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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Need Help Finding Tonight’s Game on CSN+2?

This from the guys at Comcast SportsNet Chicago …

Unfortunately, the Blackhawks/Stanley Cup Playoffs Round 2-Game 3 fell on an evening where Comcast SportsNet already had two events scheduled.  Originally, the Cubs were to air on the main Comcast SportsNet channel and the White Sox on CSN+.  Now, the Cubs game will move to CSN+ and the White Sox to CSN+2.  During the course of the entire MLB season, please know that Comcast SportsNet equally splits the number of its White Sox and Cubs games on CSN+. 

At this moment, none of Comcast SportsNet’s affiliates are able to secure a third HD channel location for the White Sox game.  Please note the first hour of the White Sox game will also air on the main Comcast SportsNet channel location from 7:00-8:00pm.  For exact CSN+2 channel locations, viewers are urged to visit

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Alrighty then, some momentum hopefully and Rios is tearin’ it up, bring on the Jays….

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