Conclusion in Boston

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tonight’s ballgame concludes our four-game stay in Boston.

In recent months I have been sending our daily lineup via Twitter, which means it shows up atop this blog. I have assumed everyone could find it, but if that isn’t the case, and if you miss it, I certainly can go back to also placing it here.  It was just since I often send the lineup early in the afternoon, by the time I sit down to post here, it often seems old news.

Let me know your preferences.

Anyway, tonight’s Sox lineup is:

Pods 8, Beckham 5, AJ 2, PK 3, Thome dh, quentin 7, kotsay 9, ramirez 6, nix 4. Danks pitching.

Happy Birthday

Happy 39th birthday to Jim Thome!


Every TV in Boston this afternoon showed live coverage of Senator Ted Kennedy’s funeral procession into downtown where he will lay in state through tomorrow.


There are concerns that the weather might be an issue this weekend in NYC.  Stay tuned.

Sweet Caroline

Hate that song now.

The tradition of Red Sox fans singing the Neil Diamond ballad in the middle of the eighth inning is pretty cool, certainly something on baseball’s list of Top 10 things to do at an MLB park, but I gotta admit I am sick and tired of hearing that song this week.

Top 10

Speaking of Top 10 things to do at a ballpark, what are yours?  What are your must-do’s at USCF and what are the cool things you appreciate at all of the other MLB parks?


Owns the fourth-best ERA in the AL since June 10.  The Top 4:

Felix Hernandez, SEA 2.34

Jon Lester, BOS 2.41

Gavin Floyd, SOX 2.88

John Danks, SOX 2.99


The White Sox have lost 32 games this season after holding a lead, including our last four road contests and nine of our last 11 … 17 of our 39 games in the second half have been decided by one run (Sox are 7-10)


Sox first base coach Harold Baines will not be with the team this weekend in NYC.  Instead, Harold will be in Baltimore to be inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame by the Oriole Advocates. Congratulations, Harold!

Harold was kind enough to offer me the honor of working on his acceptance speech with him for this weekend.  I figure if you can write a speech for HB, you can write for anyone.

His one request … keep it short



A short time ago I had a moment of lucidity and I figured out what’s wrong! White Sox fans are rooting for the Sox of course. But Texas Ranger fans are also rooting for us to win. Tampa Bay fans are rooting for us to win against Boston. Even Yankee fans are rooting for us to win. We have WAY too much support right now! That’s the problem. Our team only functions when under the radar and not with half the country pulling for us. So here’s the deal: JohnnyD has a 0-3 record with a 5+ ERA against the Red Sox. AND we’ve never faced their pitcher, so EVERYBODY will expect us to lose tonight. That’s why we will prevail! Why will we prevail? Because all that extra rooting section will have gone back home and given up on us. We can’t lose………

It’s so clear…………. I’m gonna watch on TV tonight, so Later all and enjoy the long awaited Win…. Go White Sox……………………………………………….’09…j.k.

I just saw the poll on white sox site concerning who the best aquisition this year for the white sox. I am sure you have all seen it. I think we did very well in all respect, not so sure we needed rios. But, without a doubt, I have gotta say I believe Gordon Beckham is one fine baseball player. Please, do not let this kid go anywhere. I look forward to seeing him belt one out to right this sunday as I will be at Yankee Stadium. GO SOX!!!

C’mon, Mark, make them pay for hitting Carlos in the head!


Jk, if you pop on here, I hope you’re just watching tv and not watching the game on tv and I’m missing it somehow…

Hate to get excited about 4-0.. seems to slip away every time we get it… with that, I’ll say, GO SOX!

Good to get 4 runs!! Let’s keep it up!

And thanks, JK, for letting me know the game is on the teevee!



Hi Kris,

The game is on the MLB network (Thursday Night Baseball).


Oh my FREAKING goodness!! I just got back from exercising and dinner. When I saw that number, I wondered if my sight was going. How the heck did that happen?

Nice to see those crooked numbers, huh, Vicki?


Heck yes, it is. I just want to know where this came from all of a sudden. And can they keep it up in New York?

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, bad pitching and some weird Boston behavior is why we’re up. Sad, I don’t have mlb Network

OK, Johnny Danks, that’s enough batting practice – settle down and get two more outs!

