Catching Back Up

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Today’s Lineup

pods dh, nix 5, pk 3, jd 9, quentin 7, ramirez 6, getz 4, rios 8, castro 2. Danks pitching.


Sorry I’ve been negligent on posting for a few days.  I came back from the road trip and then things were busy in the office.  I have been able to tweet, though, so also recommend you follow me @InsideTheSox.

So to catch up on a few thoughts …

White Flag

As you’ve seen in the media recently, KW certainly did not feel that trading Contreras or Thome were signs — in any way — of giving up on the season. And more importantly, it seems the Ozzie, the coaches and the players feel the same way.

We have other options to take Jim’s place in the lineup the rest of this month (exhibit A, see Mark Kotsay yesterday), Jose was not going to start again for us (see Torres and Garcia and glad to see Contreras win for the Rockies last night).

Often during the season, every team reaches out to others to gauge interest on just about all of their players.  It does seem that more recently, those waiver requests and other communications are making their way in the media. We struggle to see who wins when that happens (other than the media) and do see who has to deal with the leaking (the teams, the players, etc.) And most of this stuff never leads to much actual action.

Anyway, we have a deep hole to dig out of (thanks to ourselves) and need to keep winning games, day by day.


I finally had a chance to congratulate Ozzie personally on winning his 500th career game, now 501, on Friday.

Fun stuff …

John Danks is 3-0 with a 2.34 ERA in his last five starts …

The Sox have been tied or held the lead for 28 consecutive innings entering today (last time we trailed was ninth inning on 9/2 at Minnesota) …

Danks is 24-17 with a 3.55 ERA in 59 starts since OD 2008 …

Danks is one of only three pitchers in White Sox history to make at least 25 starts in his first three major-league seasons, joining Roy Patterson (1901-03) and Tommy Thomas (1926-28) …

The White Sox are 20-10 in their last 30 games at home …

Sox starting pitchers rank second in the AL (behind Seattle) with a 4.23 ERA …

Alexei ranks second in the AL vs. LHP at .373 behind only Derek Jeter …

With 72 quality starts, the Sox top the AL …


The President is sporting a new style of White Sox cap, according to this recent video from his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard …

Click here to see the video


When you have a second, check out Chuck Garfien’s blog on Jim Thome (dated Sept 1) …

It’s worth a read. 

Sox Hockey Sweaters/Jerseys

Or whatever the right term is …

Many fans called/wrote me asking where/how they can buy the Sox hockey jerseys the Blackhawks guys were sporting Friday night. (see below). You can find them at the ballpark giftshops (100 and 500 levels) or you can order by calling 312-674-5183.




Thanks for the update, Scott. It’s always fun reading your stuff and makes (me at least) feel closer to our team.

I will continue the trend started with WGN and comment after we (hopefully ) win…. I’ll be TBS-ing it today…… Go Sox………………………………………..’09…j.k.

Pods is really a tough guy to figure out. It seems that every time he does something wrong on the field or on the basepaths, he turns around and slaps out three hits. A classic case of taking the good with the bad.

And don’t yell at me Ames, he is FAR more good than bad. I’m a big Pods fan and want him on my team. It he weren’t here this year, we’d be back there holding off Kansas City for fourth place.

The Tigers made a real statement today. Only a real collapse by them will allow the Twins or the Sox to catch them. And I just don’t see that collapse coming. They have KC and Toronto on the horizon.

I am not conceding just yet, but let’s just say I’m not leaving my first week in October open for must-see playoff games.

We need to beat Beckett tomorrow and keep our nice little run going and forget about today’s loss.

Tough loss, especially considering how TB bullpen gave away another game to the kittens.
Watched Rios AB today very closely. He is absolutely clueless at the plate. Worse, after he strikes out (as he did three more times today) he goes and pouts on the very end of the bench. NOBODY comes up to him and talks to him at all. In his time with the SOX so far he has looked atrocious at the plate and doesn’t seem to be making very many friends. Just an observation, but he doesn’t seem to be part of this team at all. Hell, JD doesn’t even play catch with him before the inning starts.

I came, I saw, I moaned (over our game today).

After the Tigers won, it dawned on me that this really isn’t our year. Realistically we are too far back to catch Detroit. We may sneak into second, but who knows?

I haven’t given up this year yet, but if the Tigers keep pulling out games against good teams, there’s NO way we will close this gap. I think we all realize this. Que Lastima (too bad!)

tc and Buster are right on…. What I DO want/ hope happens is for us to finish over 500 on the year. That would be an accomplishment and not out of the realm of possibility. So, come on Sox’09, you can do it……… j.k.

I went into the gift shop at the stadium and the jerseys being sold there, are different than the ones the hawks were wearing. Do you know where those specific ones can be bought, the white ones?

Heading out to the ballpark today. (Actually dragged my daughter back from Wisc. a day early so we could give our team support) Hope to see Gordo back in the lineup and REALLY hope to see Mark get a win (not just a good game–a real W!!). Yeah, it’s disheartening to see us lose one like yesterday and see the Tigers win one like yesterday, but that’s baseball. As long as the White Sox keep playing, I’ll keep watching. Even stayed up to watch Jimmy get a pinch hit at bat last night. Not so much luck that time. But it was nice to see how much the crowd appreciates him. So at least he’s got that going for him. Later all!

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