Rain, Rain Go Away

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Rain washed out today’s game vs. the Cubs here in Glendale.  Too bad, but a lot of rain fell.

Tentatively, we’ve planned a B Game for tomorrow morning against the Dodgers (start time roughly 9:30 a.m.) but that is weather dependent as well.

Today’s starting pitcher, Jake Peavy, threw in the batting cages today to get his work in and to stay on schedule.


Classic Ozzie.  This is what he said about Lou Piniella not going to Las Vegas next weekend and Ozzie planning to go:

“Lou said he wasn’t going to go because his wife was coming to town.  I said I was going to go to Las Vegas because my wife was coming to town.”

Feel Good

This from a follower and blog reader:

Scott – I just walked out of a difficult rehab session.  The shoulder replacement surgery was almost 6 months ago (9/8) and the rehab is the hardest I have ever worked in my life.  I did not believe them when they said 15-18 months.  No conception that it could/would take that long.  Every time I think I am seeing improvement, they introduce some new movement and my muscles rebel.  Today was one of those days.  I had been tracing the alphabet with my arm while laying on my back. Today they had me try to do it standing up and holding my arm out in front of me.  I felt like I had no muscle control and was going backwards.  Obviously I am making progress and it will come easier.

But, as I walked out, I got a tweet with the starting lineup for today’s game.  One of the guys I share season tickets with called and wants to grab lunch and talk about the lineup.  The sun is shining, the weather is a little warmer, the snow is melting and ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD BECAUSE THE WHITE SOX HAVE STARTED SPRING TRAINING GAMES. 

thanks for sharing the lineup, the blogs and keeping the fans part of the process and the team.  It really helps make the winter go by.






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