White Sox on Television Today

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tonight’s Telecast

With a very busy sports schedule on tap for Chicago tonight, we want to make certain you know where to find your White Sox at 7 p.m.

WHITE SOX vs. TAMPA BAY will air LIVE on CSN+2 (featuring Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and Steve Stone on the call)

? This special “CSN+2” game can found on the Total Living Network on Comcast Cable systems throughout the Chicago area on ch. 138…in addition, this CSN+2 White Sox telecast can be found on RCN ch. 371; AT&T U-verse ch. 692, DIRECTV ch. 667 and Dish Network ch. 451…for all other providers, viewers are urged to visit CSNChicago.com to find the exact channel location of this game in their area.

? “U.S. Cellular White Sox Post Game Live” with hosts Chuck Garfien, Bill Melton and Frank Thomas airs immediately following the game on CSN+2. 

And of course, there is always whitesox.com …


I have to tip my hat to Josh who said he’d respect all opinions. Sounds like a good guy. By respecting all opinions I assume he won’t be calling people spoiled or telling them they won’t be missed….

Right Windy … spoiled because we like to see winning.
Won’t be missed by the “superior” posters who write a book to make us feel better by throwing stats and what not showing other teams of mediocrity that did something at the end of the year. I’m with ya.
Remember this guys, only one stat matters … “W”.
I don’t care about how teams in the past started, I care about MY Sox. I don’t care about tomorrows game, I care about today’s. I don’t think about how much time we have left, I THINK ABOUT WHAT WE’RE DOING ABOUT THE PRESENT.
All we want on this blog is for our team to play to it’s potential. That is ALL Sox fans want. That’s WHY we’re Sox fans not Cubs fans. We want to see effort from the team, the coaches and above. I hate the excuses, just give me effort because the effort mixed w/ the talent will get us wins.

All you White Sox fans, come check out Sergio Santos’ facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/sergiosantoswhitesox……GO SOX!!!

Amen to Windy and mrp.
4.5 hours in traffic to get to the cell and home tonight. $100+ for our two season tix and parking pass. Another lackluster SOX effort in another blowout loss to the Rays. PRICELESS!!. Ozzie says he’s embarressed and the team should be too. I couldn’t agree more.
You can’t win the division in April but you can sure lose it. Another week like this past week and the SOX will be playing for 2011. And for all the kool-aid drinking, glass is half full types who keep saying that it’s still early, this team will turn it around, blah, blah, blah and want to bust on me and my negativity, save your breath.
This team is AWFUL, AND I MEAN AWFUL!!!!!
Seems to me (and their manager & I quote) “they look like they just give up whenever another team jabs em” (Ozzie’s words, not mine). Something drastic has to happen very, very soon or we can kiss this year good-bye before April is even over.

Just dropping by to add my thoughts after a few days off (out of town, and mlb.tv range). All the above comments are correct! I can see all your points, and they are valid. As much as I’d like to argue busters negativity, he has a perfect right to his opinion and I respect it. I even agree, that if I spent over $100 per game I’d be peeved too (or worse). I only spend about that same amount for all 162 games and I haven’t had much to cheer about either.And the only travel time I have is from my computer to my tv. So I can understand the anger.

At least the Bulls won: that’s good. At least the Suns won: that’s good too. But when will the Sox start to win? They will win you know, it’s only a matter of time. But how much of a hole will they have to dig out of when they do start to win? With our pitching, this is certainly not the way any of us envisioned the season starting. But this is our reality so we have to accept it. Like it? NO! But we do have to accept it, and (hopefully) improve from here.

About all I can think to add is to hang in there and cheer for the team we have, and maybe that will turn into enjoyment in the not too distant future…… Go Sox’10…..j.k.

I too went to the game tonight, I took along a friend who had never been to the cell before. He enjoyed his trip to the cell, and really liked the park, but how could he have been the least impressed with The Sox.
Unlike most that go to games on the North Side, I go to The Cell because I love baseball and for longer than I care to remember have been a Sox fan. I usually attend 8 to 12 games a year, however if I do not see a team that is willing to put in the effort needed to win, I won’t be attending near as many.
I was embarrassed to bring someone new, sit in the cold, and watch a friend (by the way is a cardinal fan) Try to believe what I had been telling him of the potential of this team. I am sure he was not impressed although being polite he never said as much.
Baseball and The Sox are a distraction from the daily grind. I would prefer to have a distraction that is also entertaining and enjoyable. Tonight was not!

Who gives a damn which TV channel they are on. This team can not pitch or hit. They have the second worst record in MLB. Anyone who watches this team must not have a life.

I agree with most of what has been said. I’m one who also says that it is too early to give up and it is. But by saying that, I am not predicting that this team will turn it around.

It’s tough to win when you don’t score runs. And while the Sox have given up 22 runs in the last two games, much of that has to be attributed to the fact that they were playing the hottest team in baseball. Shoot, when you look at how well Tampa Bay has played on its road trip (9-1 including four straight at Fenway), you really have to appreciate just how well John Danks threw the other night to beat them.

But this Sox team let two of its top two run producers go (Thome and Dye) and did not replace them with run production players. Granted, Dye had a horrible year and Thome is nearing the end of a Hall of Fame career, but you can’t let those kind of players go without having someone to fill their spots. And Mark Kotsay, Andruw Jones and Omar Vizquel are not those guys.