And now come the errors – please don’t tell me 9 runs isn’t enough!

Well two HRs by Boston in a row. I hope Danks isn’t losing his steam; it’s only the 5th and there’s a lot of game left.

Way to go, AJ!

Yes! Go Nix!! Awesome throw, and of course an awesome completion of the play by Pierzynski.

Hi all. I know I’m late, but I’ve been watching the game on MLB Network and helping the wife with things around the house. Glad to see all those crooked numbers go up for our guys. I would have liked to have seen a shutout as well, but back-to-back homers, what can you do? I also believe the commentators on MLB Network when they say you can never have too many runs in Fenway. Let’s get to double digits. Go White Sox!

Even with a big lead, I hate to see the bases loaded and no runs.

I just read JK’s first comment to this post. I’m starting to believe he’s on to something. JK, you want to go half and half on a lottery ticket?

Glad to see we got the good Oh-Do-Tell tonight. Let’s get some hits if we can. They’re bringing in a shortstop? Reminds me of when Swish did an inning for the Yanks.

And just like anytime we face a pitcher we haven’t seen before, we get a scoreless inning. 🙂

I don’t guess I’d be this playful if the score was closer, but I gotta chuckle at a moment like that.

I’m with you there. We’re definitely in a better mood than at this point earlier this week, therefore we are actually in the mood to make jokes.

Though maybe I spoke to soon on both counts (being in a better mood and Dotel). We shall see.

How sad that the Bosox shortstop pitches a better inning than Dotel!

Uh oh, two quick runs for them. Let’s get this last out.

Phew. Ok guys, last chance to get to double digits. We just need one. Go White Sox!

I am going to think our hitters are pathetic if they can’t do better this inning against the shortstop!!!

OK, we are the batting laughingstocks of the league – can’t get a single hit off a shortstop – arrrgghhh!

I’ll be happy if we can just hold them and get this in the bag.

Line for Green:

2.0 IP, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 H, 2 BB

Someone pass Peggy the community bottle of TUMS, please.🙂 Let’s get 3 before they get 5. Go White Sox!

I’ll take that bottle of TUMS now, please!!! Here comes the drama king, Bobby, with one run given up already!

He gone! 2 to go.

1 to go.

Plain or Cherry flavor!!!

All righty. That was an interesting game to say the least.

Nice catch by Kotsay and this ballgame is OVAH! We avoided the brooms, now let’s get it going in NY. See ya’ll later. Go White Sox!

haha – showing some pics of the last few days, anybody else see the bubble gum bubble on someone’s hat.. I couldn’t make out who it was but I think it was Gordo… lol – too funny!

We Win!!! WHoohoo!

Hi, Ya’ll. I knew we were going to win tonight. (I could feel it in the air). With a little better luck we would have split this series at the minimum, but it is what it is as they say.

Jim “Kitty” Kaat said on MLB after Nix threw out Ellsbury at the plate: the White Sox are FAMOUS for giving teams extra outs, but they handled that play perfectly. Our notoriety grows… ouch!

Josh, no lottery ticket for me. I quit playing years ago after the ticket I didn’t buy won a big one. ( funny story I’ll save for another time).

It’s good to see all the comments here, but it’s even better to witness a win…. Long time coming, Boys, now go kick some NY Booty…… Go Mark, and (I’m guessing DJ) and Freddie…. Go Sox…………………………………………’09…j.k.

Hi all….So so so soooooooooo happy and relieved to get the big W tonight. Let’s carry it with us on to NY.

Here’s something else to make your night complete….guess who was the closer today for the Nationals and held the Cubs to a one run loss????????? None other that MIKE MACDOUGAL!!!!!!!! He’s something like 15 for 17 on closes for them. WTF? He couldn’t pitch worth squat here. I was just happy he shut down the loveable losers. Priceless!


Oh, and jk……….awesome prediction. Are you sure the k in jk doesn’t stand for Karnac?

Good night all! See you back here tomorrow. Where everyone in the world thinks we will lose because the Yank-mees (hi tq) are so dominate at home.

