Sunday Homestand Closer

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Game Today

How many times have we felt that way this summer? 


I’ll be with the team in Boston and New York (can’t stomach the Metrodome, sorry, but 19-plus years of that place are enough).  I’ll try to blog frequently on the trip to give you all a sense of travel with the team and how everyone is doing on this important trip (not sure we have to WIN the division on an end of August trip, but we can’t LOSE it).

But let’s start by winning today.


Go Sox’09, go……..

I’ll be with you jk, in and out while trying to work and follow the game online. Looks like Mark weathered a difficult first. Jones must have gotten running the bases, huh?

Nice way for Pods to lead off the inning.

Hey, it’s nice to see the other guys make a few costly errors for a change!!!

Yeah, gifts are nice. No need to reciprocate…. Come on Mark and Go Sox…..

Hey TC and JK, the White Sox Fan Club: Virginia Chapter is here. But, it looks like we’re going to have to battle back now as Reimold just hit a 2-run HR. Fight back guys. Go White Sox!

Dadgummit Mark!!!

A two-out infield hit followed by a two-out homer.

We need to find some offense today.

This isn’t the way we all had this game scripted is it? Come on Mark and come on Sox’09….jk

Okay, so we’re ahead in the wrong category — Grounded into Double Plays!!!

Gotta keep it at no worse than 4-1.

Alexei-Lillibridge-Paulie! DP! Let’s get those runs back.

Okay, so we finally found a way to get Roberts out. Let him get a single then pick his hind end off at first!!!! Hey, whatever it takes. That guy is like those damn piranhas!!!

Why do the Sox play so bad against **** teams? I don’t get it!! The next 15 games should determine if the Sox make the playoffs or not.

Thank goodness he picked off Roberts. Just one of those days when Mark does not have his good stuff. His change must not be very effective and when that happens he becomes a very average pitcher.

Now 5-1. Can’t let the hole get much bigger.

Atta boy Mark! Nice pickoff!

Afternoon all. I found out something rather interesting the other night – apparently you can still get 670 the Score down here in Macomb. The reception obviously isn’t the greatest, but I still get it.
Also, apparently my mom had the opportunity to go to last night’s game. Some neighbors had tickets, which they offered to her, but she didn’t want to go by herself. Too bad I am all the way down here, because that was an awesome game last night and it would have been nice to go. All right, now let’s see if we can repeat last night’s success today. Go Sox!!

To put it simply White Sox (not sure what else to call you), we’ve been playing to the level of our competition. We had great series against the Yankees and Angels, but we have struggled against the lower level teams. And of course, I’m sure there are those from the “home run or nothing” gallery that will have a say about this as well. But as much as we’ve struggled, Detroit hasn’t exactly pulled away from us either. Then again, you can say we haven’t made much ground against them as well. This game is far from over and we have 6 weeks of baseball left. We just got to take care of things on our end and everything else will settle itself out. Go White Sox!

Well, that was a good play by Beckham and Lillibridge by all accounts, considering the fact that Brent was falling down as he caught/threw the ball. It was pretty lucky that the ball didn’t go too far off from first base.

Atta boy Pods! 1 run down…at least 3 more to go. Go White Sox!

Okay, so the two little guys combine to get one back. People can rip Lillibridge all they want but the son-of-a-buck can run. Speed is a great equalizer.

Hold ’em here DJ and keep battling back Boys…..I was hoping that Mark would make it through the inning and maybe qualify for a much needed win….. Go Sox’09……j.k.

That’s our Beckham! Atta boy! 2 runs down…at least 2 more to go. Go White Sox!

Attaboy stud Beckham. Now we’ve cut the lead in half. How about a long one Rios???

Alright, let’s string some hits together….

So we get a couple back with two outs thanks to a couple of guys (Lillibridge and Pods) that some fans (that’s right Kenwo, I’m talking to you!!!! lol) either want in the minors or on the bench. But they found a way to contribute.

Now, keep it close and keep pecking away.

C’mon CQ. Give us a hit.

Will we ever get Nolan Reimold out??????? This guy is quickly becoming a pain in the ****!!!!

C’mon DJ. Throw a ground ball!!!!!

Nice job DJ. Now let’s get Mark off the hook and tie this thing up or, better yet, take the lead!!!!

