Picking Up Pieces

Thursday, January 28, 2009

SoxFest Leftovers

Saw a couple of blog questions about the absence of Andruw Jones and Billy Pierce from SoxFest.

Andruw orginally committed but then called us back a week or so ago to explain that he had run into a scheduling conflict and could not attend.

SoxFest can be a long weekend for everyone and so we try to avoid using veteran guys like Bill Pierce and Minnie Minoso too much during the three days.  In Bill’s specific case, he joined Gary Peters and headed to NYC on Sunday night for the BAT (Baseball Assistance Team) dinner.  We didn’t want to tax No. 19 too much knowing he had the upcoming trip planned with Gloria.


A friendly reader notified me of some important news from last weekend … according to obrn, frequent poster Kenwo (ya know, the happy guy) welcomed a beautiful little girl, Maggie Nicole, into White Sox Nation.  Unfortunately, Maggie’s arrival forced Kenwo to miss the final day of SoxFest.   

And because he is now way too busy to post, I am going to take the liberty of quoting obrn quoting kenwo about his SoxFest experience:
It was fun…. got Peavy, Kotsay, Nix, Alexei, Beckham, Floyd Bannister and the 1 Dogg Lance Johnson. I was traveling back and forth this year (due to xxxxx being pregnant obviously)…. so I missed hanging out at the hotel bar and everything. I was drinking the white sox kool aid a little too much… I went into it very unhappy but after … Seeing Jenks and Garcia (they each look to be in way better shape) I feel a bit better about our chances…. I think we are going to the hospital today- xxxxx is having contractions about every 20 minutes…. but the only things I really wanted to do were get Freddy Garcia’s autograph, listen to Beckhams seminar and spend money at the stands… 

Tell you what Kenwo, as a birthday present for Maggie, give me a call/email and I think I can take care of that Freddy Garcia autograph for you.


Fired Up

SoxFest always gets me fired up for the start of spring training (OK, I’ll admit my anticipation for the spring is also due to the 7 degree temps).

If you didn’t see it, here was a Q&A video Ken Williams did just before SoxFest opened:

Click Here to Listen to 10 Questions with Ken Williams


SoxFest Stories

One of the best parts of SoxFest for me is the chance to sit up in our Team Suite during the weekend and catch up with guys and reconnect with former players.

On Saturday, Ozzie was in rare form, especially when talking about how tough Joe Crede was at third base,

“When I played third base, man, they hit shots at me,” Guillen recounted, hopping up from his seat to illustrate his matador approach to the ball.  “I’d spin and get out of the way.

“But Joe Crede, wow, he was tough. I remember one time in Baltimore (I think it was), he took a shot off his chest.  It was like BAM!  And Joe, he never complained.  This time he called me and Hermie out.

“I was like, ‘I don’t wanna look, I don’t wanna look.

“Hermie opened Joe’s shirt and the ballmark was already there.  Swollen, purple, ugly and right in the middle you could read a signature, Bud Selig.”

I also chuckled when Scott Linebrink and Jake Peavy described their past offseason throwing programs.

For Linebrink, his target out in the field was a fake deer like the ones used to practice bow hunting.

After a while, the baseball’s obliterated the deer, so Linebrink switched to a hay bale.  Now, after years of offseason pounding, the hale bale is starting to come apart and the baseballs sometimes stick inside.

And for Peavy? He just needed a bucket of balls and a fence.

Can you picture a Cy Young Award winner slinging a bucket of balls at a fence and then walking up to pick up the two dozen, put them back into the bucket and then walk back and do it all over again?

That’s what makes these guys so good at what they do …





Thanks for the updates and anecdotes, Scott. And way to go Kenwo and Mrs. Kenwo!!!! Also from a couple of days ago I notice that joshva and the Missus are expecting in April. Good time to have a kid!

And soon, my friends, there will be something baseball to comment about….. I can’t wait, but in the meantime, Go Sox’10….j.k.

JK you changed your name! Glad you signed your signature tag line! I think we might be heading back to AZ come March, Hoping to take in the Hawks and the Sox all in the same week. 3 weeks till pitchers and catchers report!! YEA!!
Josh congrats to you and the Mrs!! Can’t wait to hear the good news. Keep us updated. You will still be blogging…..during those 3 am nights when she wants to stay up, she can blog with you!😉
Kenwo’s little girl is a doll. Pictures on facebook….come join us boys!
Hope everyone is keeping warm this off season. Anyone else do Soxfest and have stories to share?

Hi, Donna. I made a couple of comments to Scott Merkins posts that appear on our homepage and I was “required” to adopt a new moniker. Glad you recognized me though! Yeah, February is the transition month from all things football to all things (properly so) Baseball. Soon, folks, soon…..j.k.

Thanks for the congrats, guys. We only have a little less than two months to go, but the time has really flown by. If there’s anything I’ve learned in all of this is that waiting is the hardest part (much like waiting for spring training to begin again). We’re both just anxious for her to get here. I’ll keep you guys updated when I can, but for right now all signs are good. I can’t wait to raise a little White Sox fan. After all, I have a family tradition to uphold.🙂

Here’s looking forward to a great 2010, on and off the field. Go White Sox!