Many people thought that when Joe Nathan got hurt, the White Sox were now the favorites to win the AL Central. But how does Nathan getting hurt drive in runs for the White Sox?

The pitching will be adequate but the offense will not. Either the hitters respond or the Sox will have a tough time righting their ship enough to catch a very good Minnesota team.

It’s still early, I agree. Peavy is in a new league, I remember 07 when floyd and Danks were getting their feet wet. Last game of 07 against Detroit, Floyd got shellacked. It happens. The walks hurt though.

I just hope these guys can pull something together. I would hate to think the organization would feel the need to get rid of AJ due to a lack of butts in seats. AJ is a durable and competent backstop. Let Thome go or Konerko go; I’m good. But AJ is a good producer and Dye would have continued to be one too (he had a bad second half in 09 and a bad first half in 07 – both times when his contract was coming up). I hope Jones can keep up and that Teahen can step it up as well. We’ll see…

Does Mark Cuban still want a ballclub? Maybe Jerry should consider getting out of this business and take KW and Ozzie with him.

Windy, please tell me you were joking when you mentioned Mark Cuban.

We have the best owner in all of professional sports and you think he should be replaced by that pompous blowhard from Dallas???

Like I said, I hope you were just kidding.

Win or lose, this is the kind of baseball I’d like to see. Tied 6 to 6, that grand slam coulda knocked the wind out of their sails, but they are fighting…. They need to keep it up!

Boy, did we need that . . . . .

Happy Birthday Andruw . . . . . . .

Happy b day Jones, thanks for the present, couldn’t have wrote that better….

Both right and wrong TC, I WAS just kidding about Cuban, but Reinsdorf being the best owner in sports? Don’t make me vomit….

Man, Jones is making me eat my words, good for him.

Besides, Cuban as a pompous blowhard owner would be no different than our pompous GM and blowhard manager…. lol sorry, couldn’t help myself…

Jerry took two franchises under his wing and took them both to titles. With the exception of the ’85 Bears, he owns the only two teams in Chicago that have won titles in the last (nearly) half a century.

Go ahead on vomit on that . . . . . .

Yeah I will, they caught lightning in a bottle with that 2005 Sox team and have been trying to achieve that same result ‘economically’ throughout his tenure as owner. I believe that Steinbrenner has had better luck throwing ungodly amounts of money at the problem, albeit with more pronounced catastrophes in that same time.

Far as those Bulls teams, it’s been hotly debated just how much JR ‘was responsible for’ those championship teams. One thing’s for certain, he hasn’t had much luck taking the bulls under his wing since Jordan left.

Consider it ‘vomited’ on. Serious, do they pay you to stand up for them?

Just an fyi, to say he’s the best owner in professional sports is pretty sweeping claim and hard to defend. Now if you wished to say he was one of the more successful ones or good ones in Chicago, hands down you have a case.

He is just another owner. Case in point, those negotiations to keep him from moving the team. Heckuva philanthropist wouldn’t ya say?

Congrats on the first series of they year, very entertaining, good job fellas!

Great win, Paulie and Alex come up huge for another walk off win. Almost as exciting as the Hawks OT win against the Pred today. Great sports day in Chi town. It seems that Ozzie’s comments the other day about this team not being able to take a punch may have woken up a few of them. First (of hopefully many, many more) series win of the year.
That said, Juan Pierre needs to go……………NOW!. Not only is this clown only hitting .220 but he has what, 4 walks all year (in 18 games)! Not to mention maybe the worst arm of any outfielder in the majors. If there is a worse lead-off hitter in all of baseball please point him out. .

Nice win. Nice to see JD get enough run support for a win. Hell, if this kid ever got more than 3 runs/game he’d be a 20 game winner, maybe an All-Star. Thank God for PK. Bailed us out again.
That said, if Alexi EVER comes up again when we desperately need a sacrifice bunt (today Teahen on second, nobody out, tie game, bottom of seventh) pull him. If this guy can’t even lay down a sacrifice (and he obviously can’t since Oz didn’t even call for one), SIT HIM TILL HE LEARNS TO BUNT! Standing there, taking a called third strike, while we NEED the runner moved over from 2nd to third IS NOT going to get it done. Send OV up (great bunter) and let him play short the remainder of the game.

I agree Buster, Alexi should not be in the majors. Really what has he done. 1 good year not an exceptional year just good. I’ve never been an Alexi fan. He needs to go.

We finally win (not only a series) but get the sweep and all I read is negativity… STILL?? No wonder this ship is sinking. Apologies to Scott for that comment, but I look around and don’t see most of the “regulars” from over the past five years ( and that includes me too) and I have to think that this excellent contribution from our VP of communications is on it’s last leg. I hope I am wrong, but if no one comments, why would Scott continue to take his time to keep us entertained?

Take a well deserved day off Boys, including Juan and Alexei, (and AJ and Q, since they’re probably next on the “off with their heads” roll call). I will see you on Tuesday….. Go Sox’10

What a weekend! Not only did we win our first series, but we got our first sweep of the year as well. Granted they weren’t easy wins and we needed some late inning heroics, but that just makes the victories taste that much sweeter. I wasn’t able to watch any of the games as I had some out-of-town commitments, but if they keep winning, maybe I shouldn’t watch any more games for the rest of the year.

Paulie’s bat is coming to life and Andruw is still doing his thing. Let’s build on this and go at the Rangers hard tomorrow. Go White Sox!

