First Ever Tweet-Up

Monday, September 14, 2009

Friday Tweet-Up

For the tweeple out there who also are Sox fans (or for Sox fans who also want to find out a little more about Twitter), we are holding the first-ever #SoxTweetup Friday night at the Patio before the White Sox vs. Royals game.  It’s all you can eat/drink, a chance to mingle with Sox fans who follow the team via Social Media, a visit from Ron Kittle and, of course, a visit from @Southpaw (I’ll be there too, but for some fans that might be a dis-incentive!). Cost: $51 (game ticket included).  If you already have a ticket for Friday and still want to attend, you can buy a Patio-only pass for $31.

Come out and check it out.  Think Blog Night with a lot more food!

To order tickets, click here. Gates open at 5:30 p.m.



After our three game sweep of Seattle, both teams will have identical records of 74-73….. Go Sox’09..j.k.

From your mouth to the players ears, JK!

In the words of Seal, “Bring it on!”


My other engagements have died down a little and I’m finally able to see the guys play……except they’re on the west coast again way past my bedtime. Expect me back for the early evening game on Thursday. In the meantime, JK, Nina, TC, Ames, Vicki, MariA, MariE, Peggy, Kris, and Donna (apologies in advance to those I may have forgotten), hold down the blog fort and keep my seat open for Thursday. Let’s get those M’s. Go White Sox!

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