Phillips High School

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Volunteer Corps Event

Just returned from a day spent at Phillips High School as part of the White Sox Volunteer Corps.  Thank you to all of the 475 volunteers who took part in painting, landscaping, construction and general work on the venerable building and school.

My back is already tired from working with a team of Volunteers to clean off, rake and then re-do the baseball diamond just north of the school.  I also pitched in with friends Juan and Jon (who have attended many other events) to drill a few screws on the construction project they were finishing.

The work was amazing to see, particularly the mosiac of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., made completely from dominoes.

Here’s the press release on the day:

Members of White Sox Volunteer Corps and Players
Participate in Service Project On Chicago’s South Side

CHICAGO – The Chicago White Sox Volunteer Corps participated in a large-scale service project today at  Wendell Phillips Academy High School/Ida B. Wells Preparatory Elementary School on Chicago’s South Side.

Nearly 500 members of the White Sox Volunteer Corps, along with players, front office staff and members of Chicago Cares assisted in the transformation of the historic Bronzeville neighborhood school on the South Side of Chicago, blocks away from U.S. Cellular Field.

The White Sox Volunteer Corps was created by the organization in response to President Obama’s call for Americans to better their communities through service.  This season, the team has organized community service events that have incorporated support from players, staff and members of the new volunteer group.  More than 3,000 Sox fans and community-focused Chicagoans have signed up for the volunteer corps since its inception. 
The transformation of the Phillips High School/Wells Prep Elementary School included:
? The painting of 30 school entrances, 15 classrooms, several stairwells and hallways, in addition to a cafeteria, library, weight room and training room;
? The reconstruction of a baseball field on the school’s campus;
? The creation of a flagstone entrance for faculty;
? And the creation of a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. mosaic in the girls gymnasium.

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, alongside Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Chicago Fire Commissioner John Brooks, kicked off the day’s activities with words of encouragement for volunteers.  White Sox players Daniel Hudson, Alexei Ramirez and Randy Williams, along with coaches Don Cooper, Jeff Cox and Juan Nieves joined volunteers at the school during the transformation.

This White Sox Service Day was developed in partnership with Chicago Cares, with members of the non-profit organization leading the coordination of projects.

And here is the link to a story from

Click here to read it

To see what members of the Volunteer Corps had to say about today’s events and others this year, Click here.

And some early photos from the day …



So Scott, putting that Iowa education to good work with that shovel in your hands!!!!!

Another classy move by a classy organization. And yet there are still people out in America that think that Jerry Reinsdorf and his staff are nothing by money grabbers. Amazing.

I’m sitting here like most of the rest of you, waiting for our Sox to resume play. Problem is we have to wait another four hours, or until 9 PM your time. That’s only 7 PM for me, but unfortunately I’ll be waiting even longer than that because tonight is the return of bowling for me. I will record our game and watch it after I get back home. (sometime around 9:30 or so). With that I’ll say…. Go Sox’09..j

Oh, and In the infinite wisdom? of Fox tv, I’ll be able to enjoy the Braves tomorrow instead of the Sox- Angels…… Crud…….. later all…. j.k.

What happened to WGN’s announcing? I’v’e got sound, just no Hawk and DJ

Evening all. Will be in and out all weekend due to Mom’s Weekend on campus and a friend visiting, but I will do my best to follow our boys. Hopefully they can pull it off. Let’s go Sox!!!

I mean Hawk and Steve – – anybody???

Kittens threw another game away tonight and the A’s are hammering the twinks. There for the taking if we can get the offense going.
Rios (God help us) is just atrocious at the plate. Maybe we can just leave him in California.
Play DW instead, at least he is a “Team” player.

Well, I got em now but they’re kinda distorted – – really weird

Wgn sucks tonight – – they cant seem to get it together – – 1 damn day a week to enjoy it and the **** it up!

Not having audio is irritating, who got thumped in the dugout by the foul ball?

Yeah, that’s really odd, but now we can hear everyone booing AJ. Gotta love it.
But now they’re back. Huh. Very weird.

omg, finally I think it’s fixed!

