Monday, December 28, 2009

White Sox Moment No. 5

Jim Thome’s game-winning home run and John Danks’ gutty pitching performance as the White Sox claim the American League Central with a 1-0 victory over the Twins in Game No. 163 of the 2008 season.  Making the game even more remarkable was the response of Sox fans, who all wore black to the night game, creating an intimidating atmosphere at U.S. Cellular Field.



Thome-Blackout-02.jpgOther nominees not making the cut …

Ozzie Guillen being named manager in November 2003 …

Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye each connecting on their 300th career home runs in consecutive at-bats at Detroit on 4/13/09 …

Frank Thomas connects on his 400th career home run July 25, 2003 vs. TB …




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Out of all of your top ten, this has to be my favorite for “in-person” experience because I can actually say I was there. Even though I was at Mark Buehrle’s 1st no-hitter and Jimmy’s 500th homerun game, the Blackout Game had to be the most thrilling, electrifying sports experience of my life to be in that stadium filled with that many other crazed, dazed White Sox fans. I had to buy the fan foto from that game of myself and my fellow STH’s who we were at the game with. I also bought the Highland Mint photo (the one with the authentic infield dirt coin-crack me up!) and was lucky enough to get photo number 0001. It’s definitely something I will not soon forget!

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