Tuesday in the Hub

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Outfield

Rookie Gordon Beckham was on WSCR 670 AM early this afternoon when he was joined on the air with a surprise visit from The Outfield, who performs the ballad, “Your Love,” the song Beckham has played before each at-bat in Chicago.

“That was cool,” Beckham said afterward.  “But I had a hard time understanding what they were saying (because of the thick accents).

“One guy asked me if I got nervous in the on deck circle.”

To listen, check out the station’s website.

Peavy Watch

Manager Ozzie Guillen said prior to the game that the decision on when RHP Jake Peavy would debut with the Sox is up to GM Ken Williams and Peavy.

“When he says he’s ready, I’ll pencil his name in,” Guillen said.

Guillen did say Jose Contreras would not start on Saturday in New York, so call it TBA for now.

Roger’s Touch

Players were commenting on how when you walk onto an infield built by Roger Bossard — and it doesn’t matter where in the big leagues — you always can tell. Especially in Boston, where the infield used to be one of the worst in the leagues for years (I remember us playing in Boston in April one year and Robin Ventura making several errors on the hard infield).



Happened to be in the car and heard the Beckam thing. SO FUNNY! He seemed so genuinely excited. Cleared up the whole intro mystery for me. He really does like the song! Even knew other Outfield songs. Take some time to listen to the link Scott posted.

Last night just plain stunk but it is over. Don’t jump ship yet gang. Grab your Tums and hop on yet another end of year roller coaster ride the boys are giving us. Would you rather be out of it? Yea they are inconsistant, yea they are frustrating, but they are only 3.5 out and don’t forget the last 3 games of the season are against Detroit. Lots of baseball left to play till then. Keep the faith!

Ok one day I will remember it is Beckham! I know it everytime I type it and forget the h every single time!!!

The “h” is silent, right Donna? 🙂

Let’s shake off last night and get a Sox winner of the pale hose kind. Go White Sox!

I there Boys and Girls. Only about a alf our to go before game time and we are all ready for the WHITE Sox to win. ere’s oping that Freddie can find his groove and our bats stay ot. Go Sox…….’09….j.k.

See ow easy it is to drop those darn “H’s” Donna…..

Ok Jk, I’m so glad you were using that as an ‘h’ example, thought you were losing it at first!!!

Game time baby!!!

I lost it years ago Kris. Some days are better than others….. JK ( just kidding)….. Not too bad by Freddie that first inning. We need to get to Lester though…. Go White Sox…………’09..

Would love to tell you that, Peggy, but, well…. let’s just wait and see but breath holding isn’t recommended!

I know jk – – my husband is watching some space thing about 10 feet from me but I heard it!

Way to go Nix – – do we have a nickname for him yet?

Please tell me we aren’t going to waste all our opportunities in this game! 2 on with nobody out, and we get nothing arrghh!

Go Freddy, Go SOX!!


There’s your “favorite” song again Kris… Go Sox…………’09..j.k.

Way to go, Jayson! Okey-dokey, we’re tied, so it’s like starting over. Now let’s get ahead and win this thing!

Go SOX!!!


Evening all. Didn’t realize that the game started at six until I was downstairs eating dinner with some friends. Oh well, I’m here now. Let’s go WHITE Sox!!l
Oh, I also caught Beckham on the Score by way of podcast. Definitely very cool.

Back to work Boys….. Stay patient and you’ll get to him…Go White Sox…………..’09…..j.k.

Alright, the bottom of our order coming up. Let’s get something started… Go White Sox………………’09….j.k.

Nice inning, Freddy – 3 up, 3 down.

C’mon WHITE Sox, get some runs!!!



Keep up the good work Freddie….. Go White Sox……………’09

Good inning Freddie. Nice play Gordon and good pick Paulie. All that’s left to do now is to get to Lester…. Go White Sox………………….’09…..j.k.

Woohoo! Go Ramirez and Paulie!!!

All right, two three-up, three-down innings in a row! Nice long throw from Beckham to Pauli to end it. Now let’s get some runs!!

Let’s go Becks…

New life folks!!! Shut that crowd up didn’t it! Wonder where Kenwo is sitting!!

Yay Freddie! 6 1/3 innings, not too shabby. He did an awesome job tonight. Now if Matty T. can just hold onto this lead…

Yea! Alexei, nice K and Nix….. our bottom of the order is saving us tonight so far…. Go White Sox…………….’09…j.k.

Wish there were more runs, but at least the WHITE Sox lead now…


Prediction. Line gives up a hit and all runs are counted against Matt……. But….. Come on Linebrink…….. Please…….