What a great post, Scott! Thanks for making us bloggers the news once in a while. Congrats to Kenwo and the Mrs. And best wishes to the newest little Kenwo! Welcome to White Sox Universe! And best wishes to the Joshvas also.

Donna, I am also going out to AZ for the Blackhawks game against the Yotes. I am taking my son for his birthday on the AAA trip but because they include an invite to one of the practice skates, I don’t know if we’ll get to see the Sox play at Camelback. We do, however, have tickets to see them play the Brewers on Sunday and the Royals (White Sox Far South) on Monday. (I noticed that the Phillies have picked up almost as many former CWS players so maybe we’ll have to start calling them White Sox Northeast?)

I wish I could quote verbatim all the things that Jeff Cox said during the seminars at SoxFest, but I have a feeling even if I had videotaped him, I still wouldn’t be able to transcribe everything he said. One thing I remember was, “There is no i in teamwork, but there are two in idiot.” For me, the best moments were from AJ, trying to get Hawk to tell a story and then proceeding to tell the story himself; AJ ripping on Freddy Garcia not wanting to answer questions; and also when Mark Kotsay jumped off the stage to hi-five the kid who asked the question, “Do baseball players get a lot of chicks?”


There’s only person that should be wearing #11. Luis.

kr-trepac, I couldn’t have said it better. the explaination that it is to honor luis doesn’t hold water to me either. wasn’t the honor in having 11 retired in the first place????


My name is Joe and I’m a student in a “Writing in the Media” class. One of our assignments is to meet with a PR representative. I was searching for your email, and didn’t find it (not that I expected to). Baseball is a huge passion of mine, and I was wondering if we could be in touch about setting up an interview where I can get a better idea of what you do as a PR official. I’m not sure whether or not you will take this comment seriously, but I assure you, this is a serious assignment and not spam. I’ll be checking back here to see if there was any response.



Hey, Joe, The last time I e-Mailed Scott his address was SREIFERT@chisox.com. Good luck to you and welcome aboard the Reifert express. We have a lot of fun and make some pretty good friends along the way too. Now if only we’d have some baseball…… Ah, well, soon I guess… Go Sox’10….j.k.

Scott hooked it up with a Freddy Garcia autographed ball that I received today… thanks again Donna and Scott!

Klien (probably not how to spell your name i remember you yelled at me for that before) thanks a lot for the congratulations. She is doing very well….. but my son is coming into his own as far as the White Sox are concerned. He recognizes Harold Baines, Ron Kittle, Frank Thomas, Greg Luzinski and Jim Thome. We are working on the 2005 team- I think he should be ready for opening day. Hope everyone is doing well.

By the way i think the Vizquel thing is crap too. Leave 11 be…. I am also leaning to pick the Twins in the division this year. We’ll see. My official picks will be made in the last week of march.

Not to worry, Kitty: you gave my name a solid effort, and that’s the important thing.(its klein by the way, but you were very close) I like that you are teaching your son the “facts of life”: learn your colors, count to ten, say your ABC’s and recognize all the “Boys”. Good job teach!

I don’t have a problem with the number 11 being loaned to Omar. I think it’s a classy move by Louie and a welcome aboard gesture. It will be good to see said #11 turning the pivot or tossing the ball to second once again.

Looks like this board is starting to wake up, it must be spring…. Go Sox’10…j.k.

I can feel the snow melting JK, despite heavy snow here yesterday!!! Bought my tickets today–thanks sox pride club🙂 AND planning a trip to the steel city in June to see the boys play. Got my spring training tickets and the boys start reporting soon!! Bring it on!! I’m all warm inside just thinking of it.

Good to see you raising the boy right Kenwo–as if there were any doubts😉 I’m sure the little princess will hold her own recognizing the players as well!!

Not a fan of the 11 “unretiring” either. If it’s coming back, should be for the player it was retired for. Just think it’s kinda dumb. One woman’s opinion though….


Hello,again, everybody !!!
jk… No matter what your tag is, you’ll STILL be good OLD jk to those of us fortunate enough to know you…
Now, onto new business…
Don’t we realize that we are the SUPERIOR FRANCHISE, compared to the Century of (Lack of) Progress Exposition that houses itself at Jurassic Park at Neverland?
It’s about time to flex our muscles and blow those other SOB’s out of the tub…
Now, I see where MLB Network is planning a reality based ongoing TV show based on following the franchise and the front office this season?
BAD IDEA!!! They’re going to try and make us look like a bunch of BOOBS, just like the other cable networks did when they focused on the “warts and all” reality of pro sports…
Whomever signed off on this idea should be chastized… IN PRIVATE, with NO PRYING CAMERAS around…
We do NOT need to air our dirty laundry in public…

I kind of like the idea. I’ll check it out. Hope it’s a good show.

Oh happy weekend!! Baseball is back!! It’s getting warm out already!!!!

TQ, I like it too. I think it will be fun to see. I don’t think dirty laudry will be allowed to be aired. I just hope Ozzie’s boys are part of it too!! Now THAT would be fun to see😉

Happy start of spring training everyone

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