Season Wrap-Up

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My personal thanks and appreciation to all White Sox fans for a terrific season in 2009.  Thanks for attending, watching, listening, reading, tweeting, following and basically, offering your passion to this team. While the season was frustrating on many counts, I do love this game because even in years where a team falls short of winning a division, baseball offers such great moments: Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game (and DW’s catch), President Obama taking the mound at the All-Star Game in St. Louis wearing a Sox jacket and the emergence of Gordon Beckham as a feel-good star of the future. Maybe it’s the way the season ended, but I wish we could start 2010 right now … I can’t wait to see Jake Peavy, MB, John Danks and Gavin Floyd (plus whomever) take the mound each day next summer.

I’d love to hear from you all about any of your own personal moments/highlights from the season and maybe what has you fired up — assuming you are — about 2010. I’d love to read your replies.


Regardless of who you cheer for or follow, you have to love the drama, excitement and tension of a one-game playoff.  I’m looking forward to watching today’s game from Minneapolis.  Who are you cheering for and why? And which team do you think will capture this winner-take-all contest?

Let me know your thoughts …



Even though I lost hope several weeks ago, I am so sad to see the season end. There were alot of highlights and signs of hope for next year. The perfect game, Gordon Beckham and my rediscovered love for The Outfield thanks to him, my first Cub/Sox game at the Cell, Scotty Pods comeback, Blog night and the great stories Kittle shared, and a year of disappointment, but hope. At the beginning of the year, I had a lot of questions about this team and was hopeful that it would all click and we would go somewhere. Realistically, I think I knew it would take some magic to get us into the playoffs but a girl can dream right? Even though we didn’t make it, I think our pitching staff gives us something to look forward to. Gordon and Chris give us some hope for next year and I’m hoping other guys will take a look in the mirror and work hard over the off season. I think Kenny will probably have a trick or two up his sleeve to make things a little more realistic for us to do well next year.

As far as today’s game, that’s tough. I think the Twins have the edge, but it just seems wrong to root for them. Seems just as wrong to root for the Tigers. I do think the Twins would be the better story though as far as they came back. I won’t commit to either.

Thank you Scott for another wonderful year of insight, for blog night, and for the tweets! You really help enhance the whole fan experience with it.

And to my fellow bloggers, I always love reading your posts and you too make it fun to share the good and bad of fandom! Have a wonderful off season and I’ll catch a few of you over on FB–still waiting for you Josh!😉

Maria I think has the countdown going for opening day which I think is less than 180 days now. Can’t wait!! Till then, GO HAWKS!!

I thought I?d be relieved when this season ended, so I was surprised by how sad I felt. It was a disappointment in the end, but it was not without its moments. Some things I will never forget: getting Scotty Pods back, Beckham?s walk-off hit to beat the Cubs, Buehrle?s first career HR, Konerko?s 3-HR night against the Indians, huddling around my computer with coworkers following Buehrle?s perfecto, Joe Crede?s first game in Chicago as a Twin, JD and PK?s back-to back 300th HRs, the way the crowd sings along to ?Your Love? even after the song stops playing, traveling to Milwaukee and MN, being at the Dome in July when Gavin Floyd pitched us to our first victory there in a year or more (and I admit, bursting into tears when Crede hit his second HR of the night against us and the Twins fan behind me started taunting in my ear, ?That?s our boy Joe! That?s our boy!? because he?s not THEIR boy ? he?ll always be OURS as far as I?m concerned)?and much more.

Tonight, I have to hope the Tigers win. I cannot root for the Twins. I went to college in MN and have many Twins fan friends, and because of the rivalry between our two teams, I have developed a particular dislike for the Twins. I know they?d be the better story, but I absolutely cannot root for them. I do not especially want to root for the Tigers either, but they?ve had a hold on 1st place almost the whole way, and Detroit could use the boost right now.

Win or lose, I?m always happy and excited to go to the ballpark and see the boys play. White Sox baseball makes me happy in a way nothing else does. It?s something about the South Side and the pride that all of us take in where we?re from and the way our team represents who we are. I love that. Thanks, Scott, for reaching out to the fans like you have this season. I already can?t wait for 2010!

I’m with Sarah, this year I’m just really sad the season’s over. First time for me that that’s the prevailing emotion.

I’ve never liked the Twins but when Justin Morneau said a few years back, “anyone but the White Sox”, well, that put me over the edge and I’d never root for the Twins. So, here’s to you Tigers, go get ’em! Also, Twins fans are THE most obnoxious fans of rival teams at the Cell.

Also, like Sarah said, it’d be good for Detroit. Regardless who wins the play-in game, they’ll never get past the Yankees. So, after today, I am rooting for the Dodgers for Jimmy. He sure deserves a ring.


Let’s go Tigers!!!!! I can’t root for the evil Twinkies.

While we all wish this season would have ended just a little bit different, it held many personal highlights for me. I was privileged to become a part of the White Sox Volunteer Corp this season. I got to meet many other great fans and even some of the great staff and players including Ozzie and Alexei. From doing that I got to take the field with Carlos Quentin and that might be about as good as it gets for White Sox moments for me. (Of course I’ll also never forget seeing the message about Buehrle’s pitching on your twitter and then tuning in at my desk to listen to the rest of his perfect game)

I’d say that this season is where I fell in love with the White Sox as an organization and not just a baseball team. From reading your blog, following Southpaw on twitter and the host of other things you guys do for the fans, I’ve really felt connected to the organization this year. Seeing the support you give the surrounding community and the ways the White Sox invest in the great city of Chicago was wonderful to see.

So here’s to a good year, and cheers to 2010 where excellence awaits!

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