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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tonight’s Lineup

Pods 8, Ramirez 7, AJ 2, PK 3, JD dh, Kotsay 9, Q 7, Getz 4, Nix 5. Torres pitching.


The White Sox minor-league affiliates have combined to go 422-344 (.551) in 2009, the third-best winning percentage among all organizations … only SF (.603) and NYY (.554) rank higher.

Four affiliates have reached postseason play. Class AA Birmingham, which posted the highest winning percentage in the franchise’s history (began in 1885), opens Southern League postseason play Thursday at Jacksonville (best of five).

Class A Winston-Salem begins the Carolina League playoffs tmrw vs. Salem (best of five). Class A Kannapolis kicks off South Atlantic League postseason tmrw vs. Lakewood, and Advanced Rookie Great Falls travels to Missoula to begin its best-of-five series on Sept. 12.

No Soup For You

While in New York, Joe Cowley, our beat writer from the Chicago Sun-Times, tweeted that Yankee Stadium’s media dining (which is, indeed, very good) made our’s look like, “Mel’s Diner.”

So, I of course, in the spirit of stirring things up, mentioned this comparison to our long-time chef, Roy Rivas. And Roy, when in the wrong mood, can certainly channel the spirit of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

According to Joe, he ate in the famous Bard’s Room without incident on Monday.  If I was Joe, I might be eating while looking over my shoulder.

And for the sake of fun: an open competition.  Tell me, in 25 words or less, why you should win a chance to eat dinner in the Bard’s Room (where the employees and media eat), and I’ll make sure you get to meet Roy and Joe (although he doesn’t know it yet!)

Team Photo

That favorite day of the season!  Here is Ron Vesely at work today:


And here is the final product:



We didn’t sweep the Red Sox. But that’s ok. I figure if we win four then lose one the rest of the way out, we’ll get to 86 or more wins for the season. That’s not too bad for the way we’ve played most of the year.

One game at a time, one inning at a time, one pitch at a time. Go Sox……………..’09…j.k.

I just noticed our line-up that Scott posted above. We have two left fielders! Both Q and Alexei are listed in left. No shortstop though. This must be a special Oakland alignment…. Go Sox………….’09..j.k.

And Go Torres!!!!


I like those numbers for the minor-league teams. I’d like to think they’re promising. Good luck to our minor leaguers! And here’s my reason for why I should have dinner in the Bard’s Room: “I’m a journalism student, and I want to write about the White Sox. I would love to see what I get to look forward to.”

You know it’s not good when you’re starting pitcher leaves in the first and has only done 2/3 of an inning. Oh yeah, and by the way, the other team scored 5 runs.

I think the problem is that AJ, JD, and Chris had too much fun at RAW last night. It’s all right if Becks did, since he’s not playing, but they should still be on top of it today.

Really? It’s only the second inning?
Vicki you are right…they sure looked to be having fun last night.
JK don’t give up on me now! You’ve held us together all year, we need ya man!!
No Josh or Kris tonight…probably best for them.
The Cell sure is looking empty tonight. Maria is there though!

So why should we get to eat in the Bard’s room?

Despite the stomach ulcer the Sox have given me this year, I’m still hungry! (and still a fan!) 🙂

I’m here Donna, just didn’t have much good to say so thought I’d keep my mouth/fingers quiet! 🙂

After that homerun, we’re on the comeback now! 🙂 One can hope!

Well thanks to Kotsay for finally getting us on the board. Can we do something with it, though? I have the distinct feeling that we’re going to wear out our bullpen tonight.

Hi all,

I’ve been around all weekend, but not so close to the computer.

Truthfully, I’ve been more worried about these games against the A’s than the series against Boston. Why? Because the A’s are hot right now, they typically have the Sox’ number, and their pitchers are all young, and seldom seen – which often makes a problem for our guys.

I hope the Sox pull this one out. Wasn’t home from work in time to see what Torres did in the first inning. Not sure why he could shut down the Cubs, but not the A’s?


Runners on 2nd and 3rd, no outs and…. nothing. Not a good sign, but I’ll keep hoping.

Another error, another unearned run – it just gets better and better…

And this my friends is the story of our season. Great series against Boston then…. UGH! Good thing the company is good here!🙂

Yay Paulie. Not that it makes much of a difference.

I got my wish…. The Royals won!…..Meanwhile, our Jeckle and Hyde season continues…… (He shakes his head in dismay).

Peggy, you must always remember. The Cubs are a slightly better than .500 team in a crappy division in a crappy league. Oakland is well under .500 in a strong division in baseball’s best league (by far).

Not that that explains anything. On any given night, any team can light up any pitcher. Even Rogers Clemens lost 4 games in 1986 and two of them were to Jose De Leon and a crappy White Sox team. Believe, I lived through that season (the year of the Hawk) and know just how dismal some of those games were.


Why do I want to eat in the Bards Room? To see if Roy’s tuna casserole is as good as it was 20 years ago!!!!!!!

P.S. My entry in this is all for fun. I’ve eaten Roy’s food way too often in my life and have enjoyed each and every meal. And I have the physique to prove it!!! lol One other member of this blogging community will get the chance to sample Senor Rivas’ delights and will certainly enjoy it.

Donna, I haven’t given up on you, but I’m sorry to say, I just don’t have any heart left for posting this year. There for a couple of games, not commenting helped us to win, but after todays early debacle ( and ensuing route), I’m throwing up my hands in frustration. I’m watching and thinking “happy” thoughts though…..:)….. Manana, all…. j.k.


What’s with the players standing around the dugout instead of taking the field during Thunderstruck? They seem to be waiting longer and longer every game.

Tonight, Thunderstruck was almost over when they took their positions (56 would be calling for the first batter by then). The intro gets the fans going, Thunderstruck starts, Gene gets us on our feet and then……nothing.

It’s almost like they don’t want to ‘face the music’ and my guest tonight thought it was a bit of an insult to the paying fans.


Here is my entry for the dinner, exactly 25 words🙂

My wife has been pregnant this Sox season. She cried when she saw Crede in the Twinkies uniform. Thank God we don’t play the Dodgers.

Here is my submission:

I am from Winona,Minnesota. I follow the Sox like it’s a religion. The food at the Cell is delicious. I’d love to dine in!

Here’s my submission…

My parents met on a blind date at Comiskey Park. If it wasn’t for the White Sox I wouldn’t be alive.

I wonder if there is any rhyme or reason for the positioning of the players? I will be there on the 27th to receive my poster!

(By the way, I am not submitting an entry because I wouldn’t be able to eat in the same room where Joe COWley eats!! Nothing against Chef Roy, of course.)


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