Scott: I’m looking forward to reading your next post from NY, and am hoping you’ll share all the inside scoop about the new Yankee Stadium. One of the unique things to see there is watching the groundscrew dance to YMCA as they rake the field between innings. I’ve heard that Monument Park is a must-see, although I missed seeing it personally at the old stadium.

As far as things I appreciate at other ballparks? First and foremost, a ballpark tour. In my opinion, there’s no better way to get a behind the scenes look at each facility on the whole. You get to experience areas that you wouldn’t otherwise see (e.g. press boxes, luxury suites, dugouts, bullpens, etc.), not to mention hear about the club history from a usually-knowledgeable and enthusiastic fan/employee. So if anyone is making a trip to another town to catch a game, I would encourage them to try and work a tour in, if time permits. (For the record, the one of Fenway ranks among the most enjoyable I’ve taken.)

Gasped at the line on Sabathia over Buehrle for tonight. Two words: We’ll see.

‘Morning Sox Blog Fans. I’m heading off to my golf game, so I’ll probably be back late for the start of tonight’s game. I see that there is some doubt as to whether the game will be played, so maybe I won’t be late. In any event, hold down the fort for me until I can contribute.

Look luck to Mark. From what I read about him and his “success” against the Yankees, he’ll need it. Go Sox……………………………………………’09…..j.k.

I came *this* close to being really happy. I was going through my iTunes radio, and wanted to see if perchance it had the Score, since it has the other Chicago station I listen to. It’s there, but when I clicked on it, it wasn’t the game audio – they were talking about “the hated White Sox”, so I knew that wasn’t right. Oh well, I can survive on Gameday.

Nice play Alexi. 17th error of the year out of 97 total for team. It is truly amazing that this team is a .500 team with the defense (NOT) we have.
Horror of horrors. They just announced that three inning Contreras goes for us tommorrow. Unbelieveable!

Seriously? Why?

I’m here, we’re tied! Let’s win it in the ninth… Go Sox………………………………’09….j.k.

O.K. retract that last post…. Hold them in the ninth and win it in the tenth…. Go Sox………………………………………………’09…

So far, so good……. I notice that we don’t have a home run yet. Maybe now would be a good time to get one…. go Sox………………………………………..’09..j.k.

I think that this is their way of making my Friday at least semi-interesting. But it doesn’t make me happy! Hold it until the top of the 11th…

One more hold ’em inning and we win in the eleventh… Yeah, that’s it… Go Sox………………………………’09..j.k.

Well…. yeah.

And so it goes… Manana, all………

Best part of tonight’s game? Even though they lost, it is mathematically impossible for the SOX to lose 100 games this year.
3 more games at the Horror Dome in Minn next week, likely translates into three more losses.

Well, the White Sox are sucking the life right out of me. Since that is the case, I am going today at 12:30 PM to donate blood. So Heartland literally can suck the life out of me. I won’t be around for the first part of the game which may be a good thing. Hopefully when I get back it will be around the 4th inning or so and Jose will have a surprise waiting for me.

Here’s to hoping Jose’s got it in him today.

Well Sox fans, I hate to say it but when the Sox return from this road trip the season will probably be over. I just don’t see the Sox being able to make up eight or nine games in Sept. I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

And this one (this season) is OVVAAAAA…..

Ozzie insisted on starting Jose yet again. He should have left him in the game til his arm fell off. Maybe tomorrow?. Back to the tv for me. Go Sox……………………………………………………………….’09…j.k.

It’s a good thing I went to visit a friend off campus. I don’t even want to know how this happened.

Just listened to Hawk (I think it was Hawk) commenting on the number of RBIs the Yankees batters have, top to bottom.

Checked their stats, and was particularly interested in Swisher’s stats, since he was definitely less than stellar when in a Sox uni.

He has 67 RBIs so far this year. I don’t believe (but no actual stats at hand) he came even close to that with the Sox. Reason I bring this up is, as a long time Sox fan, I’ve seen more players than I can count leave the Sox and go on to brilliant careers. Why is that? (I admit that in Swisher’s specific case, not playing every day may have been a factor, plus for the Sox I think he was a solution in search of a problem.)

