World Series Preview

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today, White Sox fans, October 26, 2005 …

World Series Champs.jpg

Sorry, that posted kinda large, but maybe that’s appropriate (and I don’t know how to make it smaller)

SoxFest 2010

Hotel room packages/tickets went on sale this morning at 10 am and sales were brisk.  Interest already is strong for January’s event (January 22-24 to be exact).

You can only order at Click here.


The great Gordon Beckham claimed his second rookie award today when he was named the MLBPA’s 2009 Player’s Choice Outstanding AL Rookie. Voting for this award, like that of the Sporting News, is by MLB players.

Each winner receives $20K to donate to a worthy charity.  Word is that Gordon is splitting his award between a charity that fights Parkinson’s and The Joyce Thome Foundation.

Ozzie and the World Series

I’m off tomorrow to NYC to join manager Ozzie Guillen and the FOX crew for the 2009 World Series.

Ozzie joined Joe Buck, Tim McCarver and Ed Goren of FOX today for a conference call promoting the series and Ozzie’s role in the pre and postgame coverage.

Among his comments:

Ozzie on possibly cursing on air: Don’t worry. We have a bet. I’m going to win a lot of money.  
Ozzie on the World Series: This could be one of the best. Both teams have speed, power and pitching. 

More Ozzie on the World Series telecast: I only curse and say bad stuff about my team.  
Guillen: It’s going to be fun. I’ll do my best and be myself. I’ll talk about what I know. The only thing I know in life is baseball.  
More Guillen: Ratings will be up in Venezuela, Columbia and Puerto Rico with people tuning in to watch!  
Ozzie Guillen on his FOX World Series gig: It’s a great opportunity to work with a group who has been doing the World Series for so long.

Ozzie on instant replay: I think you have to trust the umps. I don’t think we need to move anything right now.”

Ozzie on the Game 1 starters: I have seen them a lot.  They have different ways of competing.  CC is better than he was in the past.  Lee was having trouble one year, went to AAA, came back and was amazing.  These two have grown up so fast.

Dayan Viciedo

FYI, Arizona Fall League devotees, White Sox player development staff decided to cut Dayan Viciedo’s AFL season short due to tendinitis in his elbow (not considered serious in any way). Brent Morel is taking his place.



Hiya, Scott. Nice pic: you had our Boys standing pretty TALL! I like that. Hope you have a wonderful World Series. I think it will be a good one. Both Philly and NY can pitch AND bludgeon you for a win. I still say the Yanks will win, but who (on this blog anyway) cares? Go White Sox’10……..j.k.

A big hello to you JK, and to the rest of my fellow blogging buddies.

Thank you Scott for the reminder of that magical night 4 years ago. Hopefully it won’t take another 88 years for us to win it again, but at least I can say I’ve seen it once in my lifetime so far. It’s also kind of weird to see how many of the guys in that pic are not with the team anymore.

Congrats to our boy Beckham for winning the two Rookie of the Year honors that are voted by the players. To me, that means more than the media vote, which will more than likely go to a candidate on a playoff team. I’ve been voting like crazy for him, as well as the other White Sox candidates (poor Paulie going up against Mark’s perfecto), in the TYIB awards mentioned on I just hope he continues building on his early successes and contributes for many years to come.

Hope you all are enjoying the offseason so far, and as for the World Series, go Phillies. I just can’t pull for the Yanks. I do hope the series goes 6 or 7 games, even if it’s just so I can hear Ozzie’s colorful commentary, which should be fun. Take care all, and Go White Sox ’10!

I am going to Sox Fest for the first time! WooHoo! (I’m excited) Any other bloggers planning on attending?

I agree, go Phillies! Can’t cheer for the Yankees and A-Roid.

Heard our guy Gordo both on local radio and on the national broadcast with Mike and Mike accepting his award with great humor and graciousness (you can tell how much Jimmy influenced the kid, can’t you?). Next spring can’t come soon enough for me! (Okay, back to the TYIB voting.)

Congrats to the NY Yankees on winning their 27th WS. Now that that interminable series is finally over, we can start working on putting together our fourth! Go Kenny and go Sox’10. Have a wonderful fall and winter everybody. I’ll see you all again in the spring……. Go Sox go……j.k.

Hey, JK, I loved your idea about Sox Fest West – from your lips to Jerry Reinsdorf’s ears!

I would have preferred to see the Sox in the WS, and failing that, I’d have liked the Phillies to win, but mostly I wanted a seventh game, because once the WS is over, it’s a long, dark, cold time till baseball starts up again.

Let’s hope 2010 is our next Sox WS championship!

Go SOX, always!!!

Happy holidays to all, and maybe I’ll get to make it to Spring Training this year.


Teahen at 3b, Beckham to 2b while Alexei stays at SS. I really think they are better off with Beckham at SS and Alexei at 2b. I hope this is just another time when the Sox mgt. fall victim to a player who beats on them. Teahen does great vs. the White Sox. Hope he can keep that up against other teams.

Considering what we gave up, this trade isn’t a bad idea. Although I’ll miss Getz’ speed, Teahen brings a little more consistency to the plate. Also, I agree with Trepac above. I think Becks should be at SS with Alexei at 2nd. I don’t seem to remember Alexei making as many errors at 2nd base in 2008. Only spring training will tell, and it can’t get here soon enough.

Plus given that Dye is up for free agency now, Teahen could move to RF if needed, giving us a little more flexibility. But, I’d like to see us get a good offensive replacement for Dye in the outfield now. Go White Sox ’10.

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