Late Last Night

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


By now everyone is aware, but following last night’s game, the White Sox traded Jim Thome to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Jose Conteras to the Rockies.  I have learned, over 19-plus years, that it is never a good thing to be busier postgame than you are in game. I have also learned, as painful as it is for us, for players and for staff to face, that winning teams don’t need to go through this in late August/early September.  We just haven’t gotten things done on the field.

That said, crazy things do happen.  We just need to start winning games and see what plays out.  While we have not done ourselves any favors, remember last year when we appeared dead in the water at a much later date than September 1?

I am going to miss Jim and Jose.  You will not find two classier gentlemen.  Jose always had a smile and a friendly hello.  Jim is the best. In all my years with the White Sox, he is the No. 1 guy when it came to willingness to do anything for anyone. The man has a huge heart, a great family, and I hope, will forever remain a friend of mine and of the White Sox. 

I like last night’s moves for a number of reasons: 1. this does give Jim a clearer shot at a ring, 2. it does clear some payroll off our books for September, 3. the pitcher from Colorado has decent reports.  If you don’t believe me, click here. 

More Firepower

Joining the team today in Minnesota are Fields, Getz, Torres, Wise and Flowers.

Good News

An MRI on Jake Peavy’s sore right elbow showed great news in that the soreness was caused by swelling from being hit on that elbow by a batted ball and not because of anything structural.

Special Offer

The White Sox have set up a special ticket offer for Twitter/Blog/Facebook followers on September 8-9 against the Oakland Athletics and September 22-23 against the Minnesota Twins, with discounts off select Lower Box, Lower Reserved, Bleachers, Upper Box and Upper Reserved seats available.

Lower Box, Lower Reserved, and Bleachers:
Tickets regularly priced at $38, $34, and $33 will be $28, $24, and $23

Upper Box and Upper Reserved:
Tickets regularly priced at $23 and $19 will be $18 and $14

To purchase these specially priced tickets, click here.


Best of luck to Big Jim and Jose – I will miss Thome more right now, but both are classy guys, and deserve every possible success in baseball and in life. I really do hope Jim gets a WS ring – he certainly deserves it.

As for the rest of the team, I say the following not to provoke anger, or controversy, but perhaps a laugh:

Maybe the blowup dolls should reappear? (Just sayin’)


Love it Peggy! We could use a little fun, no?

Oh and Scott, never did get to hear what you thought of the new Yankee stadium. Would love to hear your take!

Thome is a total class act and it has been a sincere pleasure having him in a White Sox uniform. I wish him the best.

It has been a frustrating couple of weeks and I sure hope that these moves might just wake the team up and we play to our abilities. It is tough to listen to the North Sider comments about Kenny throwing in the towel on 2009. I still believe we can do this. We just need to play baseball, and we need to have the fire! Good news about Peavey.

Thanks Scott…great post.

Dodger fan here.
I like what I am hearing about Jim Thome that he is a classy guy. My friends and I while being at Dodger Stadium were surprised of the news of getting Thome and Garland. We welcome both guys with open arms. We did not any pop coming off the bench. Good luck to the White Sox.

Jim is a great guy. You will love him! He’s always kind to the fans and we will miss him terribly. I’m hoping you guys win it all so he can ge a WS ring. We will so miss him here in Chicago! Garland will be good for you too.
Good luck to you guys as well

Sad moment. Got on the website today and the first thing I notice is the picture changed under ‘more from the white sox’ – – Thome was right up front. I wish him all the best of luck and I know that Peoria, Illinois will welcome him this Fall with arms wide open! He will be missed. I might just stay up tonight and watch a Dodger game….

Peggy, hey if it works…

I’m going to miss both Jim and Jose, and I wish them the best of luck in the future. Thome is a classy guy and he has done as many accomplishments off the field as he has done on it. Jose was a dominant pitcher for us in the past and I won’t forget his contribution to the ’05 team. Again, good luck to them both.

Well, now that I’m finally able to see a game for the first time in a week, how about a White Sox winner? Go White Sox!

Yeah, Josh, enough with the losing already. It’s time to go on a win streak…. Go Sox……………………………………………’09.j.k.

Nice catch Pods. Definitely helped.

Winning would be nice!!!

Can you say webgem!!!!

Atta boy Pods! Now let’s get some runs!

