Catching Up in March

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here I was, worried that it had been a week since I’ve been able to post anything, and I come on to read your comments only to see that Donna has stepped in and filled the void!  Well done.  And it appears the Mr. Tucson, JK, might even prefer her reports to mine.  Love it! (JK, sorry I won’t be coming to Tucson this weekend.  My family loves that town … Sabino Canyon, Ventana Canyon, Old Pueblo Grille, all the great restaurants …)

I am disappointed that Donna (and maybe others on the site) were down in Glendale and did not look me up to say hello.  Next time you are here, find me. I love seeing friendly faces.


Anyway, we are down to 32 players in camp with eight days left in Arizona (counting today).  Unlike other springs, it does not appear that KW, Rick Hahn, Ozzie, et al will have too many roster decisions next week, but time will tell.

Good To See

Bobby Jenks throwing well his last time out and Mark Teahen starting to swing the bat well (he is hitting as I write this).  You could see it coming with Teahen in recent days as he started to hit the ball hard for outs, then balls started to find holes and gaps.  He put a charge into one yesterday in a big 10-run outburst.

Other Stories

The other terrific stories this spring have included pitcher Sergio Santos (live arm), Andruw Jones, Carlos Quentin and Gordon Beckham’s quiet move to second base.

Buddy Bell

Twice this spring, we’ve held conference calls with White Sox personnel and the major blog sites who cover the White Sox.  Today, Director of Player Development Buddy Bell spent 30 minutes on the phone talking about the White Sox system.

He mentioned that Juan Pierre had spent time with our minor leaguers this spring talking about base running and stealing bases, while Omar Vizquel is going to talk to middle infielders later this week.  You can’t beat that kind of expertise.

The first call was a couple of weeks ago with Hahn.

I’ve Laughed at …

The recent personal criticism that I monitor media about the White Sox.  Yes, we do.  It’s part of our job.  If something is said or written about the White Sox — positive or critical — in any form of trackable media, we want to know about it.  We see it as our responsibility on behalf of the entire organization, and we’d be failing to do our jobs if we did not fulfill this responsibility. 

The truly ironic point here is that we weren’t made aware of the recent twitter issues through any kind of monitoring service.  Actually, it came to us, and ultimately became public, through traditional media following Social Media sites.  But that is not as much fun.

But no one really cares how the sausage is made …

Golf Cart

I walked by Ozzie Guillen’s office this week only to see his golf cart parked tight up against the doorway … and his doorway is in an interior hallway, pretty far from the nearest outside entrance.

Surprisingly, he was inside.

“Golf cart?” I asked?

“(blank) players,” he said, laughing.

Just another practical joke in Soxdom.




What is this? Not coming to Tucson? I know we’re the second city (of Arizona), whatta I gotta do? Go to the second city of the Nation to say Hi? Maybe I will come blog night. We shall see…. if you make it worth my while or not…. j.k.(just kidding)

Seriously, though, I will miss seeing you, but hope the Sox can pull out a couple of wins for me over the weekend even without you. In any event, go Sox’10…..

I cannot do the job that you do Scott and JK was just humoring me! Good to have you back! In the final stretch before coming North and believe me, it is much nicer down there. I came home to very frigid temps! I hope you do come up JK, would be good to see you. Bring the boys some luck this weekend. Have a great time and I expect a full report!!

What’s to report? Today we stunk! Most of the regulars played, but Gordon was scratched before the game with a tightness on his left side and like the rest of us, is day to day. Jones was in center, Nix at 2nd.

Freddie got lit up and AJ turned three double plays…. Make that hit into three double plays. One bright spot was when Pierre threw to Alexei who wheeled to Nix in time to nail a D-Back trying for two ( I can’t remember who).

It was windy (18-25 mph) blowing from left to right but a beautiful clear day none the less. A pretty good crowd too, @ over 7000 fans. It was fun being there, but the game wasn’t very fun to watch. Maybe tomorrow against the Rockies we’ll fare better. I have to get ready for bowling now, but I promise to do my Scott/Donna impersonation after tomorrows game… Go Sox’10……j.k.

Now that’s more like it! The Sox looked like a team today and Mark Kotsay was a monster at the plate. M.K. had two doubles and a triple on his day. Alexei drove in two runs with a single in the 7th and Paulie followed with the prettiest “duck snort” you’ll ever see. Marl Teahen had a couple of hit too.

Great fielding play by the rookie who took over for Paulie at first. He grabbed a HOT shot diving to his left and touched the bag with his gloved hand then stood up and had enough time to nail a Rockie at the plate for a nifty 3-2 double play that would have the web gem of the day during the regular season. Kenny Williams stroked a single and drove in a run too, but then was picked off first.