Obviously the errors driving a stake in the heart of this season. That said, I don’t understand why the big difference from last season. Alexei played much better at second base last year than he has at SS this year. Rookies might account for some of the difference, but experienced players like Jose Contreras not able to throw to the infield is inexcusable.

I hope Jake Peavy will be a big contributor next year, because I can’t imagine him being able to make any difference in this season. Might as well have him completely healthy and ready to go next season.

I have to agree with you Peggy. As much as I don’t like to point a finger at people I would have to say that Greg Walker is a large part of our inability to hit consistently. I think it was tc or maybe kenwo who said the same thing earlier in the season. What made me start to think this way is the way Beckham has slumped recently. Earlier this year Gordon was hitting to all fields and putting the ball into play. Now he looks like he’s trying to pull everything and is grounding out or popping out.

If you don’t point an accusing finger then you have to say that this team has collectively given up on this season. There is NO heart left in these guys, and it’s sad to see. Kenny has done his part to try and make us competitive, but if the hitters don’t hit and the pitchers don’t get outs, and the fielders keep dropping the ball or throwing it away, then it leads to a long season.

We’ve had our bright moments this year. This road trip so far is a very disappointing one. And just when we needed the Boys to step it up. I guess we were kidding ourselves all year long thinking we had a contender. We DO have good players, but we DON’T have a good TEAM.

I’m not done rooting for our Guys yet this year, but the odds are getting longgggger and the space between Sox….. and………………………………………………..’09 is getting farther apart……. Tomorrow all. I think I’ll watch on tbs….. j.k.

Scott – this is the story I shared at the Fields of Greens event last week. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I teach at Evanston Township High School, where to many people confuse ETHS blue with the color worn by the north side team. Might have to do with proximity. I was in a meeting on 7/23 with our new Associate Principal. All of a sudden, I started to get tweets. We were talking about some planning for the year, ideas to get to our staff, changes we are making, but we put gameday on his computer. Before long, we had found our way into the office of the vacationing superintendent, and were watching the game on tv. After the 7th inning, most everyone in the building had drifted into the place where we knew there would be a television. 35 or 40 people on a July afternoon, were watching and cheering for Mark and none of us would have known without Twitter. Thanks to you and the White Sox for being so fan friendly.

Why is it then when the Sox start slumping, which we all know they have, we get people on here moaning and groaning? When they’re winning, they’re no where to be found. Gripes my ***, frankly, you’re either with us or not but jumping on the bitchin bandwagon is wrong!

That being said, I’ve been here all year, completely agree with JK and although I’ll still continue to watch, I’ll watch with a heavy heart and still hope upon hope some miracle can happen. As they say in Angels in the Outfield, ‘It can happen’.

Hey gang, have been around and reading, but don’t feel like I have alot of nice things to say so am choosing to keep mum. Plus I have had a heck of a time getting on here and posting! Anyone else having problems? Still watching, still hoping against hope, but realistically thinking we are done. The next 3 days in Minny spell it out and we all know how we’ve done there. Only good news is we never have to go back! I feel like this team has never really clicked. There are splashes of greatness, but it never can really stay together long. Errors, quiet bats, pitching gone bad, you can’t really blame one thing. Love my team, but really not liking the way they have been playing. This road trip has simply been embarassing! I am still checking in even if not posting, just feeling bummed. 😦

Why have they are their third pitcher for the inning? Sorry if I don’t know, I’m still learning some of the mechanics of the game.

Hey, Donna, welcome back! I’ve had trouble posting lately, too. Tried the other night about 5 times, and then gave up.

JK, I wasn’t actually pointing any fingers, just puzzled about why these guys (and others over the years), who obviously have talent, haven’t performed better. Hard to blame any one person or factor – the pitching, defense, baserunning, and hitting have all gone south. That can’t be the fault of any one player or coach. I just truly don’t get it.

I realize our season isn’t officially over, but hopes are getting really dim. I’m a loyal fan, and I’ll cheer them on to the end, but it’s becoming less and less fun to watch. Maybe things will turn around in Minnesota, but I wouldn’t bet anything of value on that.


Wow, Hawk didn’t seem too enthused about JD’s ninth-inning homer. It was kind of a lackluster “You can put it on the board, yes.” Maybe because we all knew it was over at that point.

