Thursday, October 15, 2009

SoxFest Packages on Sale Oct 26

Mark your calendar.  SoxFest room and ticket packages go on sale at 10 am Monday, October 26, only via

Saturday/Sunday and individual-day passes will go on sale in the future.  As SoxFest veterans know, the very best way to enjoy the weekend is to get a two-night stay at the Palmer House Hilton.  That way, you get exclusive access on Friday night.




In an unprecedented move the Chicago White Sox announced today that the weekend after Soxfest there will be a Soxfest West. This will be held in Las Vegas and fan attendees will include Peggy from San Francisco, Kris from Texas, Lip from Idaho and even Klein from Tucson. (who?)…… Yup! All the Westerners will be there: will you?…… Go Sox’10

just another j.k. hit and run posting…..

P.S…… Just in case you’re not sure, this really ISN”T happening…… ;Que Lastima!……

Damn, and I was hoping they’d do a Soxfest East as well. 😦

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