It Never Rains at The Ballpark

I posted this as a twitpic last night, but thought everyone on the blog might also enjoy:




AWESOME!! I was there last night and it caused quite the buzz in the crowd with everyone pulling out cameras. This picture is incredible!! Thanks for the tweets updating game time. I love that!!

I heard Farmer talking about that rainbow. Thanks for the pic Scott. Nice. Is this team destined to finally come out from under the cloud of under-performance?…. Welcome back Freddie and Go Sox’09…j.k.

Hopefully it was a sign of good things to come! Let’s go Sox! Let’s go Freddie!

I’m only a little late guy, so don’t kill me, he he. Way to battle with two outs, and atta boy AJ for the RBI. Hold em down Freddy. Go White Sox!

Not a very kindly comment, but Freddie is already better than line was last night. Go Sox’09…..j.k.


That’s why you need to hustle every play out. 😦

Let’s get a clutch hit, Becks.

And it looks like the timestamps are off again, no surprise. So my posts will more likely appear before ya’lls.

Really need a clutch hit, JD.

Nice one, jk. Glad that we got the early lead, now we just have to keep playing well.

Beautiful pic, Scott! Must be a good omen, right?

Go Freddy, Go SOX!!!


Alright Freddie looking good….. More runs, Boys… Go Sox’09…7:41 PM

Dang it Alexei!!!

Nice stab, Freddy!

AMY is doing the happy dance at the Cell!!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy Paulie!

Hey, what do you know, it’s 1-1 in Detroit too. Eighth inning for them…..

If only that Paulie dinger was last inning….. 8:12 PM

Go Paulie!!!!

GO TCQ!!!! Back-to-back homers! That’s our boys!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy TCQ! Keep it up!

Merry go Round time…… Keep it up….. 6:14 PM

Come on AJ, be clutch.

Back to work Boys….. Pods has been up three times in three innings. We should have more runs…. so Let’s get them… Go Sox’09…j.k. 8:34

Hey what do you know it’s 4-3 in Detroit too…. Go Freddie. Go Sox’09……j.k. 6:42 PM

Well, Freddy did his best, but now we got a tie ballgame. We gotta grind this one out. Go White Sox!

Back to even with them having an advantage. Butler on 2nd with one out… Go Sox’09…..j.k. 6:52

That’s Tucson time……

I hate the near certainty that any runner on base when our bullpen comes into the game *will* score. Why, oh why, can’t our relievers provide any relief?

Damn, I knew Q was dead when he caught it.

Looks like we’re saving Carrasco for tomorrow…. Go Dotel, and Go Sox’09…..j.k.

Looks like I’m wrong again…….Go Sox’09…..

We’re running out of chances again… I think that I’ll just wait half an hour until the game’s over and find out the final score.

This game started out great!! We had Meche on the ropes and ALL our guys had good AB’s. But since the fifth inning that stopped COMPLETELY. And now we get to face Greinke….. GULP and Good luck….

Hey! Where was everybody tonight? This is getting to be a pretty quiet site. I’m thinking that Scott has hit a wall and this venue will be going the way of a Dennis Lehane novel.(Gone,Baby, Gone). I hope I’m wrong yet again, but it feels like there’s no life left here…. Hmmm, I wonder why. Oh, yeah, win and they will come.

It was good to see the stands near full again though. That’s my thought for the evening….. Go Sox ’09…….j.k.

I was here and there, just frustrated with the games as of late.. I’ll be around this afternoon… I’m always watching though.

Hi, Kris. I understand. There just isn’t too much to get excited about lately. Go Sox ’09…j.k.

Nope, and just when you get excited, we continually get sucker punched in the jaw come the 7th inning or so… frustrating as you know!

But i’m here, ever faithful.

Hello everybody! it’s game time! So, I read Klein’s post where he pointed out that this board isn’t as active as it used to be. Well, that’s because all the regulars have now moved over to facebook! i resisted as long as I could before caving to the peer pressure. It’s actually a bit fun. but i still visit here daily to keep up with the old faithfuls like klein, kris and Josh.

Alright. 1-0 good guys. let’s keep it going!

THere’s your run Jose. Hahahahahahahaha. Stop it Klein, it doesn’t help to be facetious. O.K. I’m sorry, please disregard that previous comment. Go Jose, Go Sox ’09….j.k.

