White Sox Moment No. 1

Friday, January 1, 2009

A Decade of Great White Sox Moments

No. 1

No surprise here, but I took the liberty of combining several “moments” into one … Winning the 2005 World Series Championship.

This includes …

Orlando Palmeiro swinging, the ball bounding past Bobby Jenks, Juan Uribe’s dash to the ball, his cross diamond bullet to Konerko and it was over.  “Out, out! The White Sox win the World Series!”


WS_Celeb-01.jpgUribe’s amazing dive into the stands to record the second out of the ninth inning. Has an infielder ever made consecutive plays like that to end a World Series?

Jermaine Dye’s single up the middle to score Willie Harris with the lone run in our 1-0 Game 4 victory, giving the Sox an 11-1 postseason record and a World Series sweep.


Dye_WS_Winning_Hit-01.jpgThe incredible, emotional Victory Parade when the team returned to Chicago, highlighted when Konerko pulled the ball from the final out of Game 4 and presented it to Jerry Reinsdorf.  Chicago’s celebration — the reaction of generations of Sox fans to our victory — and PK’s gesture said so much is so few words.

What a moment.


1 Comment

I have really enjoyed your list Scott. Thanks for taking the time to post it. Here’s hoping we have as many wonderful memories this decade! Happy New Year White Sox Family!!

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