Alright, DJ got us out of that little jam. We got 2 last inning, let’s get at least 2 more. Go White Sox!

jk, you’re posting a little out of order again. lol. Must be something to do with that darn Mountain Time Zone (lol).

Come on blue! That ball was high on Thome!

Hey, we got Roberts out!!! Break out the champagne!!!

And even on GameDay, Josh, that strike three ont he changeup to Thome looked high!!!!!!!!

This is our inning…. Go Sox’09…j.k.

Good inning by Linebrink. We got two chances left guys. Let’s get two. Go White Sox!

I agree TC. Baltimore isn’t exactly a pushover and they have a good team built around the guys you’ve mentioned. They’re just in a really tough division. If they were in the NL, I’m sure their record would be much better.

The Orioles mystify me. The only reason why they have such a poor record and are in last place is because they share a division with three of the top five teams in the AL (NY, Boston, TB) and another decent team in Toronto.

They have some great young players in Markakis, Roberts, Jones, and now Reimold. They have a solid releiver in Baez. I’m told they have some very good young arms in the system so they will be begging better. But they are buried in what is by far the most talented division in baseball.

Way to start it off Paulie!

Yay Paulie!! Let’s go Quentin!!!

That’s right. We sure don’t want to pitch to Roberts again. Why can’t they trade that guy to the NL???

Atta boy Alexei! Keep it going guys!

Alright, we got one. We need a clutch hit!

It’s now or never. Wait a minute, Elvis Night was Friday.

Oh well, score two or else. Three would be nice.

Last chance for a positive home stand… Go Sox….

Let’s go Kotsay. You can do it!!

And that’s the game, folks. Forced to watch the O’s broadcast, they said this was their first series win since the all-star break. Kind of like adding salt to the wound. We got a tough stretch of games ahead of us. Quite simply, we just need take care of business. Let’s go get Boston tomorrow. Go White Sox!

My posts kept getting lost in the blogosphere somewhere in the ninth. Kind of like our offense. Gotta find some hot bats at Fenway and the Bronx.

Strap it on guys. We have to survive this trip. And the Twins are finally waking up and playing themselves back into it as well.

Another disappointing loss. Mark didn’t have it today and we made the worst pitcher (record wise) in the AL @ 2-11 with a 6.4 ERA look unhittable. And so it goes with this years team. Said it before and I’ll say it again. The SOX are a .500 team, nothing more. If .500 wins the division and they get into the playoffs I suppose anything can happen but I am not holding my breath.
And I know I am not the SOX infield coach but what the hell is wrong with Ramirez? This guy IS NOT a major league shortstop. Period. He leads the entire majors at SS in errors. I can’t decide if he is stupid or just lazy but no less than two balls hit through short today get by him with no more than a token effort. Don’t even get me started on all his bonehead plays running the bases this year or the inordinate number of bad throws. Without PK @ first he would have twice the number of errors that he’s got. Oh yeah, he also doen’t think he needs to run out pop-ups! Far as I can see next year Beckam is the starting SS and this clown can learn to play third or Adios!

Spent the day at the Cell. Had a great time despite a tough loss. Saw Maria looking as wonderful as ever! Just some random ramblings….

What a frustrating homestand. Orioles and KC and we split?? YUK Thank goodness Detroit loses.

Do I want Mark to pitch a perfect game if I know he won’t win since??? Ok yea I do, but I’d like him to win again!

I don’t want to say this road trip spells our seasons fate but it sure means alot. Oddly, I have a feeling we are going to do well. We seem to play at the level of our competition which I’m hoping bodes well for us out east.

I had no idea that Paul Konerko threw a ball into the stands everytime the Sox came off the field and I’ve been to alot of games. Very cool!

The scoreboard said 64 degrees but it sure felt like 85 in the sun!

Are we done with Ramon Castro yet?

Is Chris Getz coming back soon? I sure hope so.

Is anyone else as done with Ramirez as I am? Ok I know buster is but anyone else? Beckam seems to really be coming into that third base postition so I’d hate to mess with him but can we get a more consistant shortstop?

