White Sox Spring Training, Day ?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Groundhog Day

It has reached the point where I’m no longer sure what day of spring training it is … soon, we will be able to count down days until Opening Day and a return to home (own bed, TV, car, wife, kids, etc).

Nice to hear from my 12-year-old today that it was warmer in Chicago this morning than outside my condo in Scottsdale.  Wonderful!  At least it is supposed to warm up today and then get warmer over the next week to 10 days … maybe we are through the cool part of the spring.


Great to win yesterday at Oakland behind the seven-run inning.  Things got a little sketchy in the ninth inning, but we held on.  Too many times over the past few years, it seems games go like Tuesday in Scottsdale against the Giants.  We hold a lead through six or seven innings only to have our AAA players lose to their AAA players at the end.  Winning and losing don’t really matter much in the spring, but I do think it helps morale, it helps everyone’s outlook and maybe even does sell some tickets in Chicago.  From a baseball point of view, it’s always best to play your strongest baseball later in March (when rosters are smaller and your regulars play more often and more innings).

We’ve played very well, and there is a buzz of excitement about the club, so I hope that excitement is being transmitted to our fans in Chicago and around the country.

The Club

Cameras from the MLB Network were here this week shooting even more footage for “The Club,” the behind-the-scenes reality show airing in July.

We were joking with the production crew about the atmosphere in White Sox camp.

“You guys must think, ‘How do things get done around here? This is Major League Baseball?” someone joked.

“Well, yeah,” an MLB staffer admitted, “We do think that, but we also want to know if you guys are hiring.”

“Well, you have to have a pretty thick skin to work around here,” he was warned.


At Monday’s game, an 80-plus year old fan was all over White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper, yelling at him (loudly) that he was “overrated.”

The dugout erupted as the fan hammered Coop and the MLB cameras ran.

“You guys set that up for the cameras, didn’t you,” Coop challenged after the game.

“No, way.” (And we didn’t, although I wish we’d thought about it).

Anyway, yesterday at Oakland, a White Sox fan was sporting a Don Cooper “21” jersey.

Hate ya one day, luv ya the next.


Jake Peavy’s Woodjocj concert is tonight in Scottsdale at 7 p.m.  I am looking forward to the event.  For details …

Oh, Canada

Went to the Phoenix Coyotes vs. Vancouver Canucks game last night.  Great game.  It was my first hockey game in The Valley and I was amazed at how many Canadians were in attendance, all wearing Canuck jerseys.  First time I’ve ever heard Oh, Canada sung louder than the National Anthem (and not been in Toronto).


Remember, for breaking news, lineups, etc. check out @InsideTheSox on Twitter or follow our offical White Sox facebook account.

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Well Scott you guys are not alone in the countdown to Opening Day. As for myself I am also counting down the days of Opening Day, I even took my vacation on Opening Day week. I hope to make the Game Day Opener with Buehrle starting a good season.

I can only imagine the crazines working or just being around the White Sox Players and Staff. Every individual with a different personality (in a fun way of course). And to top it of Ozzie’s persona. Wow what a mix I would love to be around a group like that. That is what make you great, oh yeah you need to have very thick skin to dish out what comes your way. Don Cooper is just being hated on, my personal opinion he is doing a great job with the pitchers.

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