Alright, it’s time to stop messing around and get a couple of runs here. Go White Sox……………………………………’09.j.k.

Wow. that comment posted 14 minutes in the future. That’s my personal best……j.k.

Agreed, JK from the future.πŸ™‚

Come on Boys, back to work..

You know, sometimes I with that hits equaled runs.

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy Alexei! (It feels good to say that again.)

That’s hilarious; just as I posted that Alexei hits his homer!! GO Alexei!!!!

Let’s get that run back guys. Go White Sox!

Oh, how I wish our pitchers didn’t so predictably give back any runs our team ever gets!

We can so do this. I know we can. *sending positive thoughts to our boys*

Hold ’em down JohnnyD…. 8:37 PM… Who knows where this will post?…

Comeback mode again. We can do it guys. Go White Sox!

I will no longer ask for our pitchers to hold down the opponents. Get that run back plus one… Go Sox………………………………………………………………………..’09.j.k.

JK, what’s with the extra “…” in your sig? Did I miss something while I was away?

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSS! Atta boy Becks!

I’m officially ill – – just sick about how this season is gonna end.

Memo to John Danks:
You might want to consider throwing something other than change-ups and get-me-over curves to Mike Cuddyear. He has a .500 career average against you with 4 HR.
On the other hand when the offense (?) averages 1 run per game we’re not going to wim very many. And so it goes…………………………………………………………………

Take that Twins….. Go Sox…

YEAH!! THAT’S my boy!! Heck yeah Becks!! You can put in on the board!

Josh, The extra”……………………..” indicates the ’09 slipping farther away from Go Sox.

Gotta love those wild pitches sometimes.

JD needed just 5 more feet. 😦

So, friends, is AJ calling the wrong pitches for the situations (for instance, changeups that end up in the seats, and a lovely hitter’s pitch first pitch to Mauer? Or, are the pitchers not throwing what he’s calling?

This is a most winnable game, and I”ll be sorely disappointed if they don’t come through.

Get one and win this game!!!!!! Go Sox………………………..’09

Good question, Peggy. I’ve wondered that myself from time to time……j.k.

Somebody tell me when Pena has ever brought a bit of relief? Has he ever failed to lose a game for us?

See you all again tomorrow, Boys and Girls….j.k.

Well, Pena is reliable – he loses the game for us *every* time.

I’ve been a Sox fan long enough to know they are heartbreakers, but Ozzie’s managing of the bullpen is puzzling. That said, he definitely doesn’t have much to work with.


Peggy, keeping me laughing!! Just someone explain to me why Pena??? It’s not even worth me complaining anymore. Bring on the Blackhawks, my baseball season is sadly becoming very depressing.

**Sadly, I wish I could just stop watching but can’t. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Blow-up dolls, sacrificing a live chicken in the clubhouse, a pin-up of Jerry Reinsdorf where we peel off a piece of clothing with each win…

Actually, scratch that last one from memory. We need something to turn our season around. Even if we don’t win the division, we can at least end it on a high note. Let’s end our losing skid today and make our last game in the Dome a rememberable one. Go White Sox!

So, who do you all think will pitch in relief tonight? My guess is, it will be either Tony Linebrink or Scott Pena to throw the game right down the toilet.

Baseball in the morning! Priceless! I’ll be WGNing it today so I’ll catch up with you all later…… Go Sox…………………………’09

@Marie: Maybe Lillibridge, Fields, or Dewayne? Remember what that shortstop for the Red Sox did to us. πŸ™‚

Damn Pods, such a good start to the game and you get in a pickle.😦

HA Josh – good one. Maybe any one of them would be an upgrade???????

Nix-Alexei-Konerko! DP!

Afternoon all. I will be checking in on the game when I can, though it likely won’t be often due to my busy afternoon schedule. Hopefully we can end this on a positive note. Let’s go Sox!!

Nice snag by Beckham to save a run!

Hmmm, seems like whoever is going to score first is going to win. Hopefully, it’s our guys. Go White Sox!

Well, that just goes to show you that sometimes a close call can go either way. This time it happened to go our way, and hopefully we can benefit from it.
Okay, so I decided to workout in my dorm room today instead. This game is just too dang exciting to miss!

Sadly, that call was for naught, Vicki. Let’s hold em. Go White Sox!

Honetsly, I’d rather see one of our powition players pitch in relief than *anyone* from our disaster of a bullpen.


