Opening Day Postgame

Monday, April 5, 2010

Very nice 6-0 win by the White Sox over the Indians today, led by Mark Buehrle’s 7.0 shutout IP and home runs by Paul Konerko and Alex Rios.

Rios and Buehrle each turned in magnificant defensive plays.  Buehrle’s will be talked about all season long, while Rios capped a wonderful afternoon for Sox fans.

Here’s Buehrle’s terrific play.

As someone noted, “He just won his second Gold Glove right there.”  Buehrle is scheduled to be presented with his 2009 Gold Glove before Saturday’s game.

He came into the postgame interview room with ice on his shoulder (usual) and on his shin.

“It’s broken.  Out 6-8 weeks,” he joked.

“I’ve always taken pride in my ability to field my position,” Buehrle noted.  “See why we do all the PFP (pitcher fielding practice) work in spring training?  It pays off.”

Good Day

Anytime you have a curtain call in the first inning (PK’s opposite field HR), you know it’s a good day.  After getting robbed of a hit in one at-bat, Rios drove a fastball over the center field fence for his first home run.  He then sped into the left-center field gap to snag the final out of the game with a diving catch.

Other Highlights

J.J. Putz striking out two in his one inning of work … Matt Thornton blowing away Indian hitters in the ninth inning … Carlos Quentin taking two HBP for the team.



Happier than hell today, thanks boys!

You can’t ask for anything more on Opening Day. Well played, well done.

Mark Liptak

Great way to start the season! Awesome play by Mark! Does anyone know why ESPN would blackout the game in Indianapolis? I don’t get it!

What a great game!!! I’m going to put on my Scott Jr hat and share my experience of my very first live opening day. First I need to get the venom out though. I think the White Sox do fans such a huge disservice by not allowing access to the 100 level unless you have a ticket down there. I had 500 level tickets because that’s all I could get and felt like I was locked in a cage up there. I begged and pleaded to be allowed down to get a few pictures (of course!) but they were not budging. So arrived 2 hours before the game to sit up high. Couldn’t go down to see any of the stuff on the concourse. I usually sit down there, so I know what’s there, but what about those people who don’t? They never get access to the various statues down there, shops, etc. I’ve gone to games all over the country and the Cell is the only place that I couldn’t get at field level. Really is a shame. My AT&T phone service was horrible too! OK, I’m done now onto the good!

My highlights of the day:
-The smell of grills cooking in the parking lot at 10:30 am YUM!
-Seeing several Hawks and Sox flags flying together in the parking lot.
-Blackhawk Olympians, Toews, Kane,Seabrook, and Keith throwing out the first pitch. Love when my two sport loves come together!
-The hugest American flag ever seen with the flyby after. Coolest thing ever!
-Sending my Buerhle’s first pitch in. Can barely see him, but played along
-First inning double by Quentin with a HR by Paulie to follow. That’s the way to start the season!
-Paulie taking the curtain call after the HR, just like the good ole days!!
-Freakin’ Ridiculous web gem of the century play by Buehrle. Wasn’t till I saw the replay till I realized he threw it between his legs! What a stud!
-Electric playoff like atmosphere at the Cell. LOVED IT!
-The fans getting so excited hearing “your Love” when Beckham came to bat, and continuing to sing it even after the song stopped
-The stupid Cub fan wearing his Cub jersey to the SOX game on opening day. REALLY? Why not just wear a target on you. Oh sorry you did.
-Being told the last time the Sox shutout the opponent, these same Indians, was in 2005. Just saying!

The weather was great, the fans were fun, and the boys seemed loose and ready to play. I know it’s only one game, but I liked what I saw and am excited for the rest of the season! So despite the early complaints of the seats, I had a great time and can finally say I went to opening day!GO SOX!!

Oh and Josh, your daughter is beautiful!! Congrats!

