White Sox Spring Training, Day 10

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today’s Action

The Good Guys took one on the chin, 4-2, today in a seven-inning B Game against the Dodgers.

Gavin Floyd (2.0 IP, 2 SO) and Daniel Hudson (2.0 IP, 4 SO) were the highlights for the Sox, who allowed only one hit, two walks and seven strikeouts over 6.0 scoreless IP except for the four runs allowed by Daniel Cabrera in his one inning of work.

Josh Kroeger homered for the Sox, and Dayan Viciedo drove in the second run as the Sox went up 2-0 before the four-run Dodgers rally.

Happy Anniversary

To Ibis and Ozzie Guillen … today is 27.

“I outperformed expectations,” Ozzie boasted with a smile.  “Some people thought we’d only be married for a few months, and some people thought I would only be a manager for a year or two.”

I explained to Ozzie that I thought Ibis deserved all the credit for the 27 years.  I won’t print his reply …

Sandy Koufax

We couldn’t top the Dodgers “special coach” for today’s B Game … Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax was in attendance.





1 Comment

Wohoo! Sandy at the Ranch!
I was fortunate to go see him last Saturday night at the Nokia Theather. What a special treat that was! And when I got home I watched the recording.
So you are the equivalent of Josh Wawitch.
Feliz aniversario a Ozzie.

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