That explains a lot Liz, thanks….

Don’t taunt him. Bad enough, every time we score a run, he gives one up, it seems. But hopefully, NOT TODAY!!!!


First time through the line-up Jose looking good.

Sorry I messed up your name Lisa….. Go Sox ’09…j.k.

That’s okay, Klein. better you than my husband! : )

We’re here, I still love this blog and it has helped established many new friends that i now embrace on facebook too.

How ’bout my Gordo!!!! πŸ™‚

That’s funny “Liz”………. Time for a couple more runs Boys… Go Sox ’09….

As far as facebook, goes, I’m too set in my ways to go there……(can’t teach an old dog new tricks)……

Why doesnt CQ ever smile?

I’ll take half a couple…. We got our run back… Hold ’em down Jose…….Go Sox

So far a very good job by Jose. The Home Plate Umpire started squeezing Jose there a bit. Now how about a rally and a couple of runs…… Go Sox ’09…j.k.

I wonder is CQ even knows HOW to smile! : )

Afternoon all. I am ecstatic that Jose is doing pretty well today so far, but it’s not over yet. Let’s get ’em Sox!!!

I don’t think that CQ ever smiles because he’s a “seeeerious baseball player”, and that the same reason he has silence when he comes up to bat.πŸ™‚

Ok, so I just got a weird message – – anybody else having issues?

Where has THIS Jose been? We still could use a couple more runs….. Go Sox ’09…j.k.

Sometimes in the mornings when I get up I have stuff coming from my right eye, other than that, I can’t think of anything. Kris….

No issues here either Kris. At least not computer-wise……

Oh yeah, I get Sports Illustrated…… That’s it :)….. Two half couples = A couple. Go Sox…..

Oh man. I was so busy at work I forgot about the game! Nice to see we got a lead. Go White Sox!

P.S. If I’ve brought bad juju and we lose this game, I’ll promptly leave for the next few games.

YEAH Rios!! Congrats on his first Sox homer!!

lol – funny people today! πŸ™‚ It just like reaffirmed my profile or something. I always have issues in the mornings with my eyes and aching joints! πŸ™‚

Neat that Hawk and Stoney had the parachuters guys on there, makes me proud to see guys doing stuff like that. Go Navy!!! Go Marines!!! Go Air Force!!! Go Army!!! GO SOX!!!

Thank you Paulie. Is there a stat for most balls dug out at first? Konerko has to be at the top of that list…… three more outs to get but first let’s get that run back……… Go Sox ’09…j.k.

Haha. Always fun when the other guys fumble the ball. Hopefully we can use the opportunity to our advantage.

2 to go.

All right, three outs to go. Let’s get ’em quick without any drama.

Clean inning Bobby, clean inning!……..Go Sox ’09

Oh, Matt’s still in……

Now, it’s Bobby time…… Two outs to go…….

Why are we going to Bobby??? Everything was running smoothly, this makes me insane!

Come on Bobby! Get this done! Oh, and why is Linebrink warming up?

He Gone! 1 to go.

He Gone! And this ballgame is OVAH!

Yea, Team! This game looked like a normal MLB game. You have good pitching and defense. You get the lead and the bullpen closes it out ….. What a concept. Nice win…. Now the only thing that would make this day perfect is for Verlander to lose tonight. It could happen. After all, Jose couldn’t possibly beat Greinke….. That’s why you play the games… Go Sox ’09….. j.k.

Yes! Finally! It was so nice to see Contreras on his game today, something we thought he had lost again. And let’s not forget the three homers by Beckham, Quentin, and Rios respectively. The day off tomorrow should be good to give our guys a rest, and then we can whup some Orioles over the weekend.

There were a lot of people posting on the blogs and calling the Score since last night who were already conceding this game to the Royals because of the pitching matchup.

When will everyone learn that pitching matchups do not make up an entire game? And when will people learn to NEVER count out Jose Contreras. This guy has risen from the dead numerous times in his Sox career. I know that I was starting to doubt him after seeing his line last week in Oakland but once I saw the highlights I realized that he didn’t pitch that poorly that night and deserved another shot at a start.

One heckuva effort by the big horse today.

Sox are doing just enough to keep things interesting. Now they have to step up and do more than make it interesting if they expect to contend for the postseason.

