First Fan

The big guy in the White House hasn’t given up hope …

click here to hear President Obama’s comments from this weekend

Sox lineup tonight:

Pods 8, Beckham5, AJ 2, PK dh, Kotsay 3, JD 9, Q 7, Getz 4, Ramirez 6.  Hudson pitching.


Hey, everybody, is it just me tonight? (I know, Kris’ computer is probably still with the Geek Squad – what about the rest of the gang?)

Hudson seems to be striking out a lot of the Twinks – too bad our guys can’t get him some run support.

Like the Prez, I won’t give up till the Sox are mathematically eliminated….

Go SOX!!!


I’m here – finally! Hall government took for FREAKING ever. Do you think maybe I jinxed us by wearing my Crede shirt today? Glad to hear that Hudson did pretty well tonight.

After losing two of three to the worst team in the AL Central, another lackluster effort against a twinkee pitcher who is 3 games under .500 for his career. This season can’t end soon enough!

Yeah, I have to echo that sentiment. As Hawk and Stoney were just saying, how many games have they just given away this season?

That wasn’t much fun to follow on Gameday, I’m sure it was worse to be at the game, or watch on TV.

Hope is fading fast…

Go SOX ???


When you’re struggling to find ways to win, everything seems lackluster.

This team (with maybe 6 exceptions in the whole season) has struggled for runs all year. Call it what you want – lackluster, flat, uninspired, going through the motions, whatever. At the end of the day, other than CQ, this team has had NO significant injuries to key players all year. With the talent on this club, (which in my view is hands down the best in the AL Central and compares favorably with ANYBODY in the AL – including the Red Sox, Angels and Yanks) for this team to have performed as poorly as they have is INEXCUSEABLE! Lest we forget this is the second time in three years that a hugely talented WS team has totally underachieved. Obviously changes are needed with this club. Jenks and Linebrink sharing a cab to the airport to go who knows where (or cares) would be a good start.

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