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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top White Sox Moment No. 3

Paul Konerko’s thunderous grand slam in 2005 World Series Game 2 at U.S. Cellular Field helped lead to a 2-0 edge over the Astros.

The moment resonates with me because of the reaction of the rain-soaked crowd.  I was in a suite at the time of PK’s blast.  To see the U.S. Cellular crowd roaring and boiling in reaction to PK’s shot was something I will never forget.  The closest I get to describing how it looks was that our mass of cheering, wet, dark-coat covered fans looked most like the Artic Ocean in an episode of Deadliest Catch!

A moment I will never forget.





PK’s grand slam in the world series is my #1 moment. Standing there in the rain chanting for PK when he came up to the plate, every thing else seemed to stand still. When he hit the grand slam it seemed like it was in slow motion. I was hugging everyone in my row and some how I wound up 5 seats down the aisle from my actual seat! That was the very first moment that I actually felt like the White Sox would finally be World Series champions and the long wait would be over. Every time I see the highlight of that grand slam I get Chills.



Ok, so the next two are 2> Pods Game Two HR 1> Ground-ball past Jenks; Up the middle of infield; Uribe has it; He throws; OUT! OUT! A WHITE SOX WINNER!!!!! (I miss John Rooney).

Jim Thome’s 500 doesn’t belong on the list especially when you don’t have Frank’s 400 or 500. Frank should go in the HOF with Sox cap while Thome will wear a Cleveland hat in Cooperstown.. As Sox fan Frank’s 500th while he was on the A’s but hitting at the Cell, meant much more to me then Thome’s 500.

Here is my list which is heavily favored towards one year.
1> Night game on Oct 26, 2005
2> Game Two Homers (Paulie’s grandy and Pod’s walk off)
3> Early Morning game on Oct 26, 2005
4> Game 2 2005 ALCS… I still can’t believe he found a way to steal first base.
5> Parade
6> Blackout
7> The Perfect Game
8> Lee’s Grand Slam to beat the Cubs.
9> Opening Day 2006 really related to banner from the 2005 season.
10> Franks 500th Home Run.

I haven’t taken the time to look it up, but if my memory hasn’t totally faded away, Frank hit his 500th while with Toronto (not the As) and not in the Cell. So his 500th has nothing to do with the Sox’ top moments of the decade.

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