It was another beautiful sunny 71 degree day and the wind cooperated by toning it’s act down to a reasonable 10-12 MPH. And the tickets were comped by my Son-in-Law’s company, so I only had to buy the beer. What a country!

Of course now I will have to drive to Phoenix to see the Boys from now on. I guess I’ll just hove to suck it up and do that starting next year.

I now return you to rejuvenated Scott and his nimble fingers for the remainder of Spring training 2010. No more Donna, no more j.k., it’s all yours now Mr. Reifert. Bring us home a winner. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Hey Scott I enjoy reading your blog and the comments from your wonderful following in the White Sox fandom.

Could you make sure you give a decent plug to next Sunday’s upcoming special “What It Means To Be A White Sox” over WGN.

I bought the book yesterday at Borders, and am really looking FW to seeing the special. I haven’t seen it too heavily advertised or promoted other than the sneak peek WGN gave it during the Sox – Padres game a couple weeks ago.



Just bought a new tailgate grill, new chairs. and got a tent for xmas (for those rainy days in the South parking lot) I can’t wait, it’s been a long, long winter. Go Sox!!!

Nicely done JK! One more week till we start for real! I see more people coming back to the board as it gets closer. I am going to my first ever opening day and am keeping my fingers crossed for the warm weather to hold out till then. Hoping that our pitchers are just working out the kinks/trying new things while it doesn’t count. Seem be getting a bit lit up lately. Let the countdown to opening day begin!!

Missed you on “the board” jksoxboy…we’re almost there (to opening day)! Hey Reifert: were you one of the guys (or THE guy) responsible for getting Oney fired? Just curious, and it did sound like he deserved to go…

Hello to all my blogging buddies. I didn’t want to post again until it was official, but the newest White Sox fan has arrived! Hayden Grace was born on Sunday (March 28th) and she weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 20 in. long. We had some early issues but both mommy and baby girl are doing well now. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring her home in a few days.

A sign that things are going well……when the first time I’m able to get on the computer, a White Sox game is on and Kotsay hits a 2-run homer as I type this. (YESSSSS!)

A new daughter and a new season for White Sox baseball around the corner. What could be better? Go White Sox!

Hey, everybody, I’ve been reading, but too busy working to write.

Congrats, Josh and family on the new little Sox fan! Great news!

Donna, I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip to Spring Training. I enjoyed your posts as much as you enjoyed your time there.

One of these years, I really want to make it to spring training – maybe I’ll even see Donna there. JK, I love Tucson, too, and I’m sorry you have to drive so far to see the Sox, but hopefully they make it worth your time and gas money.

Scott, good to see you back on the blog, but I did enjoy Donna’s posts. Maybe she can fill in whenever you have a well-deserved day off?

I’m looking forward to this season. I checked with my brother, asked him to remind me how the Sox did in ST during 2005. His recollection is they did not do well, and we all know how that season turned out. So, maybe this is “next year” again? Hope so!

Go SOX!!!


Congrats Josh and family on your new addition! And what a beautiful name too!

Less than six days to go, go white sox’10!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Josh! Glad to hear everyone is healthy. Sleepless maybe? So happy for you!
Glad you enjoyed the posts Peggy–good to see you back! Add me to the list of those loving Tuscon. Was there many years ago and went hiking in Sabino Canyon and went to Old Tucson. Loved it!
I like the way that things seem to be coming together before the games count. A good outing by Buehrle and Jenks today. Jones and Kotsay having good springs. Ready to have the games count!

No better way to start the season than with a new little Sox fan! Congrats to the entire family, Josh. It would be wonderful to meet Hayden on blog night.

So nice to see everyone coming out of hibernation. Donna, I’ll be there next Monday, too, so please stop by section 143 to say hello!

My brother and I are up in the upper level, Maria so i don’t think I’ll be able to get down there.😦
Agree with Maria Josh! Bring the family to blog night!!

Thanks again for the well wishes everyone! I doubt we’ll be able to come to Blog Night this year, because it’s a long trek through a few states and I’m not sure how the little girl will handle flying. Maybe in a few years though. 🙂

But as a consolation, here are a couple pics of the family…(hope this works)

Beautiful pictures, Josh! Thank you for sharing.