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a quick plug for a sec. This weekend, 101.9 the Mix is hosting a 36 hour radiothon for Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Already today they’ve had U2 donate tickets to be auctioned off and John Mayer donated $20,000. No matter what you can spare, every penny helps. They’re going until noon Chicago time tomorrow, and for more information, you can go to

Nice catch Rios. Now if only he could hit…

Hello out there in Sox Fan Blog-land. The good thing about tonights game? Since the audio was poor/ non-existent I was able to fast forward the game. Yep, I watched our Boys in under an hour. That’s about all the time they were worth tonight. Somehow, we need to find a way to win more than one in a row.

Until we get over 500 there really is no race for the division title. We still might be able to pull it out, but we have to win tomorrow for starters……. Go Sox’09….j.k. ‘nite all….

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to be the next one to post after saying goodnight. But here we are in the top of the eighth with a 3-0 lead and looking good. Keep it up Sox and maybe add on…. j.k.

Listening to the radio and following game day…. St. Louis if closer to Tucson than LA is I guess…..j.k.

Woohoo! Just saw that we’re ahead 3-0 in the eighth. Also heard about Scottie’s in-park homer. Nice job boys! Now let’s bring it in!!

Hi Vickey, it was getting mighty lonely out here…… As Josh would say, let’s get three before they get one… Go Sox’09..j..k.

Way to leap frog over those pesky twinkie/piranhas boys! Pods and Gordo leading the way! Look out kitties, here we come!

And don’t you think Alexei should get credit for the save as well as Pena? Jeez our bullpen is looking shaky (to put it mildly) but our starting pitching is still keeping us in the games.

Let’s keep it going and show all those doubters that there ain’t no white flags on the south side–only White Sox!!!

I hit the Quad-fecta today!!! One of my daughters came to visit from El Paso. I picked up my son from the airport ( he just got home from Okinawa), and daughter # two had her birthday! Top all that off after dinner and I find out the Sox won in the 10th. …… Too much good stuff! Hey, Mark, get to thirteen tomorrow…. Go Sox’09..j.k.

It’s almost that time again. Mark, we need for you to pitch us to 500…… Go Sox’09..j.k.

Sorry I ran out on you last night jk. I was only in my room for about 40ish minutes between when I posted and then not coming back until about 11. I was super excited to see that we won, especially since I was fully prepared to take the blame if they lost when the Angels scored 2 in the bottom of the 8th.

Ok, the bases are loaded. Hopefully we can pull it off and get the early lead!! Let’s go Quentin!

Hey jk and all!! Texas is here!

Hi guys. Getting ready to head out to Big Jim’s😦 hometown but will be listening on the way down. Daring to dream……

So many times today we’ve been just shy of getting that awesome hit…

Time for some magic, Gentlemen….. Go Sox’09…j.k.

And that’s the story of our season.

Maybe I can comment now and it will post: I got tired of trying earlier. Too bad, I’ll see you Tuesday… Go Sox……….’09.j.k.

Why are there so few posts these past couple of days? I tried several times yesterday to post another comment and wasn’t able to get it to work. Maybe our bats are hamstrung with the same operating system that’s used here: Need a hit? Only if the stars are aligned properly. Need a clutch hit? Maybe, but 15 minutes into the future.

We keep winning every other game and have been doing so since the second win against Boston last week. That means we can guarantee a win tomorrow ( thats Tuesday, in case it takes that long for this to find its way into this blog). Then we have another chance to get back to 500. I’ll see you then….. Go Sox’09..j.k.

Well jk, I’ve just been too busy with work lately to post too much in recent days. And, when I have attempted to post, the system has indeed bounced back many of my attempts.

Trying to make up this many games in this time frame is very difficult. All we can do is try to put together a short winning streak before Detroit comes to town and then run the table against them. Certainly easier said then done.

But until we are mathematically eliminated, we still need to pay attention. Shoot, even some of those so-called fans who said they had given up all hope were creeping back onto the bandwagon when the deficit was reduced to 5 games on Saturday. Of course, they just as quickly reverted to the negative naysaying side by Sunday evening.

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