HAR-old, HAR-old

Friday, September 18, 2009

Courtesy of The Onion

This one is worth a chuckle … click here for a laugh (which we can all use right now)


After reading that article in the Onion Beckham will never ask who?s Harold again.

Ok, let’s hope our guys can get that run back, and then some. Let’s go Sox!!

I thought nobody else was around! I posted on another thread, but Kris hasn’t deserted us…her computer crashed and is possession of the Geek Squad. I’m hoping we can step up this homestand.

Yeah, it looks like it’s pretty much the two of us. Hopefully all the Sox Tweeps at the game can send good thoughts to our guys tonight.

Well, Buehrle gave it his best. But, as is the story of the season, it wasn’t enough. There are a few innings left, and maybe we can still bring it back. I’m trying to stay positive.

Or maybe not…

Yup, this game is all but over. I wouldn’t say that it’s possible for us to come back from this.

Just back from bowling and I was hoping against hope that we could win, but zero runs? That’s 18 innings in a row without a run! We aren’t just winding down this season, we’re abandoning the ship, everybody for themselves, crash and burning, and other colorful expressions that seem appropriate. See you all tomorrow for our Ace- debut……. Go Sox’10…j.k.

Unless something MIRACULOUS happens, we will win 9 more games this year. That will get us to even for the year, which isn’t too bad for a rebuilding team that all the pundits picked for either third or fourth in the division. We still have some say in who wins the Central too. What the heck (he says while shaking his head) If we could only win 14 in a row……….. Go Sox…….j.k.

You can out it on the board…. Yes!!! Way to go Paulie!!! Ok, can we pleeeeaaase get a win tonight? After the yo-yo day I’ve had, I could really use it.

Now THAT is the TCQ we have been missing all season!!! Thank you for finally showing up! 7-3 Sox!!!!

Congrats to Flowers on his first career hit and run scored. As Hawk said, it’s the first of many. It’s so nice to see the Royals take a bit of a shellacking after the one they gave us last night. Our bats are hot tonight!! We put a BIG crooked number on the board this inning. Only 3 outs to go!

For the 2010 pre-game video montage, could you tell Brooks to please include the Beckham/Buck “interaction” from tonight’s game? It just doesn’t get old.

Congrats to our boys on a big win tonight. Despite getting behind, they really came out and went big. I have to say, they did an awesome job of bringing me out of the funk I was in today.

Oh, and congrats to Peavy on his first win as a White Sox. I might have to say that all this waiting was worth it.

Tonight’s game was much more fun than last night’s game, but I have to say, I was proud to be at both of them, because win or lose, I’m a White Sox fan. Nice of Peavy to recognize us as such. Let’s get another one tomorrow while the Twinks are “fooling” the Tigers with their dumpy dome and bringing us all a little closer in the standings. GO WHITE SOX!!


That’s one. Only 13 more in a row to go. Go Sox….j.k.

Ok, the bases are loaded. Let’s empty ’em out in a good way!

It getting to about that time in the game when we really need to start getting a few runs…

Can we please pull it off this time? Let’s go JD?

Nope. Back to work.

All because Carlos’ near-homer got caught back in the 3rd. Oh well, our guys gave it their best.

Whoops! Another close one. Now we need to win 12 in a row…… Go Sox….j.k.

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