ballgame. C’mon Paulie. Ducks on the pond.

Good job Peggy, with an assist by Nix…… 2-0 Good Guys!!

Hey tc! Most of those comments are just idiotic. I think a good proportion of those folks are in their teens/ early 20″s, and are posting just for the interaction. I’d accept Oldenfan and Dylan though. They are knowledgeable.

Come on Gavin…….

So far I think we need Peggy at all our games! If she can’t make it then recruit the Nuns….. Hold them down Gavin….j.k.

Come on, Gavin!!!



Are you suggesting that Peggy join the convent???? Whadya think, Peggy???

Wait until Monday when she gets back on her computer and reads these posts. Hey, if we sweep this series, we’ll be calling her Sister Peggy by then!!! Or, to be more formal like we all should with the clergy, Sister Margaret!

That’s the way to get some more runs! Go Go White Sox!

HA HA jk, I agree – recruit the Nuns!

Way to throw that ground ball Gavin.

Now, a few more runs so the ‘pen doesn’t have to work so hard today.

Who knows? Maybe Peggy would LIKE the convent?????

Gio’s about to go to the showers, I think . . .

Trouble a brewin’ for Gavin here in the 5th. Need a double play, boys.

The timestamps are way off again today. It’s like jk’s posts are an hour behind us like his clock is!!!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (JD, too!)

There’s your DP Nina! No troubles…… I was suggesting that We send Peggy to all our games then we win ALL our games! If she needs a day off or is on the DL then we bring in the Nuns……. J.K. ( just kidding)…. Go Sox’09…..

Gordo! 2 run double! Thanks a bunch!

Should we just give him the Rookie of the Year Award now or do we really have to wait until December???? I know Getz has a say in it too, but Chris just has not made the impact that this kid from UGA has.

Looks like JD found his swing again. Nice!

Top three in the order — 5-for-9, a HR, 6 RBI, 2 BBs. Not a bad day.

Five runs scored by the bottom of the order is not a bad day either.

Nice quick inning for Gavin.

Maybe you can explain the “time stamps” to me tc. Early in most games when I post the time is accurate with my computer clock. Later there may be as much as 10 or 11 minutes difference with the post time shown being faster than my computer. Very maddening when you’re trying to answer/ comment on a fellow blog buddie’s post. I don’t think this happened prior to this year…. What say you?…. other than Go Sox’09, of course. j.k.

I can’t explain it jk. Some nights it is even more than 10 or 11 minutes off. And then its seem to correct itself at time. Your last post said 5:19. My computer clock says 5:16 right now. Let’s see . . . . .

Brent (Stuart) Little-bridge? Eeeks!

Okay. Liney got his three. Can we pad the score even more? Who’s gonna take the ninth?

BTW, Tribe beating Twinks in the Dump Dome 7-2 in the 6th. Feeling good about that game, too.

My last post got lost in cyberspace .. . . . the board is really funky today … but who cares, we’re up 7-1.

Look at our batting order today. In the No. 8 hole you have the guy who, until an injury hit him last year, was on target to lead the AL in HRs and maybe be the MVP. In the No. 9 hole, you have the guy who as the AL Rookie of the Year runnerup and hit 4 grand slams as a rookie.

I guess that says something about the talent in our lineup. Or else it says that Ozzie was sampling the wine country’s best when he was making out the lineup card (lol)!!!

Twins down late, too. Would be nice to see them stay in this funk and fall out of it. I know, wishful thinking. Those damn piranhas never go away.

5:33 comment from jk…… tc, that last post of mine was sent out at 5:08!…. Go Sox’09

5:36 Good job Thome…….

Not to be left out, Jimmy hits number 563 to the opposite field to tie Reggie Jackson for 12th on the all time HR list. Yesssssssss!

So, he ties Reggie in Oakland. Maybe he passes him in Oakland tomorrow.

The bats are alive. We need them to stay that way for a couple of weeks (about 8 or 9 would be nice, carry us through October!!) and make a run.

It’s amazing how much better your starting pitching looks when you score some damn runs!!!!!!!!

There’s our Peggy White Sox winner @ 5:53…. Get one more tomorrow Boys……

And this ballgame is OVAH!! Way to go Gavin! Get em tomorrow Johnny Danks!

See y’all (hi Kris) tomorrow. We need to keep this good weekend going.

Go Sox ’09 and Go Royals!

5:56, Biggest difference in this game was the 8 walks given us as compared to the two we gave them…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

We’ve been on the other side of that number many times this year, jk. Free passes will kill you.