Make that “honestly” – slip of the fingers

and “position” players – really slippy fingers today!

You can’t blame Q for trying for two there. If only he had a little bit more speed.

You can’t blame Q for trying for two there. If only he had a little bit more speed.

I am sure the umps got together on the missed call and say, Hey, let’s just let him take the double. You know these guys will never score from second.

And, they were right.

And now, Tony Linebrink in to blow the game wide open.

They had the hit and run on and we called a pitchout. Great move guys!

Yeah Carlos, with the bum foot and all, let’s try and stretch that into a double.

And it just got a whole less lot exciting.

I can’t believe it, well yes I can, DJ just said that the Sox have come back only ONE time this season being down this “late” in the game. Late being the 7th inning.

Only thing crazier than that is that I am watching and listening to every stinkin’ pitch.

Gee, thanks Quentin. Like we’ve really been have luck in stretching it out recently.

Marie, yeah they were probably feeling sorry for us and gave it to us just out of sympathy. Heck, maybe even Twins fans would feel sorry for us at this point.

Wow, talk about a twelfth-hour comeback! NICE job Becks and Konerko!! I can tell you for certain the Beckham is not going anywhere anytime soon. He is OURS!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSS! Atta boy Becks! Keep this guy for the next few years, please Kenny!

OH. MY. GOODNESS. Dare we hope?

Back to back with 2 outs in the 9th! You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Atta boy Paulie!

No drama Bobby…

Wow, maybe we just need to dog their a$$es and then they’ll come alive.

One to go!! LET’S GO BOBBY!!

HECK YEAH!! SOX WIN!! That was sooo freaking nerve-wracking!! Way to end our stays at the Twinkiedome on a good-ish note! And I’m off. See y’all on the flip side.

What a win! Let’s hope it starts a nice, long streak of wins!!!

Go SOX!!!


Oh my goodness….I really do not believe it.

It can’t be said nearly enough. Becks HAS to be rookie of the year. That kids is amazing. Leave it to the rookie to start the rally.

Nice way to get the heck out of the dumpdome.

Tomorrow, we get two in a row against the flubs. Please?

Atta boy Alexei and good hustle Wise! YESSSSSSSSSSS!

And a wild pitch adds another! Come on, let’s keep adding on to it!

Let’s get 3 before they get 2. Go White Sox!

He gone! 2 to go!

1 to go!

And this ballgame is OVAH! YESSSSSSSSS! I said to make this game memorable and boy they did not disappoint. 4 runs on 2 outs in the top of the 9th…all attributed to Joe Nathan of all freakin’ people.

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye Metrodome!

Isn’t it ironic that in what is our last game ever in the Metrodome — barring a two-way tie for first with the Twins and a loss in a coin flip — that we would be down to our last out in the ninth and then hit back-to-back homers to tie the game and then add two more runs to win the game and all off of Joe Nathan??????

Baseball is indeed a funny game.

A lot of negative gloom-and-doom windbags have been posting on the Tribune and other sites that this Sox team has quit. Well, I’ll admit that they have been playing horrible baseball and have really underachieved but there is no way that this team has quit. There are too many veteran players who have rings and way too much pride and way too much respect for their manager and their coaching staff to quit.

Rick Morrissey can stick it up his “rear aperture.” And so can the so-called “fans” who act as though the Sox have personally insulted them and embarrassed them by their play. Those “fans” can do the same thing I just told Morrissey to do.

And jk, the Germans still haven’t bombed Pearl Harbor!!!!!

Yea!!!! What a GREAT game!!!!! It’s about time we stole a game from somebody. Lord knows we’ve given enough games away.

Maybe I should always watch recorded games instead of sitting at my computer. Not only can I fast forward through all those wonderful commercials, but I even got a win to boot!

As poorly as this season has gone recently, it sure is good to see our Boys fight back and get this one. If we’re “due” for a win streak, now would be a real good time to start one. One game at a time, one inning at a time and one pitch at a time…… who knows??? We will all have to stay tuned…. (keep those pesky “Huns” at bay)……. Go Sox………………………………………………………………’09..j.k.

Great win.
Is Beckam the real deal or what? A little emotion from PK following his 9th ining blast. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………………………………
Worst road trip I can remember, but………They’re down, but not dead.
Twinkees and kittens play 6 in Sept. and we get the kitties for three.
Maybe…….Just maybe….

