Series Opener at Fenway

Monday, August 24, 2009

Let’s Go

Tonight opens a big four-game series at Fenway Park for both teams. During the usual pre-series meeting with the team today, Ozzie told the team it needed to stick together, believe in themselves and one another and have fun.  The talent is here, he said before the game, this team has been through it before, we just need to not panic. He continues to believe in this team and that this team can win a World Series.

Rookie Watch

We launched a special “microsite” on today, called Rookie Watch.  You can find it at The site — designed and built by MLBAM — features video interviews with Gordon Beckham, Jayson Nix and Chris Getz, interviews with teammates and staff about the players, video highlights, bio info and even the ability to sort the top AL rookies by stats. Check it out.  We thought it was the best way to promote our three rookie position players to the general public and to the writers who choose the Rookie of the Year.

Mr. Perfect

Funny to see Mark Buehrle sitting innoculously alone in a Starbucks in Boston. No one even noticed he was there. 


Nothing like the visiting clubhouse at Fenway after an afternoon shower, well, except maybe Wrigley’s visiting clubhouse (but we’ll leave that to Ozzie to comment).

As one person noted, “With the millions of dollars they make around here (one parking sign was for $40 just across from the ballpark), you’d think they’d spend something to fix up the visiting clubhouse. Major League Baseball should do something about this.”

What teams around the league should do is make their own visiting clubhouses as miserable as possible for the Red Sox (old, dirty carpet, no room, stale air) and then put them back together once they leave town.  Call it home field advantage.


O.K. Boys and Girls: Game one of our eleven game ” go for the glory road trip” is about to begin. I’m ready for some action. I know Donna is ready. Kris, tc, TQ, Josh, etc. are ready. Is the Team ready? We’ll find out pretty soon….. Go Jose and go Sox…….’09….j.k.

Alright Jose pitching over that bad call, good job…… Go Sox…….’09…

Alright, we drew first blood. Atta boy AJ! One’s not enough, let’s get more. Go White Sox!

Atta boy, Alexei! Keep it up guys.

Way to go Team…… Go Jose…..Shut them down…..

Gordo is absolutely the best!!!

Random posting relay again tonight!! I posted after all ya’ll and it landed 4 up – – weird!

There’s a gift…. Grrrrr. Now, get it back…….

#21 for Pods! Let’s get him in! Go White Sox!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! That’s our ROY! Atta boy Beckham!

Yea! Gordon…….. Keep it going….

Hi Kris…….

Hola Kris!

I am definitely liking this game so far!! Let’s go WHITE Sox!!

Un- believable……….

That mess is what we call playing in comeback mode……again. Alright guys, shake it off, we can get those runs back. Go White Sox!

Thank you Jose. Great job tonight. Hit, walk, HBP, Error (jose), walk, WP, 3 run home run. Terrific start to the biggest road trip of the year. I hope I have seen the last game that Contreras ever pitches in a SOX uniform.

Hi boys!

What the hell was that mess???

This season is getting progressively harder to watch…..

What the frick happened? I’m gone for half an hour and all heck breaks loose!

PAULIEEE!!!! I just simply said, ‘it’s time to go Paulie’ and he did – –

Come on Boys, get a run or two back….. Make a little noise at least……

Yea, Paulie……. Keep it coming Boys…..

Posts are ALL out of order if they even upload…. Come on Sox… Keep battling…..

Hold ’em down?…. You can DO it….. Go Sox, go…

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy Paulie! We got us a ballgame now!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy Paulie! We got us a ballgame now!

Sorry for double posting.

Um… Yay? Now we’re only behind by two? Sorry, trying to stay a little bit positive.

better 2 than 5 or 10 – – – glass is half full, not half empty!

One of these nights i’m going to tally how many times we have to listen to the mlbshop commercial – – love the song, just not 9000 times a night! 🙂

…for it’s root, root, root for the White Sox, if they don’t win it’s a shame…

Sorry Kris, I had it stuck in my head too. 🙂

I even sing it with White Sox when I’m at Minute MAid…. haven’t gotton hit yet! 🙂

He gone! BIG strikeout by Williams. Keep at it guys. Go White Sox!

Top of our order coming up…….. Put it on them, Boys…. Go Sox…….’09…..j.k.

Huge strike out – – I called it before it happened, Ortiz just didn’t look like he gave a crap standing there – – looked bored and lazy, good for us!

C’mon Big Jim….

Not that inning, DANG!….. Keep working Boys…..

And that should just about do it for tonights game. Since we blow out our bullpen when Jose pitches anyway, why not just start DJ and go from there? I know, I’m reaching…. Come on White Sox……….’09….j.k.

Hey chickadees, meetings over! I’m here with ya now, but only on the radio. Roommate has the TV, and she’s not in till Sunday! WTF happened in this game?

Naw tc, I caught up. Or at least everything I wanted to know…

I don’t think this one is on the cards for us.

Well, after a fair start at Oakland and a great one vs. KC, Jose was back to his old inconsistent and wild tricks tonight. He always manages one bad inning and the one tonight was probably his worst inning of the season.

We can’t expect to compete for a title with that type of inconsistency. He needs to go to the pen for long relief and we need to bring up someone else who can start.

And on top of that, we have no long man in the pen for tomorrow so Freddy better be ready.

So far this game has been a microcosm of our whole season. Poor defense (thanks Jose and the mental error by Nix), poor hitting with RISP (left the bags loaded in the seventh) and inconsistent starting pitching.

The talent is there to win the division but the pieces just haven’t worked in rhythm all season long. That is why we only have two or three sweeps and have been struggling to get much above the break-even point all year.

Ames, do ya really wanna know????? Save us the agony and don’t make us relive it.

Boy does Jose $uck!!! I hope he never pitches for the Sox again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need Peavy to pitch asap!! It is going to be a very long road trip!!

tc encapsulated our season perfectly. You should win when you score 8 runs….. Maybe tomorrow…..Go Sox……………’09…

To show you how bad things went tonight, even my GameDay screen went blank in the bottom of the eighth inning.

I love what Jose has done for us in the last few seasons and I admire his comeback from the Achilles injury. But he cannot start another game. There must be another option. I’m not sure I want to take Carrasco out of the pen but Torres or one of the guys at Charlotte would be better right now. Jose just cannont get ahead of hitters often enough to win games. The Yankees will tear him up on Saturday if he pitches like that. Or he will tear himself up like he did tonight.

I’m sure that Kenwo had a few interesting things to say from the stands at Fenway tonight!!!

Can’t write off the road trip. Lots more ahead of us. Shoot, Minnesota thought they were done a week or so ago and they won again tonight and I think they are only one game back of us.

So how ticked is our little Kenwo out in Boston right now??
Should win when you score 8 but not when you give them unearned runs. YIKES! I’m encouraged by the 8 runs we scored, but seriously, it is time to wish Jose a happy life. Bring me anyone from Charolotte, preferably Peavy if he’s ready, but they have to do better than Jose has. Love what he’s given us but I’m done. One game guys. Don’t write off the road trip yet.

Well, the only thing I have to contribute, is that if we didn’t have that awful inning, we’d have won that game. So, I still feel pretty confident about the rest of this series. Let’s hope Freddy is ready (and sweaty) to put the hurt on the Red Sox and our bats are as good as they were last night. If that’s the case, then tonight we get our W.

Later all~

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