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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hang In There Folks

It’s early, there’s a lot of baseball still to play, but in some way I think that is part of the problem.

Play well in the first week of the season, and it is magnified.  Play poorly, and it is magnified.  I was saying to someone this morning, that if we had this week in the middle of June, it might have been met with a tough-luck shrug … great starting pitching, a lot of hard-hit balls right at people (see Konerko and Rios), but no clutch hits. 

Of course, given that the offense enters 2010 as a question for everyone, we all are hypersensitive to its performance.  But baseball is about the long run, not short bursts, so let’s allow this to play out a little more before we become too convinced we know the personality of the 2010 White Sox or our offense.

Just my opinion.

Along the way, a few things worth noting …

Unbelieveable performances by our starting pitchers …

A few yeoman outings from the bullpen (Santos, Pena the other night, Linebrink yesterday) …

Rios continues to hit a great many balls right on the nose …

Konerko’s early form in the batter’s box …

Beckham’s defense at second …

Our early ability to draw walks and work counts (better than I think anyone expected) …

Yet we are frustrated by the lack of the big hit or of a sustained offensive attack (hit after hit after hit).

So, I would argue it is a typical week, some good trends, some worrisome trends, our record deserves to be better than 1-4, but let’s see how the next few weeks play out.  There is still plenty of time left in the season to worry.


Today’s Tribune includes a story about Chicago athletes and their willingness to sign autographs.

I thought it was ironic in that the story runs on our first Kids Day of the year, when a good portion of our roster signs autographs for fans for 30 minutes before our game.  We do this four more times this year (April 25, May 23, July 11 and August 1), and we do it for a very good reason … we want youngsters to be able to come to White Sox games (admission for kids on these days is $1 with a paying adult) and connect with our players through a one-on-one interaction (an autograph).  The Trib story doesn’t mention it, but I believe we are the only sports team in town that has its players sign autographs before games on a scheduled basis, and certainly no other team does it as often as we do.

While I am at it, I should mention a great kids offer we make each season, The White Sox Kids Club. Our club, which features tens of thousands of young Sox fans, has two levels, a paid level and a free level.  In the free level, each young fan receives two tickets to a Sox game.  Again, our goal is to build fans for the future by making sure Chicago kids can always get to a White Sox game.



Alright Kotsay, not maybe the pressure will start coming off. Just need to get some more guys hitting….

Good job to Jones and I’m glad Thome got a key hit and we got the out we needed. A much needed win! Good Job

Wow! The Sox won a game! It is going to be a long season.

Ah, to be eleven again!!!! That’s awesome, Scott what the Sox do for kids. The autographs are nice, but to see a game for a buck? That truly is priceless…..

I feel good about our team this year. Why? Because we’ve only given up 20 runs in six games. That’s about a three and a half ERA so far for the entire team. That is good. Just keep it up and the wins will come. Two extra inning losses, not to mention that we had the lead in EVERY game so far. Ups and downs happen, so don’t go off the deep end just yet. Sit back, relax and enjoy what we are seeing on the field. Life’s too short to be moaning all the time anyway.(my opinion).

Now on to Toronto, where we’ve had early season troubles in the past. But that is in the PAST! So all I can say is go White Sox’10….j.k.

Hello Everybody! I know I’m about a week late, but I just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone on our lil’ blog here! (Hi, JK and Josh V!) So we haven’t played spectacular baseball of late, and I already became frustrated but I am still trying to be optimistic….after all, this is just the beginning of the season! So Come On Boys! Get into your rhythyms and show us what you got!

Lisa M

Geez good job JONES, making me eat my words and they never tasted so good!

Hopefully this takes some pressure off Teahen and Rios…

Williams has been struggling, why did Ozzie put him in with the bases loaded?

Nice to see the offense picking up Peavy though…

Wonder where jk is – wish we could win this one, it’s been so back and forth – – already tired of losing – but i wont give up or complain – just wont be happy

This Toronto announcer is just as excited for our good stuff as he is for theirs… kind of enlightening!

Give Jones more playing time, that guy is hungry. That slide into second was nowhere near the bag. Gotta do what ya gotta do.

Can Kotsay play 2nd at all?

I dunno, maybe they can give Vizquel some more playing time. We’ve barely seen him. This has been a good game though.

I take back all the gad things I said about Mark Teahen the other day!! LOL

The guy has really stepped up at the plate tonight.

Only following online so I didn’t see the homer and triple but obviously they were huge . . . . .

what is it with Jenks and 2 outs?

I am too tired for this Drama. Teahen and Jones gotta love it.

TC, they were beyond huge and Jenks had me sweating but came up big on that strikeout. Hell of a game, way to make a statement against a scary lineup in a place that was rough on this team last year….

