Your Own Copy of Great Games

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As we re-live these great games from the 2000s, just a reminder that you can purchase (benefits to Chicago White Sox Charities) a copy of our offical White Sox scorecards for any available game from 1952 until the present.

Just click here for details.

Some fans have chosen a great moment, while others have ordered copies of their first Sox game, the game they proposed, etc.  If we have it in our files, we’ll make a copy for you.

Other Great Moment Nominees

not making the cut …

AJ’s game-winning home run against the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 18, 2005 as the Sox wore throwback 1959 unis …

AJ’s “steal” of first and Joe Crede’s game-winning double as the Sox won Game 2 of the 2005 ALCS to square the series with the Angels at a game apiece …


AJ_ALCS_GM2-01.jpgBobby Jenks’  MLB record-tying feat of retiring 45 consecutive hitters (which ended with an appearance on August 12, 2007).  Mark Buehrle later matched his teammate during his perfect inning run in July 2009.


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