Spring Training 2010

Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010

Glendale Arrivals

White Sox pitchers, catchers and position players stopped by unofficially today, some playing catch (Mark Buehrle and John Danks), some setting up their lockers (Gordon Beckham, A.J.) and some spent time working out in the weight room. 

It is cold and rainy here today (I know, I know), and the forecast is for this weather to hang around for the next couple of days.

Camelback Ranch on Saturday

Ozzie flies into town tonight, and everyone is looking forward to taking the field tomorrow morning.


You can follow White Sox news and notes through a variety of Social Media options: this blog, Facebook and Twitter (@InsideTheSox).  My hope is to send items throughout the day and then provide some kind of summary here later in the day so that readers can respond/post comments.

You can also follow whitesox.com reporter Scott Merkin’s tweets and stories on our website.

Story Lines

What do you think will be the important story lines for the White Sox this spring training?  Post them and we’ll make sure to follow up throughout Feb/March.

Camelback Ranch

The complex looks amazing.  The plants, trees, grass, etc, have really settled in and taken hold in Year 2 of the site.

Reality TV

Yes, it’s true, MLB Network is going to produce a reality TV show, called “The Club,” that will feature the interactions of Jerry Reinsdorf, Ken Williams and Ozzie Guillen (along with a cast of others).  The six episodes will begin to air in July.  Hopefully, we give baseball fans a peak behind the scenes into the conversations and decisions that help form a Major League team. I’ll write more on this project tomorrow and will keep you posted all spring long.

Big Hurt

I certainly felt old when Frank Thomas announced his retirement from baseball.  For a long time, Frank was the one guy in the White Sox clubhouse with more “seniority” than me. Now, as I begin my 19th spring training and 20th year in baseball, I just feel old.

Click here to read the release about Frank

Video of the FT press conference

And if you didn’t read it, ESPN’s Rob Neyer offered a great look back at Frank Thomas’ career and HOF credentials.




Two storylines will proceed hand in hand this spring: how well does the DH by committee plan work, and how well does “Ozzie Ball” produce runs. I am betting on Andruw Jones to get most of the work at DH. I am waiting to see what happens with the offense overall.


It’s back……….

Baseball is back!!!! YEA!!!! Looking forward to another season of White Sox baseball. I am going back to “The Ranch” next month so looking forward to firsthand seeing how things have “settled in”

I think our stud pitching staff is going to be a big headline. I feel good about them. I also think Hitmen is right about the “DH by committee” plan works. I predict we will be looking for someone to fill that role before the trade deadline. Alot of things have to click this season. I’m concerned about middle relief and hoping that our relief pitching doesn’t become a story for the wrong reasons.

I’m going to stay happy now though…its a new season. Let’s play some ball!!🙂

Even though I was thrilled to be at the Bulls game tonight (for the beatdown on the 76-ers), my longing is to be in AZ with the boys and the sunshine. Good thing you all got out just in time before the predicted 5-10 inches of white stuff that will hit us tomorrow night, so start on your tan and think kindly of us when you hit the links.

See you next month!


Hi Scott and fellow Sox fans! Looking forward to a winning season, and maybe, if we’re lucky, another World Series title!

The storylines: our awesome pitching rotation, and our new and improved small-ball, speed-on-the-bases offense. (At least, I hope those are the storylines!)

I’m looking forward to this season, really anxious to see this team perform on the field.

Go SOX!!!!

Lucky you Scott.. you will be enjoying some beautiful weather out in Arizona while here in Chicago we are expecting more snow. I know that in paper we have the best pitching line-up we have a very good infield and outfield, but how will our bullpen performe this season. We got a lot of tallent in the entire White Sox Organization, we got a handfull of veterans out there who can play the game very well. I know that with all the heart they got. Im pretty sure they have set in mind during Spring Training is a to win a World Series Tittle. I pray and wish that comes true I would love to see that happen with the team that we have in place the team Ozzie and Kenny put together this season. As always thick or thinn I will always cheer my Chicago White Sox, have fun out in Arizona Scott.

Your Friend Juan “White Sox Volunteer Corps”

Thank goodness we can start talking baseball again. Especially after I spent a half an hour this morning digging out my driveway from this new lead-filled snow.

We all know what the pitching staff should do but I cant wait to see what the offense can do. Seem as though everyone is crying over the loss of power. I just don?t think the offense is going to be as bad as people think. How long have we waited to see an offense that can produce runs without having to hit a 3 run home run every game. We still have power, it is just more evenly spread out through the lineup.

Personally, I think the biggest storyline is Tehan. I don?t get that trade at all. His fielding percentage at 3rd base is EXACTLY the same as Josh Fields. He has not hit for that impressive of an average or power. So, I am extremely curious to see what Kenny and Co. see that all his stats don?t show.

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