This Date In White Sox History

Thursday, May 6, 2010

1923 — Early Sheely had two RBI and Charlie Roberston allowed just three runs over nine innings in the Sox 4-3 win over Detroit.

1939 – In a wild and high scoring game, the White Sox were able to best the Senators 14-12.  Down 8-2, the White Sox scored eight runs in the bottom of the of the fourth before losing the lead again. They scored three more runs in the bottom of the sixth to regain the lead and held on to improve their record to 10-5.

1955 – The White Sox topped the Tigers despite not registering an RBI.   They scored one run, which was unearned, and beat Detroit 1-0.  Virgil Trucks threw a complete game shutout and allowed a mere two hits.

1968 – Tommy John moved to 3-0 on the season, as he threw a complete game and limited the Angels to three hits.  Bill Melton and Tim Cullen each drove in a couple of runs as the White Sox picked up a 5-1 win.

1977 – Richie Zisk homered as the White Sox handed Cleveland and Dennis Eckersley a 7-5 loss. Jim Spencer and Jorge Orta both drove in a pair of runs as Francisco Barrios picked up the win.

1980 – Rich Wortham fired seven shutout innings and Ed Farmer finished the final two frames to pick up the save in the White Sox 2-0 win over Kansas City.

1983 – Tony Bernazard hit a double with the bases loaded and Ron Kittle drove in another three runs as the fifth-place White Sox top the Indians 8-3 to improve their record to 11-12. Jerry Koosman picked up his first win of the year.

2005 – White Sox topped the Blue Jays 5-3 to extend their winning streak to six games and improve their record to 22-7 on the season.  El Duque picked up the win and A.J. Pierzynski drove in the winning runs in top of the eighth, breaking the 3-3 tie.

2006 – Jim Thome hit a three-run homer as the White Sox cruised to a 9-2 win over the Royals at home.  The White Sox improved their record to 21-9 and Javier Vazquez moved to  4-1 on the season.

2008 – Gavin Floyd loses his second no-hit bid in less than a month as Joe Mauer doubles with one out in ninth in the White Sox’s 7-1 victory over the Twins at U.S. Cellular Field. The Chicago right-hander also flirted with a no-no 24 days prior against the Tigers which ended with Edgar Renteria’s single with one out in the eighth inning.



Wow – i’m totally blown away that nobody is commenting on anything! JK must’ve gotton lonely – – it’s quite sad to me that nobody wants to chat, my self included I suppose, when we aren’t doing well but when we get hot, and we will, we’ll all be back… miss this blog guys and gals… for our boy Scott, let’s try to perk this place back up!


You make me feel so ashamed… but I swear that I have a good reason!! I’ve been so busy with finishing up my internship and sending in all my papers and stuff that I’ve had no time at all for anything. But now that I’m done and graduating in less than a week, I should be able to pop by more often.

Congrats to Sergio Santos on yet another awesome and scoreless inning! He is on fire. Hopefully this spells good things for his future with the Sox. If only the rest of our boys were as consistent as he is right now.

Another fine outing by JD goes for naught and another no-name hurler 3 hits the SOX. Part of the reason I get so frustrated with this club is that this type of offensive performance (or more correctly lack of performance) happens over and over and over against pitchers that the rest of the league lights up. How come ? It may not be Greg Walkers’ fault but something about this team’s approach to hitting needs to change, and it should probably start with the hitting coach. It’s only early May and it seems that this season and the hitting futility that has gone with it has gone on since February. Oh sorry, it has.

Rather than incure the wrath of my sweetheart DEEPINAHEARTATEXAS…

The season to date?
A roller coaster that Six Flags would approve of…

The problems are that we have been so spoiled by the mostly good performances of the last five seasons that some out there in White Sox Universe think that the real thing is like MLB 2010, a video game that can be programmed to insure VICTORY and nothing else…

IT AIN’T LIKE THAT, gang… Every team is going to have its low points and high points… It’s just that you’d like to have them spaced out a little farther… so that you don’t go through the doldrums TOO MUCH…

This team, believe it or not, Ripley, will IMPROVE… Ozzie thinks so,Kenny thinks so… and so should the rest of us…

Of course, there ARE some of us in the Universe who aren’t happy unless we do have SOMETING to b**ch about…

So, I’ve made my statement on Facebook to all the oldies, Peggy and JK got their own personal emails so, let’s keep this alive folks.. it’s fun, enlightening and yes, sometimes infuriating but I’ve made some friends thru this blog and I intend to keep it alive! Maybe the boys can read it.. it’s time to start a cheering section again and they need to feed off our true love of the team!

So, come on guys and gals let’s pull it together once and for all, together we can perk this place up!!!!


ps – I make no apologies to the crappy *** naysayers out there, yea, we all know it’s been a rough year so far and yea, ya’ll think people need fired, but buck up and toughen up and deal or quit watching! 🙂

I’m done!

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