Hi all. Sorry I’m late. I had to take care of some things around the house. I’m glad to see we got a lead, though small it may be. Looking at the recap, it seems Garcia is pitching his heart out. He always was more comfortable on the road, wasn’t he? Let’s hold em and score more. Go White Sox!

And as soon as I posted that, Matty messed up. I’m not going to do that anymore in the hopes that it prevents such from happening again.

Well, Linebrink got the big out we needed. They scored 1, now it’s our turn to score 2. Go White Sox!

Wow!!! I’m SO happy to be wrong….. Back to work Boys. Take a lead that lasts….. Go White Sox……………………’09….j.k.

Did that just really happen? O.o

Okajima gave us a gift. Now let’s make it pay.

*crosses fingers but remains silent*

What new? Runner on third and NO outs and it doesn’t matter. Zero runs…… Hold ’em here……. Go White Sox………………………’09…j.k.

Arwen, I think I need to take your method and keep silent. Anytime we say anything tonight, the opposite happens. We missed a good opportunity there.

This game is a frustrating slog – let’s hope we win it in the end!

I heard that too tc, and just shook my head. I wonder what the situations were, because it sure doesn’t seem like we’ve done anything when it mattered. Another run while I type. Great. Go White Sox?…………………………………..’09…..j.k.

There I go again being negative…..

Didn’t Donna mention tums today??? UGH!

Here’s a note from the telecast (I think it was Stone) that surprised me. All year long I have felt that one of our biggest weaknesses was lack of hitting with runners in scoring position. And that sure has been the case tonight. But apparently we are fifth in the A.L. Fifth out of 14. Not that bad at all.

Just shows you how sometimes you get so focused on something and set your mind to it and refuse to see that you are actually wrong. Kind of like politics. But I dare not venture into that subject . . . . . . . . lol!

Damn. While I’m typing a longer post, Bay takes us yard. Frustrating.

Well jk, you weren’t completely wrong…

Oh, and btw, you guys can call me Vicki.

Ours tonight have been mostly wrong, and not in a good way.

Hey kids, meetings over, here with you for the 9th. It was interesting sitting with some other diehards through those meetings, with only google text updates. We made up our own scenarios, and some were right…

UGH! I quit!

aw ****, not the situation i want 2 outs in the 9th. just another chance to prove the critics wrong, i guess!

Ahahahahhahza!!!! tee hee!

Yeah, at least Scottie got a hit. But no follow-through from Becks.

Back to .500. 21 hours to go til we get after it again….. Go White Sox……………………………………..’09…j.k.

My last few posts have disappeared. So I’ll try a quick recap.

Another one in the loss column. We had our opportunities but as usual, we haven’t made the best of them.

And thanks Vicki, I’m still learning faces and names around here. Sometimes I think I need a cheat sheet.

Now can someone please pass me the community bottle of TUMS?

I don’t know if Kenny Williams will add this game to his list of “should have wons” but it definitely makes my list.

Go Angels, and go Orioles. That said, a team should not depend on other teams to push them into the postseason.

Great thing is, tomorrow is another day, and a whole new game.



Our “vaunted” bullpen is vauntless in Beantown….. Come on Boys, get it together……..j.k.

That’s ok. I just joined the gang at the beginning of the season, so really the only people who “know” me are the ones who were at Blog Night.

well well well…..here’s another fine mess you got us into ozzie. at this rate, we will go 0-11 on this trip. With three of our five pitchers stinking the place up, I think we can pretty much start thinking about next year. the other problem we will have to address is ozzie. he has no clue how to manage a pitching staff and continues to mismanage this team. anybody who can sit there and watch contreras implode and just watch…..and then tonight…..putting linebrink in the game with the game on the line……i need a calculator to add up all the losses because of this nonsense.

this year is a good lesson for many….for kenny, this is what happens when you go cheap on your pitching staff. i hope you are happy with the results.

better luck next year boys, cause the fork is planted squarely in our backs……

this season is OVAH……

Gee had open house at the high school tonight and last I check 3-3. This is a really bad time to fall apart boys! UGH… I’m going to the drug store to get some more Tums. Might need some Valium for some of us while I’m there!! Oddly I’m still not giving up yet. Yea we are a .500 team but it isn’t going to take much more than that to win our division and come playoffs anything goes. DONT GIVE UP YET! Where is Lip to call me Pollyanna??? Happy Birthday to him.

I don’t see how anyone can blame Ozzie for all our problems. As Hawk said, we signed Linebrink for situations like tonight. If you don’t use him there, why do you have him on your team? When the bullpen fails, some people blame the manager for not “handling” the pitching right. I blame the pitchers for not performing and letting the other hitters “handle” them right.