Gavin knows how to pitch. You give him a nice lead and he pitches smart and doesn’t squander it. He’s going to win a lot of games before he hangs them up.

This is a win I like to see. Great job Gavin and congrats Thome on tying Reggie Jackson on the all-time HR list. Twinkies are losing and if KC can beat Detroit, this day will be even better. Make sure you bring a broom to the park tomorrow Peggy. Go White Sox!

No Josh, it’s moe appropriate that Peggy brings a rosary. Read back a few posts. We (actually I since no one else jumped on it) have made her Sister Margaret. She won’t know until she reads the board again on Monday since she is w/o Internet until then.

Hey, when you’re in a pennant race, you take whatever steps you have to in order to win!!!!!

It’s been 41/2 hours since the last post, so I’ll go out on a limb and “hope” my comments come in after tc’s from 6:28. It’s not as much fun posting when you have to try and figure out their order…. Oh well…

tc, I noticed your thoughts about our “Margaret” but didn’t respond because I thought of nothing snappy to say. After giving it a lot of thought: snappy wasn’t the proper line of thought. I should have been more contemplative, more serene. I think Mother Margaret would be willing to help out if called.

All kidding aside, I was watching the Dodgers vs. D-Backs during dinner and L.A’s pitcher Kuroda got smashed from a line drive up the middle. The ball hit so hard it almost made it into the stands. My immediate reaction was one of revulsion, and they kept showing it over again. The Dodger trainer said he didn’t lose consciousness and wasn’t bleeding. I hope he’s OK. You NEVER want to see someone get hit like he did. It looked bad.

Here’s hoping we can complete our sweep of the A’s tomorrow. We haven’t been too good in that category this year. I hope we can win because the Tigers will most assuredly take care of the Royals.

So far this year we’ve given away many games. If Lip were still here, I’m sure he could provide us all with the number of games we “should” have won. Had we won most of these we would be solidly in first place instead of looking up at Detroit.

But this is where we find ourselves and all we can do is move forward and do our best. All that’s left to be said is go Sox’09. I’ll see you all tomorrow everybody…..j.k.

Gametime. Go White Sox!

Gametime!….Go get them Peggy and the Boys…… Go Sox’09…j..k.

Yay, the first time I’ve been able to actually watch the boys since they’ve been out west! Let’s make it a good one and hopefully Danks can keep up his excellence against the A’s. I have to say… the unis aren’t too bad-looking.

Nix-Alexei-Kotsay! DP! Let’s get some runs guys.

Nice pick by Kotsay, to save an otherwise error. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Pitch well JohnnyD. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Alexei-Nix-Kotsay! DP#2!

Alright! Two D.P.’s in two innings. Be patient Guys and you’ll get to Cahill…..

KC just took care of the Kitties, and the Twinkies are down by 4. Let’s take care of it on our end. Go White Sox!

I hope Peggy’s eardrums are still intact after that kid announced Cunningham’s at bat, lol.

You’re right Josh. I had to turn down the volume on my computer. O.K. Guys, top of the order, second time through, how about a run or two?….

Hopefully we can take advantage of the opportunities given to us by Detroit and Minnesota. BTW, this may sound stupid, but broadcasting who is with Hawk?

Mike Huff played for the sox ’91- 93. He must live in the Bay area. Stoney was given the W/E off. Looks like a pitchers duel. But, let’s get one here…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Oh, ok. Thanks jk. At the rate we’re currently going at, the game will be over by five o’clock! But some runs from our guys would be nice.

Yeah, it looks like runs are going to be hard to come by… Keep holding them down JohnnyD….Go Sox’09….j.k.

Good start Kotsay…… Nice Pods…. More…. Get more…j.k.

Nix scared me a bit, but Gavin pitched out of that trouble. This isn’t going to be another 14-inning duel is it? Let’s get one. Go White Sox!

Atta boy Kotsay! Now let’s get him in. Go White Sox!

Nice stretch by Kotsay and a good sac bunt by Nix. Hopefully Pods or Becks can score him.

Hecks Yeah! Good job by Big Jim and nice base-running by Becks and Pods. We’ve got the lead, now let’s keep it that way. Bring it Johnny D!

Atta boy Pods! 3-bagger and a RBI! Come on Becks.

Sacks full of Sox! Come on Thome.

Atta boy Thome!

Well, we got two but had our chance to really have a big inning.

Beckham was in the middle of the rally again. This guy is always in the mix. The other teams in the AL are going to hate playing against him (and the Sox) for years to come.

Very nice. There’s your lead JohnnyD. Hold ’em down….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Hecks Yeah! Good job by Big Jim and nice base-running by Becks and Pods. We’ve got the lead, now let’s keep it that way. Bring it Johnny D!