Hi jk – I’m still here – just nothing good can come from reading all the negativity and commenting – I’ve always kept quiet when things were ugly. Hoping the sweep will start the spark that lights the fire for the year! GO SOX!

Hi, JK, Tim and Kris. I’m still here, too, although clearly not contributing as regularly as years past. You all know that I belong to the Pollyanna Parade, so I’m more-or-less apt to turn away from the negative vibes, as opposed to jumping on the NNN’s float.

I can agree that it’s been a rough year, but it is still early giving Kenny and Ozzie ample time to tweak as needed. Good to see some guys coming alive and out of hibernation. Now if that could just rub off on AJ. In the meantime, let’s push him a little lower in the lineup, shall we, Ozzie? Love what I’m seeing out of Thornton, but the Bobby-Drama is going to have me on the floor at the Cell one of these days. (Could we install a defibrillator near Sec 143, please?) Not ready to give up on Pierre just yet.

On an interesting note, I’m 4 for 4 in games attended, and Pat is 5 for 5. Scott, we talked it over and are happy to give up our day jobs to become professional good luck charms. Anything for the team.

I won’t express my disdain over negativity and then say the ship is sinking in the same sentence.

What I will do is express my opinions, included my excitement (still) over this Sox team. AJ would never make my heads roll list, although I would like to see the Bad Boy AJ again. And Scott need not worry I read the site a helluva lot more than I comment, as others I am sure. If this site is just going to be a cheerleader site and not a site where ideas, complaints, and cheers are all included, then I would quit reading. I enjoy Scott’s insights to the ball club, and everyone’s’ comments. Go Sox!!!!

I’m glad you’re all still around. Maybe some sort of win streak will bring us ALL back into the fold, but where’s Scott?….. Enjoy your day off everybody, and go Sox’10…..j.k.

Hey JK -“We finally win (not only a series) but get the sweep and all I read is negativity… STILL?? No wonder this ship is sinking.”
Who said anything about any ship sinking?
Maybe you should re-read some of the previous posts before you start whining about “negativity”: ie: “Great win, Paulie and Alex come up huge for another walk off win. Almost as exciting as the Hawks OT win against the Pred today. Great sports day in Chi town.” Or how about: “Nice win. Nice to see JD get enough run support for a win. Hell, if this kid ever got more than 3 runs/game he’d be a 20 game winner, maybe an All-Star. ”
It’s a BLOG folks. That means (to me at least) that everybody’s opinion is valid and worthwhile (including and maybe most especially) those that criticize all the mistakes this team has made so far this year. JP is a crumby lead-off hitter. Alexi can’t bunt. Other than PK and AJones, nobody on this team is hitting. The pitching (supposedly our strength – other than Johnny Danks) has been average at best. I believe this team has the talent to win it ALL, that’s part of the reason I take issue with their un-inspired play. If they ever get it together they will roll over the tiggers and twinkees. Until then I’ll call it like I see it and I hope all of the other “regulars” on this blog will do the same.


I agree that this site is for all points of view. True, I get frustrated when some people bitch and moan all the time and harp on the same subject over and over again but I read them and know that this is a venue for their thoughts.

I think this Sox team has potential but I won’t go along with your assessment that if they play well “they will roll over the tiggers and twinkees.” Detroit is talented and Minnesota is a very good club. Things will have to fall in place for the Sox. They will have to continue to win close games and will have to get some consistent starting pitching.

Regardless, it will be fun to follow them.

Am really happy to see Konerko off to a good start. He has been a class act throughout his career and a real team player. Good guys like him deserve good things to happen to them.

I’d like to see Alexei bunt better. But I’d rather see him hit line drives like he did his rookie year.

My final thought — Is there any lefthander in baseball that is more effective out of the ‘pen than Matt Thornton? He might be the best acquisition that Kenny has ever made.

And, one more “final” thought. It pains me to see Scott Podsednik hitting around .400 for another team in our division while our leadoff guy struggles like he has.

I know you and I don’t agree on much but I do respect your point of view and, from time to time, you do have some interesting points that I think are quite valid. That said, I do not share your view that “Detroit is talented and Minnesota is a very good club”. Detroit is average, at best. Other than Porcello and Verlander, their pitching (and bullpen) does not match up well with the SOX. Minnesota is a good, not very good, club. I would take our starting staff and bullpen over theirs any day, especially now that Nathan is gone. They might be good enough to win the division, but as per usual, they will go nowhere in the playoffs. The SOX on the other hand have the best starting staff in baseball, bar none. The talent & potential for them to get on a HUGE roll is there. Only chemistry and inspiration seems to be missing so far.
Alexi bunt better? He can’t bunt (at least for a sacrifice AT ALL!). If he could, Ozzie would have called for it yesterday, he didn’t. I agree completely about Thorton. Personally I would liike to see him elevated to closer and BJ become a set-up man, but that’s just me.
My final thought is it must be GREAT satisfaction for PODS to be having the year he is. As I recall he, singlehandedly, probably won 10 games for us last year and was solid all year long. Now we have this clown Pierre starting in LF and hitting (not) lead-off for us.