Oh there have been worse road trips. This just seems worse because it’s late August/early September in a race. A whole lot of teams would be 2-8 after four at Fenway, three in NY and three in the dome. Not making excuses, but it wasn’t going to be easy for anybody.

Have I mentioned how much I like that little rookie? Isn’t this a nice change….WE steal one!! Good riddance to the dome of doom. The new field actually looks nice. How about this starts a nice win streak?

Josh, did you change your name?

Hi Donna. Yeah, I decided to change my name to make it a little easier to remember, plus I wanted to get my email handle off of the screen.

I’m still learning names and faces around here as well, so please bear with me if I make a mistake. I mean no disrespect by it. Now lets get those Cubbies today. Go White Sox!

Good morning all. Yesterday it worked out, so I’m gonna WGN-it again today. I’ll “see” you all later. Go Sox…………………………………………………………………….’09.j.k.

Wow. Two baserunning blunders in one play. I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come for the rest of the game.

And we strike first! Atta boy Alexei!

It would be nice if we had a little insurance with a run or two, but I’m happy where we are at the moment. Go Sox!

I had to leave for a sec to do work stuff, but it’s always good to come back and see more runs for the good guys. Let’s keep it going. Go White Sox!

Hot dang! Thank you AJ and Becks!

Let’s go Flowers! It’s your big-league debut!

He gone!! One down, two to go!!

Wow, a defensive miscue on the other team for once. We score another though!

Atta boy Q! Nothing like racking up some runs on the Cubbies. Go White Sox!

Let’s get 3 before they get 5.

He gone! 2 to go.

1 to go.

He gone! And this ballgame is OVAH! 7 shutout innings for Torres and we actually held the lead in a close game before we broke it open in the later innings. JK, you may not want to post in the blog for the rest of the year. Then again, WGN isn’t showing all of the rest of their games either. πŸ™‚

Let’s go get Boston tomorrow. Go White Sox!

Woohooo! SOX WIN!! Take that Scrubs! We won the City Series! Awesome job again today boys. Nice to get Torres his first major-league win. Let’s hope our boys have gotten their groove back!

So in the battle of most embarassed by their team the Cubs fans win. Fortunately we win the game. I thought after the first we would win that for our baserunning but Soriano…good grief I almost feel bad for Cub fans! We’ve had plenty of bad plays this year and errors so I feel for them.
So how about that rookie pitcher today? Excellent! Nice to feel the wins again. Josh, way to hold down the fort here!(see you too Vicki!!)
Enjoy the W!!

Okay, two in a row. Let’s keep taking things one day at a time and go home and help out the Rangers and the Rays the next four days.

Oh, and as bad as our defense has been this year, it could be worse. We could have Soriano! I have never seen a worse outfielder in my life as a baseball fan.

Sox win, Sox win… But you all knew that already. As I was watching the last couple of outs today, I was wondering just how I would be able to assist our team. As Josh pointed out, we’re not on WGN every day, so I can’t WGN-it like I did these past two days. What to do?

I’ll have to give the above some thought, but as far as this game is concerned: Torres was brilliant! Soriano was awful, and the bottom line is we’re on a WIN streak! Yes it’s a very small streak, but after these past 10 days, ANY win streak is HUGE. It won’t matter if the Tigers continue to win, but as “they” say: all you can do is play your own games and not worry about the other team….. Maybe that was our trouble earlier: too much scoreboard watching

So let’s see what we can do against the Red Sox in OUR park. I’d like to get to 500 this next week if possible. Then we’ll see whats what…… Still no Germans at our door,tc….. Go White Sox………………………………………..’09 j.k.

Afternoon all. Just popping by to say that I shan’t be around this weekend. I’ll be working at a camp near Peoria, making some moohlah, seeing old friends, and seeing the parents. However, I will glance at a newspaper when I can to keep updated on the team. Here’s to hoping that we can continue this good streak we’re on. Go SOX!!!

What to do? What to do? Since our Boys are not on WGN ( and therefore a guaranteed win), I can’t watch and comment later as I did the past two days. I’m going out on a limb here, but I think if I watch the game on the computer and DON’T comment it would be virtually the same thing???

Here’s hoping that in an hour + we will continue our winning ways. I will watch, but won’t say a word until later……… but for now. Go Sox……………………………………………………………..’09

I’m not superstitious, I didn’t have sex with that woman, I’m not a crook, and the Germans still haven’t bombed Pearl Harbor……..Later all….j.k.