Hi Donna, nice to hear from you again. Kris is right when she says that we don’t need the naysayers now; we can all see what’s happening, and we all know it isn’t good.

Peggy, I was agreeing with your assessment of our team not performing to the talent potential. I pointed My finger at Walker as a culprit.

It was good to see Freddie pitch well today. Now all we have to do is REPLACE Jose….PLEASE???

We gotta win one more game on this trip…. Don’t we????

Go Sox…………………………………………………………….’09.j.k.

this season is OVAH and you can put that on the board. if i were reinsdorf, i would clean house. new manager, pitching coach and hitting coach. the reason many of us are griping is this isn’t a one time thing. no sir-eee. since 2005, our bullpen stinks every year. our batting starts slow every year and we fail to get the clutch hits. with such a young team, we need a manager and coaches that can develop these kids. just look at all the errors alexei has made this year. look at how badly fields played after spending all winter with joey cora. heck, ozzie HATED the fact that beckham was forced on him and griped the whole time when the kid got off to a slow start…now look at him.

so no, maybe its not ozzie’s fault, but just like winning the WS in 2005, all this nonsense is happening on his watch. and don’t say “oh, we made the playoffs last year”. yeah, and we won 1 lousy game.

alas, ozzie won’t be fired. anyone who is crazy enough to let john paxson continue to run the bulls into the ground can’t be expected to care too much about this mess with the sox. ozzie will still be managing in 2025. LOLOLOL

“our bullpen stinks every year”? I don’t agree with that for a second! I’d take Jenks, Thor and Carrasco over anyone you’d care to trot out over the last four years (not just one and done pitchers, mind you). It’s the other “projects” that haven’t panned out so well (MacDuffel, Liney, Williams). Dotel can be good (and when he is, he’s great), but as we all know, he’s inconsistent. (like the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead)

I know our guys don’t want to lose and I think it’s the “have to win” attitude that’s screwing up their bats and their defense. What about getting a team psychologist on the payroll? (I’ll volunteer for that!) Either that or Ozzie needs to start throwing more sunflower seeds at the guys. I say, relax, get the next three in the dome and we’re good to go for the rest of the season. (Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?)


Nina, I’m still with you, but I have to tell you that it was the Japanese that bombed Pearl Harbor, Not the Germans. You must have known that but for some other reason wrote as you did.

I’ll see you all later for a White Sox winner… Go Sox………………………………………………………………..’09..j.k.

Hello my fellow bloggers. I know I haven’t been on in a few days, but I have been too busy with other things to actually see a full White Sox game in its entirety, which may have been a blessing as far as the results have shown.

I am still with this team. I cheer proudly with every win and I feel disappointment with every loss. The reasons for this roller coaster season have already been mentioned above, but I’ll just reiterate the main theme…inconsistency. We have not had a stretch in the second half when the entire club was firing on all 8 cylinders. If the starting pitching is good, the hitting isn’t. If the hitting is good, the defense isn’t. There has always been some facet of the game that we have been lacking in every contest. Add on top of that the pressure of the “having to win” mindset, and the troubles just grow exponentially.

We may be out of the division race. Then again, we might not be. The guys just need to remember to play loose and have fun. If we contend for the division, then that’s icing on the cake. Here’s hoping we break the Dome Doom with a 3 game sweep of the Twinkies. Hey, a guy can dream right? 🙂 Go White Sox!

Obviously, jk has never seen Animal House. lol

The seven games in Boston and New York were no surprise. A lot of teams would have suffered the same fate.

While things may look grim, the season must still be played out. There has not been one good hot streak in this team all season long. About the only thing that can salvage the year would be for that streak to happen right now.

Am I counting on it??? Yeah, about as much as I can count on taxes not going up and peace prevailing in the Middle East.

But you know what, even the Tiger fans will be cheering for us the next three days!!

Did the Germans bomb Peal in Animal House? I’m more confused than usual…….. j.k.

Make that PeaRl…. I told you I was confused…

That was a direct quote of lines spoken by John Belushi in Animal House when the “animals” were sitting around, utterly defeated by the dean who had revoked their frat charter, expelled them from the college, and notified their draft boards that they were all eligible for the draft. (But then they go on to do something really big and totally pointless, like ruin the homecoming parade) Give it a watch the next time you need a laugh.