I dunno, what some people call negativity, others call a critique. If someone comes in, just generalizes about another’s post and is just negative for the heck of it, then yeah, that’s negativity. For instance, the negative view is “bitching and moaning”, well, then why isn’t the overly positive view lambasted as well?. If it’s about the team or how it’s put together, I reserve the right to get miffed if someone labels it negativity. Half the fun in this is making the call as it unfolds, not after it’s done and everything is in hindsight. Me and my cousin go at this every season, it’s how we do it (right now I’m doing better than he is, lol!). Besides all the rah rah rah gets old and why come here to read it?. Part of the enjoyment of watching this game is trying to break it down. That said….

While it’s great they swept the series, it was overwhelmingly due to homeruns. They’re just not going to come all the time like this. Here’s to hoping it will…

Far as Ramirez, he’s starting to look like Uribe at the plate, but no so much in the field. I’ve been hesitant to voice my ‘negativity’ regarding him due to worrying about reaction. But if I recall his rookie season he said he wanted to be a slugger. I know he can hit the ball hard but I hoped that hitting for the gap or for average would set him apart from the guy he replaced. Hope I’m not being too hard on him, but whatever.

I don’t mind Pierre (tho it would have been nice to have Pods), I think he’ll come around, same with Peavy.

Far as Minnesota, I dunno, they have a ridiculous lineup and competent staff. They don’t strike me as guys that make a lot of mistakes. That sets them apart from a team with potential like Seattle and puts the pressure on us to play up to their level. I guess we’ll see, when do they play NY?

Hi all, I’m still here.

Maria is the leader of my parade, I guess that is why I have avoided the “negative” discussion.

Only thing I want to chime in about is jk is NOT a whiner. Been reading this blog since ’05 and I can attest to that at least!


Hey Guys….Like many of you, I have also been a part of this Blog since ’05. I just choose to read more often than I post. I figure, I’m not paid to manage this baseball team and since The White Sox have hired professionals to run this team, they could probably care less about any “advice” I would give anyway. That’s why I choose to scroll past the posts that attempt to discredit any efforts being made to run this team effectively. The way I figure it, if they wanted your advice, they would ask for it and pay you for it. Plus, I really don’t care about the “bitchin’ n moanin'” or about the “overly positive”. All I care about is whether the Sox are winning or losing, and if their losing, how will “the professionals” (who are actually gettin paid for their expertise) fix it ? But, I’d rather read the posts from the”rah, rah, rah’s” than from another layman/woman trying to “break it down” for me. I’m not an idiot and I can “break it down” for myself, thank you very much, without felling the need to post my every criticism. But that’s just me. Nobody has to agree or disagree. This I why I love that feature on my computer that allows me to scroll past whatever I am uninterested in reading.

And for the record, I am also part of Maria’s Parade, and JK never has been nor will ever be considered a “whiner” !

Lisa M

*apparenty, I am not an idiot, but I can’t type for crap! LOL
“without felling the need” should be w/o feeling the need! ugh!

Wow! Kris, Lisa, and MariE: thanks for covering my back. I didn’t think I was at risk until I re-read some of the posts. The only “sinking ship” I was referring to was this blog. We are NOT commenting as often or as passionately as in years past. Scott is NOT posting as often as in years past. I would miss this venue if it were to go, but I understand that nothing lasts forever: that is what prompted my comment that Buster brought focus to.

I’m as much with the Sox and behind them now as ever before, and will remain so, but there IS one thing I feel compelled to say: (arms flailing and feet kicking) ” I WON’T EAT MY PEAS!!!!!! There, now I feel better.

Oh, and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

LOL! and THAT is why I love you Klein! Thanks for makin me smile….again!

Why is there so much wind at US Cellular Field?
Because the White Sox sssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!

Ok, right now I’m stuck in hockey heaven so I haven’t been posting much either, but let’s all play nice kids! No resorting to name calling ok? That being said, still very early in the season. Yea, we started out sucky, there are issues, but 110+ games left. Danks is my stud, Jones better than I ever expected, and despite the Ozzie ball mentality, we still can get the walk off. I’m willing to give this team a chance. Said it all along that lots of things have to go right to make this a winning season, but I’m not ready after less than a month to say it isn’t going to happen. Pollyanna, maybe–ok yea, but patient is what I prefer to say. I think alot of the anger out there is from frustration over the missed opportunities, poor execution, and that fact that people know how things could be if the stars align.

JK, Maria, Marie, Lisa, TQ, TC, Kris, Josh, et al….I’ll be back more to bother ya after I drink from Lord Stanley’s Cup!!🙂

And hey, any word on a blog night?

Wasn’t quite sure before, but I know now the meaning of Ozzie ball. They have to learn to steal home, because they are not hitting them home.

Hi JK, Maria, Donna, MariE, Kris, TQ, TC, Josh, Lisa, and everyone,

I haven’t posted much lately because I’m so swamped with work (a four-letter word if ever there was one).

I agree it’s too early to give up on such a talented team. And I am concerned about so many games where our guys score 3 runs or less. That won’t get it done. The frustrating thing for me is seeing the same problems occur season after season: 1) can’t hit new pitchers; 2) leadoff man (other than Pods) doesn’t get on base; 3) can’t bunt; 4) proven capable hitters don’t hit.

I know that other teams experience some of these issues, too, but I can’t think of any contending team that has all of them recur nearly every season. I have no idea what the reason is, but somebody in the Sox organization should, and they need to fix at least two of them sooner than later.

There is plenty of baseball left, and I am as loyal a fan as lives and breathes, I will cheer the Sox as long as I have breath, and I want this team to perform to its ability. Is that so much to ask??

Go SOX!!!