I forgot. I’ll say hi in advance to Vickey, Kris, Donna, Peggy, Lisa, Josh and tc. I will apologize later to those I’ve omitted.
Go Sox……………………………………………………………………’09

Vicky… πŸ™‚ …. j.k.

Hi JK! *and everyone else too! Got a special text from Kris today and specially asked me to let JK know that she was out of town this weekend so won’t be around (in Louisiana I believe) I’m sure she is with us in spirit. My Blackhawks are at the Cell tonight and I’m wishing I was but a treadmill and paper will keep me home. I’ll check in after the workout while I write the paper. Quite the multitasker I am. White Sox with Blackhawks my dream teams!!πŸ™‚ Hope they bring our guys some luck!! Bring it home Sweaty Freddy!!

Hmmmm, so no Kris, no Vicky, and no JK (at least not until afterwards and understandably so). Looks like I’ll have to cheer 4 times as hard in my blog posts tonight. Here’s hoping JK’s juju works and gets us another W. Go Freddy and Go White Sox!

Nice comments by the players and staff, and I also want to wish Hawk a happy birthday as well. A White Sox winner would be extra special tonight.

Looked high and inside on Becks, Blue!

1-2-3 inning. Now let’s put some runs up on the board. Go White Sox!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSS! Atta boy Kotsay!

I would have liked to see TCQ score from 3rd with nobody out, but I’ll take the two quick runs so far. Let’s hold em. Go White Sox!

I shan’t leave you alone here, Josh! I don’t get the U on the dorm tv, but I have gameday up and running. I can keep you company for the next half hour, at least. Come on boys, lets return the hospitality the Bo Sox showed us last week!

Becks-Alexei-Paulie! DP!

Hi Amy. What happens when Becks doesn’t get a double? He gets a triple! Atta boy.

And AJ picks him up! Go White Sox!

Is Kotsay on today, or what?! HOT DAMN!

My sentiments exactly, Amy. He’s on fire tonight.

Atta boy Getz! Keep it going!

Too bad they put a new guy in already! But I guess that means we get to run their pen out early this series too!

And the runs keep coming! Atta boy Alexei!

Isn’t this the pitcher we lit up last time?

I had to look it up, but you’re exactly right. Don’t stop now guys. Go White Sox!

I don’t want to stand close to Kotsay tonight. I might get burnt. Sacks full of Sox of the Palehose Kind. Let’s go TCQ!

And TCQ gets us one. Let’s get a clutch hit, Getz.

Hi Josh and Amy,

Well, Josh, may I be the first to say you are doing an AWESOME job in this game tonight.

All I have to say is (in the words of MariA) me likey likey!


I don’t want to stand to close to Getz either. Atta boy!

And Alexei gets us to double digits! Keep it going guys. Don’t stop now. Go White Sox!

Atta boy Pods! I do believe all of our guys have a hit now.

Wow, that’s just too weird to see……Brian Anderson in a Red Sox jersey.

Hi MariE. I didn’t see your post earlier. The blog must be doing its usual thing tonight.

Poll Question for the Game:

Should Gordan Beckham win the AL Rookie of the year?

That number better be close to 100% for yes, else I don’t know what other people have been watching all year.


I did my part – I texted in a YES vote!

Well, so far, 12 runs on 17 hits and only ONE home run. Take that all the home run or nothing complainers!

bottom of 9 and detroit walks the first two batters…can they come back and win and do us a big one?

Not a bad debut by Hudson. He settled down after hitting the first batter. Plus, he struck out BA. πŸ™‚

I’m hoping for a Rays comeback as well, MariE.

I accept your apology jk….. πŸ™‚

We may not be hearing from JK for a while if we continue playing like this.

*glares intently at the 6% who voted NO*

MariE and Amy, How could I have possibly forgotten to mention you? Many apologies. Josh, you did yeoman work with your commentary… Good job.

Watching and not commenting was almost torture for me! When we went ahead 12-1 I almost chimed in, but thought better of it….. THREE and counting…. We need more, lot’s more. Isn’t it too bad you can’t bank runs for a later date? That would be nice, but we can still get to Knucklefield tomorrow. I wonder what game will be shown here in Tucson tomorrow?… Great win, later all and Go Sox………………..’09.j.k.