Ooof. So close by AJ, but still an awesome hit.

Time for Kotsay’s first HR with the Sox. And he might as well do it against one of his former teams.

Good start, Keep it going…..

Whoops. Didn’ t realize that AJ did not go to third on Alexei’s hit. Sac situation.

The Tribe took care of the Twinkies. Let’s get it done guys. Go White Sox!

Crud! Keep holding them down JohnnyD…..

Can’t leave two guys on second and third like that!!!

You can do it Danks. Let’s get out of this jam.

Those LOB in the last two innings are looming large now . . . . .

He gone! Let’s get two more, Danks.

They only got one. It could have been worse. Atta boy, Danks. Now, let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

Good job JohnnyD. Now let’s get our run back and then some…. Go Sox’09

Hopefully Paulie can shake his streak and get an RBI.

Wow, Cunningham just gave us one. Let’s take advantage of this extra out. Let’s get em in, Rios.

I meant a hit. Though that would have been good too.

Argh. Let’s hold em. Go White Sox!

Too bad Nix didn’t keep the tag on him. It would have been a no-doubter then.

Hell of a job today, Danks. Let’s not waste his effort.

The Sox are 2-9 when going for the sweep this year. NOT GOOD! I hope they do it today.

Grrrr. Oh well. Good job by Danks today. Hopefully we can hold them though the next inning and get the win. Let’s see which Do-Tell we get today.

Close at second. Get them out Boys…. JohnnyD should win this game….. Come on Matt…..

We got another break. Come on guys. Go White Sox!

And that’s exactly what we didn’t want to happen. We need runs!!

GameDay says Dotel is pitching but jk posted that Matt was in . . . confusion reigns.

Damnit. Taht Hiarston kid was just a cute kid in the clubhouse when his dad played for the Sox. Now he is hurting us!!!

Can Alexei do his late-inning magic again??? I think he is leading off the ninth, if GameDay finally fixed the mess they made in the top of the 8th. I gotta go find my radio.

Damn! All that matters now is getting this win… Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Sorry, tc, I just assumed matt was coming in… My bad….. Go Sox, go….

jk, you are not allowed to make any more mistakes today (lol).

Another runner left in scoring position. Damn!

It looks like our score is going to be the same as the Detroit-KC game…..3-2. But who will win?….Go Sox’09…..

Damn. At least we won the series, but we missed a golden opportunity today to gain on Detroit. Let’s shake it off and get KC at home tomorrow. Go White Sox!

Unreal……. I don’t like our pitching matchups against the Royals except for tomorrow night……. CRAP!!!!!!

Looks like we just can’t seem to ever take advantage of Detroit’s losses. The runners left on came back to haunt us.

I’m sure the Jenks-bashers will have a lot of fun tonight … I’ll take a 3-3 trip to Seattle and Oakland but it really could have been 4-2 or even 5-1. We led in two of the three losses and the other one was the 14-inning affair.

Gotta make some hay at home this week against KC an Baltimore. Won’t be easy. Baltimore has been scoring a ton of runs lately and KC has nothing to lose.

Hi everybody – I’m back online! For the record, I’m not interested in joining the convent, but you can bring on the real nuns who helped last time, since my “magic” obviously wore off yesterday.

Disappointing to see the runners left in scoring position. No bashing of Bobby Jenks here, but just wondering why Ozzie brought him in at that point. It wasn’t a save situation, and if the game had continued for several more innings (as, say in Seattle) who was going to close it out if our guys scored? I really wanted the Sox to win, and gain ground on Detroit and the Twinks. I know that others have said (rightly) that scoreboard watching is for losers, and winners take care of their own business. Mostly, I agree, but taking care of business means winning, even on the road.

My only other observation (which doesn’t matter now, because I think we’re done with the A’s for this year) is that we don’t seem to have great scouting reports on that team. Our fielders never seemed to be in the right position (or else the A’s do a heck of a job of “hitting ’em where we ain’t”). By contrast, the A’s fielders were often in just the right place to grab our guys’ line drives.

A few in-person notes:

JD’s aunt was at the game on Saturday, wearing a stunningly beautiful black and white straw hat (to make it easy for him to see her, she told me). She got to visit with him briefly before the game. She says he is a really sweet man, and none of his success goes to his head, ever. She says, with Jermaine, what you see is what you get.

My grandson and his friend, Zeke, were at the game Saturday, and Zeke commented that it would be fun to see Thome tie Reggie Jackson’s record in the A’s park. When Thome came up to bat for the last time, I yelled “Thome, hit a home run for Zeke!” And you know what happened….

