White Sox Spring Training, Day 13

Friday, March 5, 2010

Down in Defeat

The Good Guys took one on the chin Friday as the Dodgers handed the White Sox an 8-3 setback in the Cactus League home opener for the Sox, who fell to 0-1-1.

As is often the case in spring games, the important moment came in the third inning when J.J. Putz (prounounced “Puts”) tossed a scoreless frame, striking out two.

“He threw his fastball very well,” said manager Ozzie Guillen.  “I didn’t even know he threw a forkball.  When I saw it, I thought at first it was a changeup.”

Starter Mark Buehrle allowed one unearned run in 2.0 to suffer the loss.

“Buehrle looked sharp,” Guillen added.  “To me, Buehrle’s looking Buehrle.”




Maybe I’m just so excited about baseball, but I’m actually a little more optimistic about how the Sox are looking. Cautiously, but still a little excited. Pictures are awesome Scott, makes me feel like I’m there! Enjoying the Tweets. Teahen has some good ones with his QOD (quote of the day) game. Anyone wants to follow his dog on twitter its @ESPY_TEAHEN. I love the way this team keeps us “Inside the Sox!”

See you at the Rance in 2 weeks!! Counting the days.

Oh and Hi back at ya Dawn! Is it too soon to ask when blog night is???

Oh and hey Josh, don’t forget to let us know when the baby is born!

TCQ… looking good!

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