I’m not giving up. I’m not feeling real good about our chances, but I’m not giving up. If it were a real strong team ahead of us, I would surrender. But the Tigers have a lot of issues too. And so do the Twins.

But the day wasn’t a total loss. Anytime the Nationals light up Zambrano and win 15-6 at the dump on the north side, it is a good thing. Funny thing is the fact that Z homered tonight which is probably enough to make him happy!

I’m not going to check out on the season, but I feel I’m about ready to. The boys need to step it up reeeeeal soon.

Kinda wish Big Z hadn’t failed tonight, thats not good for my fantasy team…… damn, bad baseball day, i guess.

I didn’t quit either, just quit for the night. I’m still here and in complete agreement with tc.. it’s not all Ozzie’s fault but steppin up hard core is something that needs to be taken seriously. I still say Alexei is too non chalant out there or lazy or something. The attempt to catch that line drive was minimal at best, almost like he’s trying not to get hurt, which frankly, I don’t want him hurt, but I want him lay himself out for the team occasionally, I miss Uribe. But, we can’t blame it all on him either.. bats were quiet, again, pitching… well, no need to explain that since we were all there, so to speak.

We need spark and we need it fast!

Good Morning all you faithful White Sox Fans out there. I know there’s still a few of you out there, I can tell from your hopeful comments.

Its funny (ironic actually) when we lose then the team stinks, but when we win everybody is back on the bandwagon. I guess that’s the ups and downs of following a baseball team. Any team for that matter, not just the Sox.

While the season seems to be slipping away, I think we all still feel that if the Sox can just get on a win streak of 6-7 games we’d still be in good shape. Six or seven games? It might as well be 20. We all shake our heads at the lost opportunities and hope that tomorrow will start us out on that streak. Well today is that day! I believe we will win tonight in Boston and I expect to win tomorrow too. We have our two best pitchers going for us, so why not?

We all pretty much conceded Joses start and figured that Freddie would probably lose too, so that happened and we still have a chance to split with the Red Sox. I say root for our Boys until there isn’t anything left to play for.

I will grant you though that something is missing from this team. It seems like we’re snake bit or something. Like we’re relieved when we win a game instead of EXPECTING to win that same game. Like there’s a spark missing that’s kept us from performing to our abilities all year long.

Enough of the analysis, it’s time to play ball. Figuratively speaking: gametime is still seven+ hours away……. Go White Sox…………………………………….’09…j.k.

All together now…. Let’s go White Sox…Let’s go White Sox…Let’s go White Sox……………………………………’09…j.k.

Evening all. Just popping by to say that I won’t be here for the game tonight since I have a Wednesday evening class this semester. Not particularly fun, but what can ya do about it? Here’s to hoping that Gavin and the team can to their part tonight and bring a win.

Paulie has a triple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to say hi, earlier Vicky, but my comment didn’t post. Trying again……

Hi jk – – I’m here – tonight, it’s ours!!! GO SOX!

Texas and Arizona support Chicago………. Go White Sox………………………….’09…..

Good job by Gavin so far. We need some runs….. Go White Sox……………………………………….’09…j.k.

Two runs coming this inning. Make it happen Boys….. Go White Sox………………………………………………….’09..

I’m with you guys. Just at work and following only online. Busy and have no had a chance to post. Two long balls is all Gavin has given up but we gotta get some of our own.

Texas and Arizona are quite supportive, just hope we have more to support and Gavin is ok.

Again, we can’t get a late-innings hit with a runner in scoring position. This is what has made us a mediocre team.

Come on Boys… Get A run……

Yea, Pods….

Thank God for Pods – again!!!

Back from class early tonight, and it looks like I came just in time! Maybe by wearing my Konerko shirt today, I brought us a little luck? Lol, just kidding.

You got Paulie a triple, Vicky!!!!!!

ONE more run, Boys……..right HERE!!!!

Big Papi woke up tonight . . . . . let’s see if we can salvage one tomorrow. Another great pitching effort by Floyd. He’s been our best this year by far.

I won’t be online tomorrow during the game so you guys can get it done without me.

Yeah, I’m just THAT good!

How in the World does this Bard guy have an ERA of over 3.? He’s unhittable……hold ’em down here Boys….. Go White Sox……………………………………………….’09..j.k.

What the hell???

Ho-Hum, just another dramatic day at the Ballpark………Later all…….

Well, I wasn’t good enough. It would be nice if we could just win ONE game here. Oh, tomorrow’s another day.

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