Only at the appropriate moments, Josh…j.k.

Maybe even in the proper order, but probably not…… j.k.

I think Future-Josh will ask to win round 2 tomorrow…. Ok, I’m done….

And this ballgame is OVAH! Great offensive effort tonight, but something that might be noticed is Garcia’s performance. 6 innings of 1 run baseball and he is improving with each outing. Great for the guys to give Hawk a special birthday present and JK, I hope I don’t hear many words from you for the rest of the season. πŸ™‚

Let’s get Round 2 tomorrow. Go White Sox!

*”might not be noticed” is what I meant to say.

why can’t I ever get on this board anymore!!!

Been trying all night and can’t get on!
Blackhawks+WhiteSox+Hawks b-day=BIG WIN!! Can we invite them every night? I know Maria might be the only one to agree but was happy to see some love for BA. Josh way to hold down the board, JK way to hold your tongueπŸ˜‰
let’s do it again tomorrow!!

Three in a row? Can we keep it going? Sure hope so. “Pink” Floyd on the mound tomorrow (pink referring to that big bubble gum bubble on his hat tonight in the dugout–hahahahahahaha!). Took my daughter with to the White Sox Volunteer Corps event at the Greater Chicago Food Depository this morning. Met a lot of great Sox fans and scooped a heck of a lot of corn flakes, I must say. Thanks to Joey Cora for dropping by to say hello to us all–got a nice snapshot of him with my daughter. Good luck to Jose Contreras taking the mound tomorrow for the Rox.

Was anyone else as grossed out by the “baseball highlight” of Jimmy hugging Manny after Roid-mirez hit a homer in last nights Dodger game? Love Jimmy but — UGH!!

Was working tonight and only able to occasionally check GameDay for scores. Didn’t have time to chime in.

Great win, of course any are great when you are in the position we are in. Nice to see the bats come alive. And nice to blow out the arrogant clowns from the most arrogant city in America. Can’t stand the people from Boston and love to beat them more than any other AL team.

Can’t worry about Detroit winning. All we can do is keep trying to right our ship, get back to .500 and then beyond and see if we still have a shot when we hit those final 9 games that include 6 with Humpredinck’s boys both here and at Comerica.

Let’s get the win Saturday and put some pressure on the Carmines.

Hi to all my fellow blogging buddies. Sadly to say, I won’t be around to hold down the blog tonight as I’ll be at my alma mater’s first football game of the season. I’m sure you all will do a bang up job to keep it going in my absence. Here’s hoping JK’s juju brings us #4. Go Gavin and Go White Sox!

Fox in their infinite wisdom are showing the Giants and Brewers….. Oh Boy! I’ll check in later hoping that my not watching and commenting will still work…. later all and Go Sox…………………………………………………………………..’09.j.k.

Okay, what happened to Beckham? I gotta find my radio here in my office . . . . .

TC in case you didn’t hear, sore back for Beckham. Like the start let’s keep it going!!

So, Donna, did you race down to the yard and personally check on the condition of his back??? I know he’s your boy and all . . . . . . . .

Nice start. Let’s keep it going.

Well I AM a nurse TC so if he needed help…….
Kris might have something to say bout that!
Does anyone else get the feeling the Fox guys are trying to ruin things? If I hear that word come from their mouth one more time……

That’s what I like about you nurses. Always willing to help a young, soon-to-be-millionaire out in his time of need!

Got the radio on now. Just heard a great play by Alexei. Keep it going guys!

Great work Gavin. You’ve come close a number of times. You’ll get a no-no before your days are over.

Now, let’s just get the damn win!!!!

Sox WIN # four, and counting……. I’ll watch the game as soon as it becomes available on Gavin was really dealing today. This guy could have 15 or 16 wins this year if we had played better behind him. Good job everybody and keep it up. Go Sox………………………….’09..j.k.

Four in a row. Nothin’ to this game.

We are 5-1 at home vs. Boston and NY and were 1-6 on the road against them. And our wins at home have included one blowout against each team.

Of course, all that matters is the next game we play. And it will be that way for the next 25 outings.

Well, the Tigers are finally acting like they are a team that wants to win the division. Another come-from-behind win over the Rays tonight.

We have to play well and be big KC and Toronto fans because if the Tigers are going to lose it will have to be against these teams.

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