White Sox Spring Training, Day 16

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sox Drop a Close One

Losing 5-4 to the Mariners Monday in Glendale.  Highlight was Alex Rios’ home run to center field in the fifth inning.





First off, thanks Scott for posting that letter from the guy (or girl, I didn’t see a name) who was going through rehab. Indeed, there’s a new feeling in the air now that spring training is under way, and I hope the person who sent that to you has a speedy recovery.

A couple of little notes from my end of things…

I recently purchased a new White Sox hat after many many years. My other one was getting worn down, but there’s always a sense of pride and glee when you get new White Sox merchandise. I’m hoping it arrives in time so I can wear it to the hospital.

Speaking of, we are currently at t-minus 4 weeks for our little girl’s arrival, but I don’t think we’re going to make it that long. She has dropped tremendously the last couple of weeks, and at the latest appointment (yesterday), we learned that my wife has started to dilate. Not much, but it has started. The doctors still say everything is going fine, but just like wanting Opening Day to be here, waiting for her arrival seems to be the hardest and longest part. I can’t explain the range of emotions I’m feeling at the moment, but I’m sure they will be multiplied ten-fold when I can actually see her. Thanks again everyone for the well wishes. It means a lot. Go White Sox!

Good to hear from you Josh! Sounds like your wife won’t make it to term, but that ‘s O.K. My first was two weeks premature and she turned out just fine. In fact she found out she is expecting her first sometime in July. Two of my most memorable moments were being there for the birth of my children. I know you will feel the same too. The joy you feel now will be multiplied X 10 (at least) after your wife delivers.

Thanks for the update….. White Sox or babies??? Go Babies’10….j.k.

Future Sox fan baby boom!! Kenwo, Josh, and now you too JK…ok well not you but family. First grandbaby??? Due dates are plus or minus two weeks Josh so she should be fine if she’s born a little early. Gotta get her here for opening day!😉

What’s up with the weather in Arizona, JK?? I’m coming down next week so I’m ordering up some sun and warmth!!
Anxious to see the boys play. Haven’t had much of a chance to see any spring training action, so will be nice to catch a couple games. Boards are quiet, where is everyone????


Hi Donna! I can’t understand this weather either! It is definitely the wettest that I’ve ever seen for this time of the year. It reminds me of when I was in college (in the middle of last century!) and the same thing happened: a storm blew in from California once a week then too. Dropped a lot of rain in the valleys and a ton of snow in the mountains. This is just like then, so if weather like history repeats itself, look for another spring like this in 2050, but I expect to be affected by that occurrence.

I hope it dries out and warms up for you next week, even though we do need the rain to end our drought. We’ll have to wait and see. As far as my Daughters first baby, that will be my fifth grand child (ages 6-13 as of now) Just like rabbits! Grandchildren pop up, just like rabbits! And ain’t it grand!!

This and other boards have been quiet, but I think that once we get started for the year, that will change. I hope so; I’d hate to lose my Sox friends that I’ve made/met over the years. Just under four weeks to go, Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Hi jk, Donna, Josh, and others…

No way will you lose any of your Sox friend jk, I think we all will be back in force once the season gears up.

I know I’m here since Spring Training started and there’s no other site I’d rather be!


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