Mr. Pierce

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Billy Pierce

Frequent readers here over the years know how strongly I feel about the great Billy Pierce and that it is a crime the little left-hander is not in the HOF. 

Read this interesting story about the Top 15 pitchers sadly left out of baseball’s shrine.

Click here and read about Pierce and Tommy John.

Home Run Derby

Ozzie is in Venezuela this week for his country’s annual Home Run Derby (no, not to hit, to watch).

Before he left, he joked to me:

“There will be all of these great hitters there, Abreu, Cabrera, and Carlos Zambrano will win the thing.”

Sox Pride

The White Sox did buy a Spanish-language billboard, featuring Ozzie, on the outfield wall of the ballpark in Caracas.  Let me see if I can find a photo of it …


With all due respect to Andrew Bailey, Gordon should be the AL ROY. In fact, I was shocked to see that Beckham finished 5th, with no 1st place votes. This one was voted on by the writers. Way to go guys. The ROY awards Beckham already won, are voted on by players. The proof is in the pudding.

Let’s face it. Beckham did not come up until a third of the season (or thereabouts) was already in the books. That hurt his chances for some nice big numbers.

He’ll get his honors. He’ll be a regular at the ASG and will win some post-season MVP awards when he leads the Sox to division titles, pennants and World Series championships.

True, that probably did not help. However, a late start didn’t stop Longoria. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Longoria came up last year even later than Gordon did this year. Not to mention Longoria was out for an additional 1-2 months with a broken wrist and he still got the nod. Beckham was AL rookie leader in doubles, extra base hits, RBI, multi-hit games. Pretty good stats IMO. Not that Bailey’s stats weren’t very good as well, but 5th place?!?! At least the actual players know what’s going on and Gordon has the respect of his peers.

Interesting read on Pierce, John and the others. In my mind, Bert Blyleven should easily be in the Hall. Many of his numbers came with bad teams. Yet he still won just short of 300 games.

Billy Pierce had almost zero run support. Had he pitched for the Yankees, instead of against them, he would be one of the most well known names in baseball history. And, like Scott has said so many times, Billy is one of the classiest people to ever wear a uniform.

Tommy John made a remarkable comeback and won enough games to merit Hall induction. But in my mind, he still was not as good as Blyleven or Pierce. Tommy pitched mostly for good teams and benefited from that. He still belongs in the Hall.

Gordon Beckham ending up fifth in the ROY voting by the sportswriters vs. winning the ROY as voted by the players confirms my suspicions: Sportswriters don’t know squat about “playing” baseball!!!

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