So where is the Jake Peavy of last September? 5-0 after one….. OUCH!…. come on Sox’10……j.k.

Peavy will eventually work out his issues. And the pitching will be the least of our concerns.

As I watch this team tonight (one of the first chances I have had to watch some action this year) I continue to see the biggest problem the Sox have.

This team simply cannot score enough runs to win games in the American League. At least not enough games to contend.

We have part-time role players like Kotsay playing way too often. Vizquel was brought in as a late-innings defensive guy and a mentor for Alexei. He couldn’t hit much when he was 33, let alone 43.

And you add that to regulars that are slumping and you have little or no offense.

This team has to win games that are 4-3 and 3-2. Final scores of 8-7 or 10-3 aren’t going to happen too often for Hawk’s “Good Guys.” At least with the Good Guys having the bigger number . . . . .

O.K. Jake came back and was SOLID for the rest of his night ( 61/3 innings pitched). One bad inning. That can be fixed, but I have to agree with you, tc: our hitting with RISP is not good, and hasn’t been good since ’06. …. Let’s take this one late… go Sox’10…..j.k.

I am not critical, but I would like someone explain this lineup tonight, just your thoughts please.

I’ll start out positive, Peavy settled down nicely. The damage was done by then though. There was no way they were coming back from that. TC you are right on, this team can’t score enough runs. We’ve got a shot if our pitchers are on, but nights like these will happen and I chalk it up for a L when it does. We have to be up there as a team hitting into double plays, seems like we hit into a handful everyday. I am so baffled as to why Pierre hit in the 9th. Tomorrow is another day?

Well, taking it late didn’t quite work out for us although we DID give it a pretty good shot==== so, let’s take it early (as in tomorrows game). I’m hoping for TEN wins for the month and now we are down to having to win Thursday and Friday….. Let’s get it done Boys…….j.k.

Hello to all my blogging buddies. So I had a little downtime at work today, and for fun, I decided to tweak our current lineup. Pierre’s just not getting it done at the top of the order, and sometimes a shakeup is all it takes to get the spark back in the team. Now granted, I haven’t seen but one full White Sox game this season due to new parental duties, so I’m basing this lineup on the current stats of the players, specifically AVG and OBP. This is open to debate, so if you feel something is terribly wrong with my lineup (which it probably is), feel free to chime in. I’m interested as to what you all think.


Teahen 3B .269 .377

Rios CF .270 .325

Jones DH .275 .393

Konerko 1B .275 .386

Quinten RF .183 .322

Beckham 2B .205 .293

Pierzynski C .167 .231

Pierre LF .213 .276

Ramierez SS .217 .229

Like I said, this is based solely on their current stats and not what they’ve done in previous years. And this was just for fun just to see how the lineup would shake out based on that. Let’s take the final game in Texas tonight, and then prepare for the Yanks. Go White Sox!

Please excuse the poor formatting in the above post. The “three return” rule for new paragraphs was a little tricky.


And please excuse that bad typo. :/


And that one. Geez, I’m typing how they’ve been playing. O_o

Bravo Josh! Based on what has been going on this year, I think it looks good! Pierre isn’t cutting it right now in the leadoff and Teahen has picked it up so why not? Teahen isn’t exactly slow either. Yet we have Pierre as our DH today leading off. UGH. Love to hear what others think.

Hey Josh,

I like your line up. I totally think Pierre needs to be near the bottom of the line up. He’s not cutting it at the top. I groaned out loud and yelled at Ozzie last night when I saw him coming up to bat in the ninth.

Scott, can you get this line up to Ozzie? It might work! And what he’s got going on isnt’ working any way.


Unfortunately, Pierre is just not very good and was a poor acquisition.

So, I had to laugh today when one of the Rangers announcers ( I watched on mlb network) said that Bobby Jenks is usually “lights out” in the ninth. Thank goodness Paulie went deep that second time for the 4 run lead or our “Cardiac Kid” might have given up said lead.

But we WON! And for the first time on Thursday this year too. Now if we beat NY tomorrow, we’ll at least get to 10 wins for the month, and that’s a start.

Interesting line-up Josh. Ozzie needs to sit Pierre for a game of two anyway, so why not go with your thoughts; I approve. In fact, in keeping with our “roving DH” theory, why not have a roving “Manager for a Day”? The position would be honorary of course, but said top spot would have contact to Ozzie and could share his/her ideas. This could help promote Sox charities with whatever way the person is selected (lottery, pool, season ticket holder, bribe, or what have you)

It was good to see Gavin pitch well again, and after yesterday’s first, Jake was solid too. Keep the faith Boys and things will start to go your way. Now, on to NY…. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

I stand corrected to my previous post(s). Alexi laid down a sacrifice bunt today, and actually advanced the runners. Will miracles never cease?
Thank God for PK. Didn’t think at the time that his second dinger would be the game winnner but I forgot (for a moment anyway) who our “closer” is. Sure glad PK’s second blast put us up by 4 and not 2.
We’ll see what kind of team we have this week-end in NY.
I don’t think KW is going to sit idly by much longer and watch the SOX play .400 ball.

Hi all,

I like Josh’s lineup, and it’s a good idea to try someone else in the leadoff spot, since Pierre isn’t getting the job done.

Happy to see that Ramirez bunted successfully, and big thanks and hugs to Paulie for the insurance runs – they were definitely needed.

Let’s take this momentum to NYC, and end April on a high note!

Go SOX!!