Ok debate had at the ballpark. Who is more frustrated, Cub fans who were supposed to have their dream season and seem to be pretty much out of it, or Sox fans who didn’t have high expectations but find themselves needing Tums yet again because we are being teased into potentially being in the postseason with the “rebuilding team?” My brother said it best, Sox fans are learning to hate September because it is so hard on their stomachs!! I guess I say I’ll just load up on the Tums, would rather be in it!

This was my last planned game to attend this year which made me sad. I’m hoping that post season will be an unplanned visit! Let’s whip some east coast butt!!

I had the same trouble trying to post after the game ended as tc did. Between the time discrepancies and the comments not loading at all: very frustrating.

Yea! Donna still believes. Thank you Donna. I hope your feelings come to pass. Baseball being what it is you never know. So, all you die-hard Sox fans out there: there is no reason to believe that our Sox will start hitting and winning, but then again, why not? It certainly can’t help to give up on our Boys and it might just help if we stick with them….. Who’s with Donna and me??? Go White Sox….. ’09….j.k.

The Virginia Chapter of the White Sox Fan Club is with you both, JK. We’re only 2.5 games back with 6 weeks left to play. There’s a lot of baseball left to play and if the sport has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. Maybe we need to play “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey in the background of these blog posts to boost morale. 🙂

On a side note, I think this year’s song should be “Your Love” by The Outfield. Everytime Beckham comes to the plate, I can’t help but chuckle and put a smile on my face. Unfortunately, I get the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day, but it’s not a bad thing after a White Sox winner.

Let’s play tough in Boston, guys. Go White Sox!


I’m with ya’ll on only being 2 1/2 games back and still in it but I’m with Buster, Alexei needs something, kick in the ***, shook, I don’t know what… he’s frustrating when he makes those horrible throws, etc…

Stayed away from the blog yesterday because Saturday night with no one on it.. we won.. just saying, I’m always watching though…

Off to work for the first time in 3 months… summer vacation is ova… blah! See ya tonight!

I’m just as frustrated with Alexei as the rest of you are. But I don’t want to move Beckham. He has become a very, very good third baseman. And stud third basemen are much harder to find than shortstops.

If Alexei doesn’t improve at short and we don’t move him to another club in some sort of deal (not that I am pushing for that because he still is a great talent), then move him back to second and go get a shortstop.

It is ridiculous to even think about giving up when only 2 1/2 back with five weeks to go. I know the upcoming trip is a bear but the Tigers don’t have it easy this week either. Keep an eye on the Twins, they are starting to regroup.

This team is very difficult to figure out. The offensive pieces are there but they just never seem to gel. I don’t let myself get too angry or too emotionally tied to wins and losses. And I think that a lot of the so-called fans that constantly rip the team are just people that like to see their comments in print or hear them on the radio.

Donna, I’m sick of Lexi too. He has made so many stupid plays at short, and is honestly not impressing me at the plate either. idk if a move back to 2nd is the cure (and honestly, I like Getz [if he can finally stay healthy] and Nix). I’m done with Castro too (what was ever wrong with Corky? I loved the stirrups! and did anyone else read that Castro was charged with rape a few years ago? hmmm…) and I still don’t like Rios. At all.

I think my main “concern” with the 09 Sox is that I still can’t get a feel for them. Last year we had many of the same problems, but it was easy to love them, even after their blunders. They had a fun attitude, and great characters. Everything was always hopeful. This year, they always seem down and out. I don’t feel like I get to know them, mostly because it feels we have a new player every week. There’s no consistency, in terms of wins and losses, production, and even lineups and positions.

o well, thats my opinion. And donna, it definitely felt like 65 in the shade! brrrrr….

Crunching some numbers, while the boys wait for the light to shine in the Old North Church…

38 games remain… 23 on the road… 27 of those games are against teams with .500 or better records… 17 on the road…

This next 15 game stretch to Fenway, the new Yank-me Stadium, the piranha tank (LAST TIME, THANK GAWD !!!)and the one game punishment at Jurassic Park at Neverland to wrap up interleague, as well as the four back home with the Carmines, will tell the tale…

No longer can we afford to play “up to or down to” the level of our opponents… Nor can we afford laxadaisical play… that kind of crap has killed us all damned season… and it will BURY us, should it continue…

Simple enough, ain’t it ???

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