Or just tune in here because there’s always something going on that will lift your spirits, right, kids?

Hey JK, here is the youtube link to the “Animal House” Pearl Harbor speech.

Thanks, Nina, tc and white sox for teaching an old dog something new. I did see Animal House a few decades ago, but I didn’t remember that scene. Now, let’s go kick some Twinkie Bootie…. Go Sox………………………………………’09.j.k.

Good job, Gavin…. GET to Blackburn….. Go Sox……………………………………………………………………………’09

Had to laugh at the Animal House reference – even though I’ve seen it too jk, I wouldn’t have picked up on that, but it brought back memories as soon as tc pointed it out.. ha ha, too funny…..

Now, on to some serious business of winning – tired of losing, watched parts of the game yesterday but will admit, dozed off about midway, only to wake up to some movie on tbs which if I remember correctly, I enjoyed more than the game!

New week, new team! LEt’s Go Sox!

Start us off Jason. We CAN get these guys! Go Sox………………………………………………..’09..j.k.

I’m going to try and stay silent tonight unless necessary just out of pure desperation, but will be watching.

See above comment, insert Alexei’s name then Jayson’s and go from there. Come on Guys…….

Hi all,

I have been around for every game, just don’t have much to say, so I will just say hey there you guys!

Let’s score in the 8th, whadya say?

wow, how’d my comment get above yours Kris? This site is as whacked out as our team.

I think Hawk and Oz should be invited to watch the implosion of the dome… Hawk cracks me up!

Top of our order Guys. You can STILL get this done. Come on, give us ALL a thrill…. Go Sox…………..’09…j.k.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Whoops, sorry, I dozed off there for a bit… See you all again tomorrow fellow Sox Blog Fans…….. Go Sox……………………………………………………………………’09

I think I am ready to say Go Sox ’10.

Thome’s a Dodger and Contreras a Rockie I hear.

I am so totally rooting for the Dodgers now – just so Jimmy gets his ring. Also considering we are so dead it is not even funny.


Hi MariE. I just heard about Thome while watching the D-Backs playing the Dodgers. Gracie mentioned that Jon Garland was moving dugouts and then that Jim Thome was also now a Dodger! I didn’t hear about Jose though.

Good luck to Jimmy in Dodger Blue. I’m still hanging for a couple more days with Go White Sox………………………’09.

New month coming up and September CAN’T be as bad as August was……j.k.

Good luck to Jimmy, too! I will miss him and his thunder stick (not to mention his thunder thighs!) but wish him well. Jose? Not so much, but it was sad to see the end of a good pitcher. I enjoyed being at his last outing at the Cell.

That said, let’s mash those Twinkies tonight!

So if you didn’t know the season was over in your heart, you know now. I don’t disagree with these moves. Kenny freeing up some cash and giving big Jim a chance for his ring. Jim Thome is such a classy guy. I really hope the Dodgers do it for him. He so deserves to get that ring. I’ll be cheering for the Sox, but hoping the Dodgers go all the way for Jim’s sake.
Jose, well yes he has plain stunk these past couple weeks but thanks to him for all he gave us. He came back from the achilles injury quicker than anyone thought, of course the World Series, and was just a nice guy. He killed my stomach the past few weeks but I wish him luck in Colorado.
Hang in there Sox fans. Maybe something good will come of the last month.

I know its just a business, but….

I’m upset. Goodbye, Jimmy.

Who’s even on the Sox now? I don’t get the same caring feeling anymore. They’re all dead in personality.

Jim and Jose, thanks for the memories!!!!!! This season is over. Maybe the Sox will be better next year. GO SOX ’10!!

Best of luck to Big Jim and Jose – I will miss Thome more right now, but both are classy guys, and deserve every possible success in baseball and in life.

As for the rest of the team, I say the following not to provoke anger, or controversy, but perhaps a laugh:

Maybe we should bring back the blowup dolls? (Just sayin’)


Good morning all. It worked well yesterday, so I’m gonna WGN-it again today. I’ll “see” you all later. Go Sox…………………………………………………………………….’09.j.k.

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