White Sox Spring Training, Day 2

Monday, Feb. 22, 2010

News of the Day

Rain once again hampered today’s workout, driving many players indoors and abbreviating much of the outdoor activity.  The second half of the pitching group threw today, but as manager Ozzie Guillen repeatedly reminded, ” You are not going to win a job on the first day, so relax and be smart.”

Media spoke to both Mark Buehrle and Jake Peavy today about Guillen’s naming Buehrle his Opening Day starter.  While Buehrle praised Peavy as being the No. 1 starter, Peavy deferred to Buehrle, saying he more than deserved the honor.

And Guillen on why he made the announcement on Day 1 of the spring: “I didn’t want the media asking me day after day who was going to start Opening Day.  This way, it’s over.  I announced it.”

Future Weather

According to the experts, the sun will be out the rest of the week (at least to the weekend) and temperatures should warm.

“It will be nice to at least be able to field a ground ball,” one coach joked.


I;m not disclosing sources, but word is that after 21 straight victories, Team Kevin Hickey/Harold Baines’ golf winless streak now stands at two dating to September 2009.


30 years since the Miracle on Ice?  Really.  It ranks up there during my lifetime in terms of the where-were-you-when moments.  What are some of yours?

Man on the Moon

Do you believe in miracles?

Reagan shot

Challenger accident

Berlin wall


World Series victory

Obama election

To name a few candidates …





Morning Scott, and I see it will be a lovely one too! ’bout time! My where were you when moments in order of importance:

The day JFK was shot

9-11 tragedy

First Man on the Moon

“Miracle on Ice” 1960 version

White Sox win the first game of the WS. 1959

Oklahoma City bombing

White Sox win series!!!

U.S. pulls out of Saigon

Cuban Missile crisis

My most memorable moments are of course personal ones such as the birth of my children/ grandkids , death of my Father etc. but these don’t adhere to your parameters.

Let’s put one more on the list though: the White Sox 2010 World Series Champions! j.k.

Ok, I’ll play. Like JK said, besides the personal ones, here are mine in no particular order:
Elvis death

John Lennon shot and killed


Regan shot

The hostages released from Iran

The Challenger explosion

The start of the Iraqi war

Sox win Series

Buehrle’s perfect game (and no hitter)

Hoping to add a Hawks winning the Stanley Cup this year!🙂

The OJ bronco chase and Princess Diana killed–not significant I know, but can remember getting ready for work for both and not wanting to leave till I saw what happened.

Again those are in no particular order, just things I’ll never forget what I was doing when they happened.

I’m showing my young age here since I wasn’t around for some of the ones previously mentioned, but I’ll add my two cents…

Challenger Explosion: I was in elementary school and they showed the launch live in all of the classrooms.

Oklahoma City Bombing

Columbine Massacre


Collapse of the Berlin Wall

White Sox World Series

Buehrle’s no-no and perfect game

McGwire’s 63rd in ’98 (doesn’t mean as much now)

Last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500

Great Moments in my lifetime:
White Sox win 2005 World Series
Colts win Superbowl XLI
IU Basketball wins 1987 NCAA Championship
Buehrle’s perfect game
Miracle on Ice 1980

Not So Great Moments:
Obama election
President Reagan shot
Challenger accident
Oklahoma City Bombing

Scott, it hurts me to see that we have an IU basketball fan now among our group of regular contributors.

Can you see what you can do about keeping the riff-raff out????

Just kidding, folks.

But if it were a Notre Dame fan, then . . . . . . . . . .

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