I didn’t think that people posted here to try to get a word in with management? But can’t people talk baseball on this site? The good and the bad? Without having to preface every statement with, “Not trying to be mean, BUT…”, or “Don’t mean to be critical and break something down for someone, BUT…” I don’t get why we can’t talk about the way the team is put together, but we can shout people off the blog for bringing a different viewpoint or being negative. I remember (aside from Liptak) there used to be other folks coming around this page and posting their views and stats (yeah they can lie, but they can be used as premises to support arguments) to make a case. A few of those folks if I can recall them correctly, don’t come around anymore. So the rah rah rah is all we get and if anyone goes against it, we get grief. Whatever happened to talking baseball, not just rooting for the team.

Good luck to these guys with the Yankees, here’s to hoping that Garcia pitches up to the occasion so to speak!

And as far as Pierre, I never really thought hitting would be alot different in this league as opposed to the other. Downside is you do have players that just float around from one year/team to the next like Edgar Rentaria, and those guys just don’t seem to stick real well in the AL. I just didn’t have Pierre pegged for that. Here’s to hoping that ain’t the case.

Not makin excuses, but…………………….pretty tough to beat the Yanks in NY when the home plate ump is giving their pitchers (and not ours) an outside corner strike zone (to both right and left hand SOX hitters) that is 6 inches off the plate.


I don’t mind some of the negative stuff because, let’s face it, when you are 9-14 there is mostly negative. But in years past, it has been the negative comments with the condescending tone that some — particularly our old friend Liptak — brought to the board that got a little old.

I worked tonight so all I know is the box score I just read. good to see Paulie still swinging the hot bat. Just need some more to join him. Apparently Beckham had a couple of hits so maybe he is coming around.

Gotta get at least one of the remaining two in NY to make sure the trip is not a total setback.

Not sure about Alexei leading off but there aren’t many options now with Pierre in the tank. Will probably see Alexei against lefties and Teahen against righties.

But all I want to see right now are a few more wins on a regular basis.

Ok, fair enough. Look, it’s early the season isn’t ‘too far gone’, it’s not. But Liptak and his posts (and others for that matter) as I saw them starting with the 2007 season, weren’t inaccurate. They weren’t. Even the 2008 season, we had some serious shortcomings. It is what it is. Our present team isn’t horrible, they must be the best last place team in the league. If the team batting average would go up alittle maybe we’d be taking more of these close games maybe. Who knows.

Far as today, hope Danks can pull one off today, cause pierre ain’t helping much. You know, I always liked Javier Vasquez. I felt alot of the time he never got run support. Funny how that keeps happening.

Man, that could have been worse but Teahen really screwed the pooch in that fifth inning and it resulted in Danks having to work harder. 117 pitches in 5 innings, geez.

Hope to see Boone Logan get shelled by us for a change rather than for us. When did the Yankees pick him up?

Hi Windy, things were looking good, but the pace of the game is BRUTALLY slow. I think that’s what got Danks out of rhythm and made him throw so many pitches. Three innings to get a couple of runs: come on Boys….

Why is Linebrink still employed by the White Sox?

Well, how about that? All we have to do now is hold them down for three innings…. Way to go AJ, go Sox’10….j.k.

And the really crazy thing is that Linebrink is in line for the win. Not very fair to Danks or any other pitcher who threw well today…. hold ’em for TWO more innings Boys…j.k.

Come on Boys, more runs…. it’s Bobby time and he’s going to face their 2-3-4 hitters…… Go Sox’10……j.k.


Nice comeback win. Nice to see AJ come up clutch against Marte. Believe that was his first hit against Damaso. Nice that it was a game winner. Andruw J always looks great against JV (he has always hit Vasquez likes he owned him). Hats off to Ozzie for starting Andruw J today but why is Rios sitting and Juan (I can’t hit my way out of a paper bag in the AL) Pierre in the lineup?
It’s a shame that JD gets no deicsion today and Linebrink picks up a win after allowing 4 runs in one inning of work.


I think Linebrink is still there because he has a contract too big for the Sox to eat.

Big day for guys to hit on former teammates. Sox hit long balls off Vazquez, Swisher hits one off the Sox and Pierzynski beats Marte with a game-winning double.

I usually don’t go for the revenge factor personally, but I love beating Marte after he pulled his AWOL crap on the Sox back in ’05.

Maybe A.J. is finally finding his groove.

I thought I heard somewhere that Rios wasn’t available for the rest of the weekend. I didn’t get a chance to watch today so I don’t know what was said about him not being in the lineup.

Would be nice to get another one tomorrow and come home 3-3 on this trip to two places where we have struggled in recent years.

I think I heard Rios’ wife had their kid, so he went back to be there. I wondered the same thing myself, having all the subs (other than Jones) in at once.

This is really getting painful to watch. Can Nix play 2nd? I’d sit Ramirez and move Beckham to short, but it seems these guys really don’t want to move Beckham around at all.

What positions does that CJ Retherford play?


Okay, let’s get out of this inning….

You know, Josh, that is a good lineup, sorry not to mention it earlier. I’d tweak it just a bit and put in Nix for Ramirez in the 9 hole. Just to get Nix some at bats and see what happens. I dunno, Ramirez did good in 08, but after the league had seen him he didn’t do so spectacular in 09. In my mind his performance this year could go either way. Oh well.

How long was Jared Mitchell supposed to be out for that surgery? Can’t believe that happened, some rotten luck without a doubt.

