1,000 For Ozzie

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Marks the 1,000th game for White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.  When asked before the game if it seems like 1,000 games since he began leading the Sox, Guillen replied, “It seems like 1,000 games since Opening Day to May 4.”

Only three other Sox managers led the team for 1,000 or more games: Jimmy ***** (1,850), Al Lopez (1,495) and Tony LaRussa (1,035).  Guillen is one of four active managers to reach 1,000 games with his initial club (Minnesota’s Ron Gardenhire, Toronto’s Cito Gaston and Los Angeles’ Mike Scioscia).

Guillen’s victory last night was his 523rd, passing LaRussa for sole possession of third place all-time.


Did Riefert just get censored? LOL! I suppose if I try to type the guy’s name, I’ll get censored too. Man, the Cell looks kind of empty tonight. Good job to AJ for helping us out. Not so great we left 2 guys on…

C’mon fellas, get some runs!

Atta boy RIOS!!!!!

C’mon Carlos, get this rally started….

Welcome Back Scott


Congratulations to Ozzie on his 1000th game. Unfortunately another day with another lackluster performance against the last place team in the AL central. Another loss. This SOX club was 9-15 in spring training and is 11-16 so far during the year. Sorry folks but this team, as currently constructed, is a .400 club in the AL Central which is arguably the worst division in the AL, perhaps in all of baseball.

Congrats to Ozzie on 1000!!! Still love that guy!!
Pitching-defense-scoring on the long ball.
Man, this is getting so frustrating. Tea had another error, pitching gave up 7 runs and 16 more hits and we only got 2 runs??? I don’t get this team!!! I love how the standings show us in 3rd. Guess they’re trying to make us feel better about these guys.
Still early guys??? 30 games / 40 / 50 ???? At what point do we just say man, we’re not that good??????
I’m thinking KC is gonna take the series.

I love Ozzie Guillen. 1,000 games is awesome. To be in the same discussion as Jimmy *****, Al Lopez and Tony La Russa is cool. Ozzie has one thing they don’t as a manager of the White Sox. A world series ring. And to be among the top of list of active managers with Ron Gardenhire (Twins), Cito Gaston (Blue Jays) and Mike Scioscia (Angels) is a good list to be on as well. All three of those guys are good. Congrats to Ozzie. Now let’s turn this team around.
“South Side Story”

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