Hello there to all White Sox Fans who follow my friend Scott Reifert on his blog Inside the White Sox, Twitter or on his fan club on Facebook. I was happy to attend my 9 straight Opening Day Game. Just the atmosphere of the at The Cell is the greatest feeling I have when Baseball season has begun. I live and breath Baseball as far back that I can remember as I was growing up. I got White Sox blood going through my vains, I am a very dedicated fan. May I never forget this game today by the “Jedi Knight Mark Buehrle” every time that I have had the chance to see him pitch the guy is a solid stud. From his first Pitch to the last pitch he is pure solid heart on the mound. That toss between his legs to Paulie was beyond perfection, Einstein would’nt be able to calculate that timing or accuracee at all. The entire place when nuts with that Mark Buehrle between the legs toss to Paul Konerko. This play would never be forgotten in the books of Baseball “Mark Buehrle” will never be forgotten by Baseball. I got that gut feeling we will do many stunning plays as the season gets on its way. LETS GO WHITE SOX!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Donna (and Scott), thanks for the great posts about Opening Day. The season is off to a good start. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched that awesome play by Mark. Even saw it on the Rachel Maddow show. She said it’s probably the play of the year, and it is.

I feel good about this season. Of course, we can all be optimists on Opening day. Let’s hope the Sox look this good in October!

Go Sox!

Well, Donna (Scott Jr) beat me to the update and she definitely covered all the bases.

While I was lucky enough to have lower level tickets, I wholeheartedly agree that it stinks that you can’t visit the lower level. Isn’t that why you have people at every entrance to the seating area – to make sure they have tickets to sit there?? Why not let people at least walk around down there?? Here is my one little gripe – check out the red ropes licorice – I’m thinking they are from last year. Unless you want to pull out a tooth, skip that.

The guys looked great! The Opening Day festivities were awesome – the National Anthem, the Giant Flag, the fly over. Sweet! The atmosphere was electric. Buerhle’s play? Enough said. I’m thinking maybe the magic has already started? Putz’ debut – excellent. And, Matt Thornton? Oh my, did he even through one ball? He was on fire! Paulie’s curtain call! All in all a great day.

I saw one fan with the best jersey ever. It was a # 15 jersey and the name on the jersey? BACON! It was priceless!

I love how all the food vendors were exactly in the same place, it was like being home and knowing just where to go. It felt so GOOD to be there!

Here’s to a good year Sox fans!!!


Well, I can’t really top anything that Donna and “Sweet” Marie wrote, so I will just do what I usually do here…

Besides being obnoxious, that is…

Timeline of some of the events of a glorious start to the championship season…

B 1… 1:17 PM… Quentin picks up the first of THOUSANDS of hits for this team this year…

1:18 PM… Paulie launches a slider from Westbrook into the Indians bullpen to give the crowd something to REALLY cheer about… as well as give Buehrle the only cushion he would need all afternoon…

T 2… 1:25 PM… Bob Feller, the HOF Indians pitcher in attendance, can rest easier… Buehrle will NOT equal his feat of nearly 70 years ago, of throwing an Opening Day no-hitter… Travis Hafner takes care of THAT bit of business…

T5… 2:25 PM… An hour after giving up his first hit, Buehrle combines THREE sports in one… A kick save on the ball hit by Lou Marson, reminiscient (sic) of Antti Niemi of the Blackhawks, then a jai-alai scoop of the foul,then a Federer-like shot BETWEEN his legs,WHILE doing a gymnastic roll, and a BARE HANDED catch by Konerko…

Hawk said it best: “MERCY !!!”

Then for the topper, the game ending catch by Rios in LCF to preserve the shutout…

One down, at least 89 to go…

No comment from JK? Hope all is well in Az!

Hey all. Even though I was unable to watch the game due to my intern duties, it was still an amazing game for me. I kept checking the score on my phone and gloating to the officer that I was riding with (he’s a Scrubs fan). Buehrle’s amazing play was just the icing on the cake to an awesome Opening Day start for him, and topping Billy Pierce’s record. I kept playing the video over once I got home, my mind blown every time I saw it. That would have been a spectacular play for any player, let alone a pitcher. For that play alone, I will wear my Buehrle jersey proudly when I go to the game on Friday with Ames.
Here’s looking forward to a fantastic (a hopefully title-ridden) new season!!

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