The chickens have already come home to roost…look what Scotty Pods is doing in Kansas City!!! He was 2 for 4 today, stole his 6th base of the year off of lefty Dontrelle Willis, with 1 BB, and 4 for 5 the day before with 3 RBI, scored twice, and stole his 5th base of the year. He is hitting .452, with an OBP of .528. KENNY WILLIAMS IS A MORON, WHO HAS AND ALWAYS WILL CUT OFF THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE BECAUSE HE DOESN’T LIKE THE SOUND OF HIS TAIL. TRANSLATION: Kenny won’t deal with certain agents, and for the 2nd time in Scotty Podsednik’s career, he has let him go, this time not because of injuries, but because Scotty had a career year, but wanted a little more money. GEE KENNY, THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO PAY TO GET A REAL LEADOFF MAN, A REAL RALLY STARTER, A REAL FIELD LEADER WHO GETS THE OTHER TEAM OFF BALANCE. Now is the year we REALLY needed Scotty, who would have rounded out this lineup with the catalyst we need, and that he proved himself to be. Scotty worked so hard to get himself into better shape to avoid injury, and proved his worth to this team, but no, Kenny’s so erudite he has to show the world his total incompetence when he lets his ego get in the way of what is best for the team. WE’RE GOING DOWN THE TUBES BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO HIT THE BALL AND SCORE RUNS IN THE AMERICAN LEAGUE!!! Ozzie and Kenny are a great duo, the dueling egos, who duel imaginary foes, and want us all to believe they’re winning the battle, while we watch another year go down in flames before the fire ever gets started. Good luck to the Twinkies in the 2010 playoffs. We won’t be there, not even close, in September. WRITE IT DOWN.

Only Kenny Williams ineptitude could exceed that of Jim Hendry’s signing and mishandling and finally ridding himself and this city of Milton Bradley. Hendry made what was arguably the worst trade in a quarter century of Cubs history when he let Mark De Rosa go and brought in Bradley, after De Rosa had a career year, who also is a one man band type of player. While I am primarily and first and foremost a White Sox fan, I love Chicago baseball, and have followed Chicago baseball since 1967, when the White Sox almost won in the closing days of a very exciting season (before division baseball), and then very closely after moving here in 1969, when the Cubbies lit the candle that burned out in the dog days of August. The biggest bone headed move by the Cubs in all those years may have been letting Lee Smith get away back in the 1980s, but I digress. Kenny Williams has always, always, always put his ego far ahead of team interests. He HAS to be THE MAN. That is why the greatest player in the history of the Sox continues to be forced to lick Kenny’s boots, and cow tow to the biggest ego in the world of Major League General Managers. Kenny never played anywhere near the level of a Frank Thomas, which isn’t surprising, since 99% of all major leaguers in the history of the game didn’t either. But Kenny’s not even in the discussion of great major league ball players, is he? Nor is he in the discussion of the great major league general managers, is he? Jerry Krause certainly would be, notwithstanding his penchant for donuts and for ignoring the value of truly great hall of fame players on his roster in deference to “the organization”. Jerry is back in the field, to straighten out Kenny’s lack of administrative control, which allowed the deterioration of the White Sox minor league system. Kenny also likes to trade away handfuls of prospects at a time, and over pay for players with questionable potential, while ignoring the players on his roster who have already and consistently proven their worth to “the organization”. What this White Sox team NEEDS DESPERATELY IS JERRY KRAUSE. Yes–I said it–after denigrating “Crumbs” for his dismantling of the greatest basketball team in the history of the NBA, I vote for the dismantling of this managerial regime of the White Sox, and a revamping of the philosophy and approach to the game that would be more respectful of the players who have made this a world class franchise. Kenny Williams is a big mouth, a fat headed ego maniac who got lucky in 2005 and won’t win another championship because he has too many blind spots in his swing and his style. And Ozzie exacerbates that maniacal style of management to the brink of sheer arrogance. Why this guy who once played a great shortstop for this team wouldn’t fight to keep the best player on the team in 2009 is beyond reason. That no Chicago sports columnist did not call Kenny out on this deal that allowed Scotty to walk and to bring in a lesser player for more money and give up a top prospect in addition to the money he wouldn’t give Scotty after the man virtually saved our year from total disaster last year is without a doubt the worst in a series of questionable moves Kenny made during and after the 2009 season. It’s over for Mr. Williams from this fan’s viewpoint, and if it weren’t for the sham left fielder playing on the north side, I would say there will definitely be a better brand of baseball north of the Loop rather than south of it. At any rate, I would rather watch a team with a GM who is willing to admit his mistakes than a team that plays in the Emperor’s New Clothes and sit amongst a crowd that suspends its collective grasp on reality to do it.

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