Hahaha, talking to myself today, why not?

Hearing this music at the yankee park is really driving me nuts. Can no one on this team show some life? Hell, Ozzie, do something. Granted for him to even get ejected there needs to be something worth arguing. Why doesn’t Ozzie get up and take some cuts as an offensive substitution?

I think this Yankee lineup is pretty tough, better than last years. Big part of their championship last year was (seems to me) the entire AL sucked and they were the only team that didn’t….

This game is never going to end….

Man, I hate the Yankees., ah there you go Ozzie.

Get your money’s worth Ozzie, seriously….

Nice job Alexi.

Great, put in Williams with the bases loaded? Uh oh.

What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
What do you do with a drunken sailor,
Early in the morning!

Please end this madness that is White Sox baseball! Like the commercial says, “It’s black and white!”

I hate that bell music of the Yankees, but I don’t quite mind that pirate music. They should play that more!

Yeah, Ken, not getting the inside strike gave the Yankees all 12 of their runs…..

alright a 13 run inning for the sox, c’mon!

Alright, thank you! And I’m equally happy they aren’t playing the bell music!

Well, to be positive, at least this one is o-vah!

Wow Windy, I have to commend your blog effort even though we didn’t get the W today. Also, to your earlier comment about my lineup, I was just rearranging the starters, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what Nix could do with more at bats if Ramirez keeps faltering. I was also contemplating putting Lucy in since he has done well with his limited at bats.

1 for 3 in NY was about what I expected. Hopefully we can get things going on our next homestand. Go White Sox!

At this point, if they were to get rid of Pierzynski, it WOULD be interesting to see what Lucy could do. But yeah, Ramirez is just killing me all around. Might as well play Nix in his place or put him at second if possible and see how well Beckham can remember his old position.

I had hoped against hope they could show something today. Oh well. I was particularly proud of that sailor song, ah, good times…

Drat, Lucy got optioned back to AAA Charlotte. But I would rather run with Lucy than Ramon Castro. But that said, even if they were to get rid of Konerko or AJ, that wouldn’t bring anything but minor leaguers, they may as well bring up Jordan Danks now (due to two underproducing outfielders) and see how he does…

Didn’t see the game today, but as I said in a previous post, Alexi has to go. Period. The rest of the team I am fairly happy with. 1out of 3 from this Yankee team at New York is not terrible. I do believe Ozzie needs to pick a lineup and stick to it, as much as possible. I think it is the only way to rid the slump is play em.

Scott you OK? Where are you?

Good question, bench: Where is he? I can attest that I don’t have him out here. Maybe he got lost in Texas. That’s a pretty big state with pretty big cities. Maybe he got mugged in NY, or perhaps he fell through a worm hole and will be seen on the next episode of 24. He could help Jack out of his latest troubles.

Maybe he went to KC instead of coming back home. It would be easy to confuse “home” and “away”. Maybe he stayed at a holliday inn express and delivered the Rios Baby: that would explain it. Maybe HE had family commitments and was unavailable to us (his adoring fans). Whatever the case, I’m sure we’ll hear from him soon….. Ooh, maybe if we find Waldo, we’d locate Scott too.

Today is the first battle of last place in the Central. Win this series and we might even be in third come Thursday. As many problems as we’ve had with KC the last few years, I think we WILL beat them. We WILL start to move up in the standings and we WILL begin to turn this season around. It all starts tonight. Go Sox’10….j.k.

Hey All!
Windy, I’m diggin that drunken sailor song! lol
If he’s a hot lookin sailor, i can tell ya EXACTLY what to do with him! : ) jk

Okay, so, here’s to hopin this week in White Sox baseball will be better than last week’s! I mean things have to start lookin’ better sooner or later, right? I mean, right????!!!!!
I hope it’s sooner than later. About time ozzie gets his butt out there and at least calls the umps on their bs…..I was watchin in between loads of clothes and it looked like Mark was gettin squeezed to me! Plus, I can’t stand to see all those men left stranded on base! They really need to get that together!

My youngest daughter is going to the game tonight with her youth group. Hopefully they can bring home a WS win!
Have a good day everyone!

lol, my new favorite song!

J. Pierre leading off again. Hate it. Not really sure where else to put the guy other than at the bottom of the order so he bats as little as possible. Well, that or the bench.

I want to keep watching games and going to the games I’ve already paid for, but the White Sox make it very difficult to enjoy. Still hoping for a turnaround. Give me a Hawks win tonight to raise the spirits.

J. Pierre leading off again. Hate it. Not really sure where else to put the guy other than at the bottom of the order so he bats as little as possible. Well, that or the bench.

I want to keep watching games and going to the games I’ve already paid for, but the White Sox make it very difficult to enjoy. Still hoping for a turnaround. Give me a Hawks win tonight to raise the spirits.

Pierre at the top of the lineup and Justin Bieber throwing out the first pitch. It doesn’t look like a good sign for the White Sox tonight. :/

All joking aside, let’s kick some Royal butt. Go White Sox!

Mondays are a day when I could have the chance to watch on TV. But Noooooooo they are on wciu and blacked out on everything else. I can’t watch them on the mlb network, direct tv package, nothing. P#@!%&s me off.

awwwww!….Josh, ur so mean! LOL

My 14 yr old daughter will be attending tonight’s game with her youth group. She “claims” not to like Justin Bieber either, but just last month she would play his video over and over again! I would hear it blasting from the television in my front room…..”baby, baby, baby, oooohhh!” Ugh!
Anyway, all the other girls were excited that he was throwing out the 1st pitch!

