Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 24, 2009

White Sox Moment No. 9

The ninth-greatest unofficial moment from the last decade …

Geoff Blum’s Game-Winning HR in the 14th inning of World Series Game 3/Mark Buehrle’s Save

Blum’s line-drive homer to right field in the 14th inning of the longest World Series game ever broke a 5-5 tie as the Sox went on to take a commanding 3-0 lead in the series.  The homer came in the early morning of Roland Hemond’s birthday (what a present!).

You’ll notice in some cases related to the 2005 World Series, I’ve used editorial priviledge to combine some feats, in this case Blum’s home run and Buehrle’s unusual save.

A few other nominations that didn’t make the Top 10 cut …

Alexei Ramirez’s grand slam to beat the Tigers in a must-win game on September 29, 2008 …


Alexei-Grand-Slam.jpgCarlos Lee’s game-winning home run to beat the Cubs on June 8, 2001 …

and, Sox fans in 2006, who came out in a franchise record 2,957,411 total.


Merry Christmas to Sox fans everywhere


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