Rain Delay

Monday, August 17

Rain Update

Our weather experts are telling Roger that the rain should soon move out of here and we hope to start this game around 7:45 p.m. Heavy stuff will stay south of us.

My guess is that Buehrle will take it as a personal challenge to finish before 10 a.m. (who cares, as long as we win).


jk – you out there, I can’t get video or audio feed, how about you?

I think you meant 10 PM, but we got it. That would have to be quite a frustrating game if it lasted until 10 am!

What the heck is up with Linebrink???? He is just NO GOOD! When was the last time he came in and DID NOT give up a run? Geesh. I am really getting sick of it.

Oh thank goodness! Way to lock it down Bobby.

I see Eric Forman is back playing 2B. 🙂

And, egus, still hating on Scotty Pods?

There you all are! I was posting all game long on Rios debut. We’re over 300 entries and then I see you guys here.

That game was way too much work! Two quick outs by Line and then he can’t find the strike zone until he walks two and then he magically relocates the zone…. Whoops. These Guys simply will not do anything easy….. At least we won the game. Now we all need to hope the bats are still hot or HOTTER for our next two contests…… Go Sox’09….. j.k.

idk if we are posting on this entry or the previous, but I have two words to share with you all:


Oh, and I still don’t like Rios. Aren’t CF supposed to take charge in the OF? Not watch Dye dive and miss a ball over in center, and have TCQ run over to center twice to catch a ball. Yeah, thought so. Still waiting for him to impress me…

EGus doesn’t have to hate on him- I will do it for him. Sure, Podsednik has had some good moments this year. Yes it was great to sign him and play him when Quentin was down and we had absolute junk in center field. He did way better than anyone expected him to do……


He IS NOT AS GOOD OF A BALLPLAYER AS CARLOS QUENTIN OR ALEX RIOS. NOT EVEN CLOSE! For every good thing Pods does, he does 3 moronic, stupid, foolish, ridiculous things. Did you see how many times he fumbled the ball on routine singles in Oakland? Did you see how he got afraid of the wall and let Hairston’s ball hit the fence causing the A’s to tie the game and eventually win it? Did you see how he got picked off of 3rd base in a huge situation on Wednesday? The guy gets picked more times than my nose for christ sakes. He was a great option when we had Wise, Anderson and the rest of the crap in the outfield. Now that Carlos is back and Rios is on the Sox, when Thome comes back, Pods should be chained to the bench and never be given the key unless he is giving one of the outfielders a rare day off or is pinch running.

The Sox don’t owe this guy anything. If it wasn’t for them he would be sitting on the couch contemplating a career move. He did his job when we didn’t have better options. Now we do. Farewell, adios, and goodbye.

Thank you Pods for being the hero yet again. Though, I do have to say that we wouldn’t have been in that position if Linebrink didn’t give up those two walks. You can’t give teams freebies because eventually those extra chances are going to hurt you like it did last night. I’m glad we got the win, but sometimes I could do without the extra drama. 🙂

Here’s wishing Freddy a triumphant return to The Cell tonight. Go White Sox!

Thanks, Scott (Reifert, that is) for the tweets last night. I was able to take care of things around the house and not have to worry about missing the first pitch. Best one was “Beautiful rainbow over the Cell. Pot of gold is in Parking Lot A.” LOL!

Thanks, Scotty Pods, for giving your best (even tho some think its not good enough) to our team, day in and day out. Love ya!

Thanks, Alex Rios, for having a very short term memory as all good ball players must have and not carrying the DP or the picked-off out or the missed catch in CF to your subsequent at bats so you could get on base and score the winning run in last nights game. (BTW from my understanding, Rios has been playing exclusively in RF all year so he is probably still adjusting to being the Big Kahuna when making ‘tweener plays)

Thanks, Baaaad Bobby Jenks for no drama to nail it down. Love those!

Upper deck (for tonight’s game) here I come!


Rip all you want on Pods’ defense (and I will agree with you on most of that), but no single player has come up with more clutch hits this year than him. Without him, we’d be about 10 back and counting the days until the golf course in October.

His bat has been his biggest attribute since joining the Sox and we need that bat for the rest of this season. Until he stops producing game-winning hits, he has to play. Period.

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