She has already been instructed to bring home a W!

I miss Pods n Getz! : (



Just reviewed the entire listings on this thread. Just wanted to make a point. I have never, ever tried to be “condensending” towards other posters. I have lost my temper at times, particularly against you, because you have a way of bringing it out of me with your views.

That’s my problem not yours, but to say I was “condensending” towards others is absolutely false.

If you feel I am than I apologize but I expect the same from those who feel they have the right to make personal attacks on me because of my views.

I’ve stayed away because it’s clear I (and others apparently) aren’t wanted. Fair enough. Feel free to talk about anything and everything that you want to within the guidelines and parameters you feel are appropriate.

I’ll be along from time to time with interview links for those who care to learn more about the history of this franchise.

My only comment about this team is that those who put together what is looking like a 3rd losing season in the past four years sooner or later have to be held accountable. Decisions are made with the best of intentions but ultimately what matters is wins and losses and this club is starting to get farther and farther under the .500 mark since the All Star Break of 2006.

Mark Liptak

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSS! Atta boy, Alexei!

Lisa, here’s hoping your daughter brought good luck tonight, and this was the start of it.

Lip, I don’t always agree with your points of view, but I also ALWAYS read your comments. I would hate for you to leave because you felt pressured to do so. One thing we both DO agree on is we want this team to start winning! How about tonight? How about right NOW?… Go Sox’10…j.k.

Man, KC’s staff really fell off since last year. I feel bad for them, ironically enough.

So far so good! Nice start by Jake thus far.. and we’re into the eighth! Keep it up for your first win of the year….. j.k.

hey, Lisa, I’ll chip in to send your daughter to the Cell every game…. Nicely done..j.k.

And lest we forget… We are now in THIRD place in the central……. It’s a start….. Go Gavin and go Sox’10……

Geez, MIN laid a beating on DET. Alrighty, looks like Peavy is getting warmed up, maybe he just had to crawl before he walked. Who the heck is justin bieber?

Beautiful outing by Peavy. Hopefully this is where he turns it around. Nice game and heck for Ames sake I’ll even excuse the Pods homer. Im sure she did more than just smile at the Cell!!😉

Mark, I hope you will post. I’m a pollyanna, but I do enjoy what you bring to the blog. Please come back!

Hoping we have another good day tomorrow!

Chiming in late, as usual, from the west coast. Nice to see a W for the Sox tonight. Hope it is the start of a long win streak!!

Mark, I hope you do continue to post here, because I always like to read what you have to say, whether I agree or not. I would really miss your posts.

G’night all, and here’s to another win tomorrow.

Go SOX!!!


Oh Heck Mark I wondered where you went, don’t leave now, I enjoy both the half full and half empty, or maybe even sometimes dry glass comments. I think we are all capable of reading everyone’s comments and coming up with a conclusion of our own. Speaking of half full we are 2 out of 3 in May, I think. Go Sox!!!


My comment about your condescending attitude had absolutely nothing to do with your attitude toward other posters. It strictly was pointed at your attitude toward many of the players — both with the Sox and on other teams.

It irritated me to see you constantly refer to players as “garbage.” These guys are professionals and wouldn’t have reached the big leagues if they weren’t talented enough to do so.

As a sportswriter and radio announcer, would you have the nerve to call these guys “garbage” to their faces while interviewing them? Or in articles that you wrote about them?

I know they are big boys and are in the public spotlight and have to endure criticism from paying customers. But calling them “garbage” and placing yourself that far above them is pretty condescending to me.

And I, too, wish you were back on the board. I may regret saying that sometime down the road (LOL!), but I guess it is too late now since I put it in writing.

I haven’t been around long enough to fully perceive Lip’s reputation, but I agree with the others that I would hate for him to leave if he felt pressured to do so. I’ve stated before that I believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion even if I don’t agree with it. And besides, a different point of view may bring up a point or issue that I wouldn’t have even thought about.

I think most problems happen when some posters make their comments personal to another poster, or they take someone else’s comments as a personal attack on them or their beliefs. Like I said, I wasn’t around when during Lip’s main stay here, so I won’t try to speculate what happened or take sides. However, we all can agree on the passion we have for the team, and that we want the White Sox to do well. But these are my two cents for what it’s worth.

Getting back to baseball talk, we may have to start a fund to send Lisa’s daughter to every game, or at least have (*sigh*) Justin Bieber throw out the first pitch at every home game. If this is the point our season turns around, it will be weird to attribute it to “Bieber Fever”. Let’s take round 2 tonight and get our 2nd series win out of the way. Go White Sox!

Woo-Hoo! I guess the Teeny Boppers brought the Good Luck to the Cell last night! : )
And my daughter followed instructions! Thank You Sweetie! LOL
How bout that HR by Pods! That made me smile and I thought of Amy, at the game, probably all cheesy! : )
Notice it was very near the spot where he hit that HR in 2005! No need to send my daughter to EVERY game, although she is 3 for 3 this year! ; D

On another note….Liptak, how many times has trash been talked on this site? There would be no blog w/o the occasional drama. That never drove you away before so don’t let it now!

Come on White Sox! Make it a GREAT week! and kudos to Bieber Fever! LOl


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