Rios has made his offensive presence known in this series. He will be a huge factor in the final 6 or so weeks.

I’m sure the Contreras bashers in the world will point to the fact that is was ONLY the Royals that he beat. I say, yeah, the same Royals that hit Mark B. pretty hard on Monday night.

We’ve beaten Greinke something like three straight times since he stuck it up our posteriors back in April. We should face him all the time.

What do you know? This day did turn out “perfect”. Now if I’m able to keep this mojo working i’ll ask for another Seattle win tomorrow. At worst, we’re 21/2 back after tomorrow, with Baltimore coming in against our top three pitchers.( is that a good thing or not)? We ought to be less than 21/2 from Detroit after Sunday. That’s my prediction and I’m sticking to it. Go Sox ’09….j.k.

BTW: on another site I just read another fans nickname for Detroit. He calls them the tygirls…..cute.

That is a great pic, Scott. Now, I can see why the pot of gold was in Parking Lot A.

Fun couple of days at the Cell, that’s why I hadn’t checked in. In the upper deck for Mr. Garcia’s return. Great to see him back in a White Sox uni (but from what I remember, he did better in the sleeveless pinstripes with the long black sleeves underneath). If it was good enough for Ozzie to say he could pitch a few more, it was good enough for me. Fun game, even though we lost.

Down in Dye/Rios territory for the day game. Suprised that AJ didn’t get to Greinke as usual, but he’s gotta be tired after catching two night games followed by a day game. But Pods did get to the kid as usual and started us off right. PK not only drove him in with a double, getting his 1000th RBI as a Sox, but beat out a bobbled infield single later in the game. (Who, Paulie? The slowest man in baseball? Now, I’ve seen everything!) Lovely homers by Gordo, Q and Rios (first of many as a Sox, we hope). All started off by an amazing parachute demo from the Navy Seals and finished off by a no-drama save from Baaaaad Bobby Jenks!

Have a great golf outing (post many pics, please) and we’ll be waiting for the weekend wins. GO WHITE SOX!!

BTW, I am totally with Bill Melton’s prediction that we will sweep the Twinkies in our last visit to the Dump Dome!

Agreed, I wasn’t on here bc I was at the games! I did find this little nugget on the home page of this morning, and feel the need to share (if only to keep the Anti-Podsies at bay):

Which of these has been the most important move by the White Sox this season?

d. Re-acquiring Podsedni k61%

a. Promoting Beckham 31%

c. Trading for Peavy 5%

b. Acquiring Alex Rios 1%

I promise you I only voted once.

Well, Aardsma couldn’t hold a one-run lead for the M’s. The kitties scored two in the bottom of the ninth to win. Granted, they had a 4-run lead at one point, but somehow I’m not suprised. Anyway, we move to 2.5 games back now.

And Ames, I voted the same way you did, though I firmly believe promoting Beckham is a close second. It’s too early to see how the Peavy and Rios deals will shake out, but the return of The Catalyst has indeed been the most important move this season. We didn’t get going until he joined the team back in May.

Rest easy guys, and let’s get the O’s tomorrow. Go White Sox!

The photo was so beautiful, I downloaded it and it is now the wallpaper on my computer and cell phone!

Welcome back to Freddy Garcia. He seemed to have a good outing for those first innings.

I am SOOOO happy about Scotty Pods being back with us and doing SO well. Let’s hope he stays where he has always belonged.

When IS Detroit going to start losing so we can beat them out of first?!?!?

Go Sox, beat the Orioles!!

When will they start losing?

From a story about the Tigers posted today:

“… at 24-36, the AL Central leaders have the worst road record among major league teams with a winning record.

”It will have to change, or we won’t win anything,” manager Jim Leyland said…”

Wishing them more of the same on their 6-game West Coast trip!

Just keep winning two out of every three games… and especially this weekend, because the next trip is going to be a BEE-YATCH on wheels for the boys… Four games in the Back Bay against Big Sloppi and the Carmines, followed by the first visit to the NEW Yank-me Stadium for three…Then, THANK GOD!!!, the LAST VISIT to the piranha tank for three… Then home to the BoSox for four more…

14 games in total that could decide if there will be fun, or black crepe, haniging around the Cell in the stretch run…

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