Good Sox cheering section on hand for all three games. When Kenny Williams walked out on the field Sunday, before the game, there was a big cheer and ovation from the Sox fans. Kenny looked up and acknowledged that.

That’s all for now – gotta get some work done.

Go SOX!!!


Welcome back Peggy. Very nice accounting of your games. It is too bad we lost yesterday. We were all sure you’d pull it out for us. This just is the team we have this year. Maybe the fire will stay lit for a bit longer and we can creep up on the Tigers. It is interesting though that some of the Tiger fans are worried about us. Sounds like us when the Indians made their rush at us in ’05.

Rain delay tonight. I’ll listen to the radio until it’s Hawk time… Go Sox’09…j.k.

Getting close to the new game time @ 8:10.. I heard we have the worst defense in the AL. Not much of a surprise there, unfortunately. Does that mean our ERA is good because we have such a good Pen, or is it good because we have such a bad defense?…. Sorry for the negative vibes folks, I’m waiting for the game to start and my mind is wandering, and you never know where that will take me….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Getting close to the new game time @ 8:10.. I heard we have the worst defense in the AL. Not much of a surprise there, unfortunately. Does that mean our ERA is good because we have such a good Pen, or is it good because we have such a bad defense?…. Sorry for the negative vibes folks, I’m waiting for the game to start and my mind is wandering, and you never know where that will take me….. Go Sox’09….j.k.

Sorry for the DP…


DP’s are only allowed when the other team has runners on base!!!

I feel my mind wandering again…. No, no, stop it! A wandering klein-mind is a dangerous thing……. Whew, that was close. I almost started day dreaming again. It’s because I’m all alone here… Go Mark, go Sox’09…j.k.

Thanks tc. I feel better now…..

Better because I now have the inside info about DP’s and because you’re here….. Go Sox’09

You don’t feel better now, though. I’m following online again and just read about the three-run, two-out rally in the top of the second. Gotta dig out of another hole. dad gummit!!!

Well, we got two of those runs back. We now need to hold them and get a couple more. Let’s go Mark!!


Like I said, I am following on GameDay. What is interesting is if you watch the screen, see the pitch location and the type of pitch, and then the result (be it in play/out(s) or in play no outs(s)) you can sometimes guess the results.

In the bottom of the second when Rios was up with Q on 1st, I saw the the pitch was a cutter and was down. It said in play out(s) and I guessed correctly (damn it) a ground ball double play.

Then with Nix up, I saw the pitch was a curve ball a little up and on the inside part of the plate. I optimistically (naturally, because Liptak branded me a Pollyanna) called a home run and sure enough, we had a 3-2 ballgame.

Hopefully, I can be as “astute” with my GameDay predictions the rest of the way, but only in ways that help the Sox.

As you say, Go Sox ’09!!!!

There’s the good kind of DP! Nice!… Go Sox, Go….

Nice, tc. That’s how I’m watching tonight too.

Like I said, jk, those kind of DP’s are allowed!!!!

Where are those two-out hits that we got at Oakland on Friday and Saturday?????? Q had a chance that inning to at least tie the game and get Buehrle back to even.

Ah, tc. You and Haley Mills, right? I wonder though: when will we shed the influence of our former tormentor? Lip hasn’t posted here for four months and yet we still feel his presence. We all need to let him go. I think that may be what’s holding our Sox back…. Go Team’09….j.k.

Burls is scuffling. Needs some good pitches to get out of this.

All right, got us out of a sticky situation. Now let’s get a run or two…

Damn it Beckham!! How dare you not get another clutch double with a man on base????? jk, we may have to send this kid down for a little more seasoning!!!!!!!!!

Nice inning. Nice recovery after Rios got thrown out at third to still get the tying run. People can complain about Pods’ defense and baserunning errors all they want but his bat has absolutely kept us in the hunt this season.

And I’m not just saying that to keep our girl Ames smiling, either.

Now there’s a DP!!!!! Good job Mark…. Now get some RUNS….. Go Sox’09…

Back to square….. Hold them Mark, go Sox’09………and thanks Pods…

jk, I’ll be more than happy to shed the negative naysaying egomaniac from Idaho.

And I’ll be even happier if Mark holds them at — what is it? 4 now? — for a few more innings. We need Carrasco to be available tomorrow in case “Big Game” Freddy is unable to go 5 or 6 innings, which is about allwe can expect him to go at the most.

Good DP, but once again it’s back to work…… Put up a crooked number…. Go Sox

jk, are you able to watch on mlbtv???

