Watch for Flying Elvii

Friday, August 21, 2009

Elvis Night

I really don’t get it, but it certainly has become a White Sox tradition.  Tonight is our annual Elvis Night at US Cellular Field, which means impersonators, bands, flying Elvii and great scoreboard features.

Before the game, someone asked Ozzie if he listened to Elvis growing up in Venezuela …

“Nope, Michael Jackson,” Guillen answered.  “Now, if they had a Michael Jackson Night, then I’d wear ‘The Glove’.”


Congrats to Matt Thornton’s fivesome on their triumph at yesterday’s annual Field of Dreams Golf Outing, sponsored by Miller, to benefit Chicago White Sox Charities.

A few lighter moments from the outing at Harborside Golf Course:

Jeff Cox, proud winner of Closest to the Pin, didn’t think anyone in the clubhouse would believe him, so we made up a sign he could post in the coaches locker room.  His prize: a signed Jermaine Dye jersey (which Jeff promptly passed off to a member of his group).

Ozzie Guillen playing with Marty Henegan of the Hilton Corp.  During the round, Marty got to sample Venezuelan rum for the very first time and boasted to Ozzie that he would be at the Sox game on Friday night and owned an Elvis jump suit. Now some things that happen in Vegas should stay in Vegas, so Marty, all 200-and-something pounds of him, showed up to today’s batting practice and showed off his white Elvis jump suit, size 42-not-big-enough.

Mid-interview, Ozzie broke up laughing as he saw his golf partner.

“That guy has (guts),” Ozzie laughed.

We just wished that Marty had worn the white boxers and not the blue ones.

Amazingly, Marty was soon the subject of interviews with several local TV outlets.

What a country!


Speaking of what a country …

I sit down next to Moose and Jerry Reinsdorf in the Scout Seats and hear Moose yelling at Jim Palmer. 

“Hey, Palmer,” he calls.  The HOF pitcher doesn’t hear him.

“Jerry doesn’t believe me,” Moose explains to me.  “I hit the very first home run off Palmer when he was just a rookie.  He remembers.

“And when I rounded the bases, Orioles manager Hank Bauer (a former teammate of Moose’s who was a lifelong friend) was standing on the top step of the dugout applauding.  Pissed Palmer off,” Moose said with a big, big smile.


Ozzie wanted to give him tonight off so that Carlos had two full days of rest.  He’ll be back in the lineup tomorrow.


Since 5/22, Gavin Floyd is 8-3 with a 2.46 ERA (fourth in AL) and 99 strikeouts over 16 starts.


Jake’s next scheduled start in Sunday at Gwinnett for Class AAA Charlotte.



Thanks for the fun update, Scott….

On your mark, get set, Play ball…. Almost time… Go Sox ’09….jk

Another great post. I laughed out loud when I read about the blue boxers. One of these years, I hope to participate in the golf outing. Seems like it would be a fun time, as long as I don’t embarrass myself too badly! Any other bloggers out there ever done it? What’s it like?

Looking forward to Gavin on the hill tonight. C’mon, Sox!

Dang, I don’t think I’ll be able to watch tonight, what with all the unpacking in the dorm and all, but I’ll probably check-in on the homepage very now and again. Cheer the boys on for me!

Awesome stories as always, Scott.

I won’t be around the computer tonight, but I’ll still be cheering for our guys. Because of the blackout situation, I’m forced to watch the Orioles broadcast on MASN.

Let’s beat the O’s. Go Gavin and Go White Sox!

How’s this for a game plan? Jump on them early and often!!! Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

Pods, Pods, Pods…. Mercy!!

This BS by Pods is just ridiculous. PAY ATTENTION WHEN YOU”RE ON BASE! He took us right out of this inning.

Early didn’t work, but there’s still often…. Go Gavin… go Sox ’09….j.k.

Woot! I scored my wife’s laptop from school.

That’s twice in the last week and a half that Pods make a baserunning blunder. But, there’s still plenty of time. Let’s get 2 here. Go White Sox!

Hi all – – just me from it’s finally raining in Texas!!! woohoo!

I’m around – – trying to grill, waiting on rain, and a big juicy streak, corn on the cob – – yum!!

GO SOX!!!!

Well, we’re in comeback mode again. Let’s get that run back.

Way to make me very hungry again, Kris. I’m very jealous.

That was quick! What happened to patience at the plate? Hold these guys down Gavin…. Go Sox ’09….jk.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSS! Atta boy Thome! I love watching his homeruns.

Another good job, Gavin! Now it the time to get a run or two. Come on Boys….

This one feels like another “grind it out” game. Gavin’s doing his job. Let’s get some runs. Go White Sox!

Hold ’em down Gavin. We will score eventually…… Go Sox ’09…..j.k.

More work to do Gavin….. Go Sox go…..

Great call on the pitchout! Atta boy AJ!

Another good inning by Gavin with a little help from A.J. Good job Boys…… But! Is the inning we take the lead? Come on Boys, do it!!!!

Here we go again Boys and Girls: Playing to the level of our competition…… Keep holding them down Gavin, and Go Sox……

Darn that Brian Roberts! 😦

Gavin has pitched well enough tonight, but so far our bats are taking another day off…….. Damn…..

That’s two for AJ tonight! Atta boy!

It’s like you said, JK, we’ve been playing to our competition. Gavin’s performance tonight was a winning effort. We had our chances as well, but Guthrie was just a little bit better.

Alright, we get 3 this inning, hold em, and get 2 in the ninth for a stunning White Sox winner? I’m not asking for much, am I? 🙂

Well, round 1 goes to the O’s. Gavin pitched a hell of a game, but no run support plus Guthrie’s equally good performance on the mound is tough to overcome. Also, congrats Thome on passing Reggie Jackson on the all-time HR list. Let’s get these next two. Go Oakland and Go White Sox!

That might work Josh, except now we need all five in the ninth. I asked for early and often and neither of those came to pass, so why not a great finish?

Slipping away, slipping away…….. still, Go Sox…..’09….j.k.

No magic…… No big surprise there… I think I’ll go golfing tomorrow……..j.k.

I haven’t read the comments, but if anyone ripped on Scottie, he deserved it. See, I told you all that I would admit when he did something bad, and that was just plain stupid. Stupid. Back to packing for move in tomorrow….

I’ve been convinced to go to Minute Maid park tonight – so I won’t be ‘available’ for consultation . . . .

Go Sox!! And ‘Stros, I guess.

No one here tonight? *sadface* Ok,well I have to say it a fun game so far, but I’ll have to find out how it ends later on, since I’m going to the annual carnival-thingy here at school in about a half hour. Go Sox and keep up the awesome work tonight!!

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