Looks like “Drama” Jenks is in mid-season form already….. Way to hang in there team……. Maybe this win will get the roger center monkey off our backs… Go Gavin and go Sox’10….j.k.

Jenks seldom does it the easy way. He may have quit drinking but he’ll make Ozzie drink even more with innings like that one.

Like windycity said, that is a big step for a team that has played beyond dreadfully in the Rogers Centre/Skydome in recent years.

Two new guys — Jones and Teahen — step up and pick up Peavy. Jake will be fine. That is the first really poor outing by a starter in the first seven games.

So, despite a 3-4 record, there is some promise creeping through the clouds of doubt. And all 7 games, with the exception of the easy win on Opening Day, have been nailbiters.

I am really shocked though, I figured Teahen could go either way, but Jones really surprised me. I thought he was done. Glad to be wrong.

What a game! The Sox are actually beginning to hit the ball after that slow start! Go White Sox!

“The South Side Story”

I too could do without the Bobby drama – nice to see new faces literally stepping up to the plate! Great win!

Wow, what a game last night! The three in my family had to wait to watch 24 until the real “drama” was over. Jack Bauer seemed rather calm compared to the action in Toronto.

Good to see Rios stick it up all those Blue Jays hineys. Also, Teahen – nice way to step it up big time and way to go Andruw. The trio of new guys – gotta like it. Plus, nice job bull pen. Great to get a win up there – the first since 2007 I think I heard?

Maybe that outing will have given our boys some confidence and the tide will turn now? Let’s hope. While I was disappointed in last week, I kept reminding myself it was just the first week.

Good to see Liptak and Buster in mid season form though. Complaining like crazy after a loss and non-existent after a win.


How about ONE hit tonight Boys?…….

ask and you shall receive. Way to go Rios! and way to sell the hit by pitch by AJ…… keep fighting Boys.. j.k.

Two times out in a row for Linebrink and he looked GOOD! That’s promising… go Sox’10…

Next time I’ll ask for more than “just ONE hit”….. See you tomorrow, all….j.k.

It was awfully sweet it was Rios to break up the no-no, don’t you think?

Can’t speak for Lip, but speaking for myself, I do in fact exist when the SOX manage to eke out a win. Just don’t see much point in posting when our ballplayers actually do what they are paid millions & millions of dollars to do.
Was at the game on Sunday and watched (in disbelief) as the twinkees did something they hardly ever do, literally hand us a win with a barerunning blunder that they normally don’t make.
Last night’s game was a pleasant surprise but we reverted to form again tonight facing a lefty that we hadn’t seen before. We normally don’t hit lefties at all that we aren’t familiar with and tonight was no exception. This team is predictable to a fault.

Well, it’s been one of those weeks in White Sox baseball. We haven’t gotten off to the start that we wanted to, but I’ll try to put a positive spin on this, since it’s still early in the season.

All five games that we have lost, the difference has been by 2 runs or less. Realistically, we could be sitting either a game above or a game below .500 right now, but woulda coulda shoulda. It’s in the past. Other than the first game blowout, we’re playing these games really close. I think once we start firing on all 8 cylinders, we’ll start racking off a few winning streaks, hopefully sooner than later. But, like I said, it’s still early. Everything gets exaggerated this early in the season, whether you’re playing good or bad. Here’s hoping we massage those kinks out soon. Go White Sox!

Geez, great that Rios could an end to that No hitter with a HR. All I can say is that Romero guy was nasty, there was a lot of movement on some of his pitches. Unreal. anywho, hope they can give my guy Danks some support tonight. They never have, here’s hoping for the best….

Whether we win tonight or not (although it looks like a slam dunk at this point), GREAT, REPEAT, GREAT game by the SOX.
Terrific pitching, terrific defense (that play that Kotsay made at first that the ump blew was really sweet), and OUTSTANDING situational hitting.
Very enjoyable game to watch, especially taking place at our new House of Horrors (Toronto Rogers Center).
THIS is what this team is capable of. Here’s hoping that we start seeing a lot more games, and SOX play, like this.

Came into the game as it was 5-0, pleasantly surprised at how this is continuing – – from TQ’s grand slam to Gordo rounding 3rd blowing a bubble.. we most def needed this type of win.. still some game to go, still could implode in grand fashion but things look solid in our hitting!

Way to go Boys! Now let’s win manana and get to .500 on this very young season. Go Sox’10…j.k.


Although we as a team are still under the .500 mark, after last nights shellacking of the Jays, it looks like our slumbering bats have awaken. All we have to do is win today and get the season back to square and we’ll be off and running.

I’d like to share a couple of anecdotes about our team with you, but I don’t have any. So, I guess I’ll just go golfing instead. I’ll catch you during the middle innings for what I hope will be another good Freddie outing.

Until the next sighting of our fearless leader, I remain your humble Tucson j.k…… go Sox’10

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