Are both Bannister and Buerhle being paid tonight on the basis of how many double plays they can induce????

Finally working!!!!

Buehrle is at 96 pitches. May only have one more inning in him, if that. If we are going to come back and win this thing, our ‘pen is going to have to perform well.

But first, the bats . . . . . . . .

I had technical difficulties the first 6 innings, tried calling customer service and couldn’t even get thru, their lines were all busy… perserverance won out when it finally came to life…. only to see an awesome bottom of the 6th!!!


A couple of big hits by Rios tonight!!! That’s what we got him for. And Carlos takes one for the team. That’s a good way to start a rally.

Will we see Mark for one more frame???

Woohoo!! Nice job Rios and Alexei. All right, we’ve got the lead (for now), but we’ll really have to step it up to get the win!

I’m watching Kris, Come on Boys, pick up your Ace….. Go Sox’09…j.k.


Matt’s well rested, I say pitch him in the eighth too. Unless we can come up with a couple more runs…. Go Boys…..


You can put in on the board…. YEEEESSSSS!!! Go AJ!!

There’s our couple runs. Pena then Dotel…. Go Sox’09…..

There are a lot of people in other major league ballparks that think A.J. is an a**hole.

All I can say is this. I sure am glad that he is our a**hole!!!!

Attaboy AJ!!!!! a little wiggle room for the ‘pen.

I sure hope nothing’s too wrong with Matt….. That would be bad….. Come on Line……

Exactly tc. Just about everyone else hates him, but all Sox fans love him. There’s a reason he currently has the highest batting average in the club.

Is Thornton hurt? I just figured they took him out because their were right-handed hitters coming up.

I’d say I don’t believe it, but this has happened too many times before……… Come on Boys……

Why does every game have to be this way?????

Oy. Okay, now we really have to get it together. Please get us the lead back…

Linebrink better get some protection leaving he park tonight . . . . . two walks and blast …. inexcuseable. He needs to not come in if the game is on the line for a while until he can get his ball moving better. He’s had a flat fastball for weeks.

and a big ND for Buehrle. Now we have to get a run and three outs and win this damn thing!

Okay. A walk and a sac. Now a little bloop hit by Nix would be just fine . . . . .

Can we please not throw away this game again? Come on Bobby, Re-establish your dominance……

or how about a line drive double down the right-field line by Kotsay????

At this point I’ll accept almost anything as long as it’s good…


Ames is cheering her lungs out right now!!!! Attaboy Pods. He comes through again.

C’mon Beckham. Give Bobby a two or three-run lead.

THANK YOU!! I have to say is that Pods can really come through for us when we need a good solid hit. Now if only we can hold onto it for a little while. Only three outs to go and then we have this; just don’t mess it up.

Okay, ex-hale whew

I’m sooooo glad Bobby had a 1-2-3 inning! Sorry Mark doesn’t get the W, but at least the team gets one, and they need a whole lot of those.

Go SOX!!!


We’re kinda like a beat up old Ford Truck these days when we win — not pretty but it gets the job done!!

And Linebrink vultures the win!!!! How about that!!!!!!

Extremely happy with the win, but not happy how it happened. Personally I believe that Mark deserved the win more than Scott, but that’s not how it works. Happy that Bobby had a good night, and that we had some awesome hits. It brought us within 2 1/2 of Detroit and increased our lead over the Twins with their loss tonight. Now let’s see what Freddie’s got for us tomorrow night!

Mark will be the first to tell you that the win for him is a helluva lot less important than the win for the team. To win a pennant, you have to win games like this when you really don’t deserve to win. And you don’t deserve it when you issue back-to-back two-out walks with a frickin’ 3-run lead in the eighth inning!!!!!!

Some big clutch hits. Pods is amazing. Sorry Kenwo. If you read this I know you’ll hate this comment but Pods has to be in our lineup on a regular basis. He has been too clutch offensively. We just have to hide him the best we can in the outfield when he plays and when Thome plays. If Thome is out, we can DH Pods like we did tonight.

Linebrink has to learn that when you pitch in the Cell in the summer, everybody is a threat to hit one out. It is a launching pad. You are going to give up home runs due to the nature of the park and the humidity etc., etc.

The key is to not put the damn runners on for free with walks!!!! Hawk calls them dreaded. Tonight, I’m sure he is calling them something with a stronger word.

So, now we need to get lots of runs and give Freddy some support tomorrow night. And the same with Jose on Wednesday.

I love the win but we gotta start nailing them down sooner.

One more time. Thank you Scotty Pods. The Cell brings the magic out of you in the late innings.

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