Today in White Sox History

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1927 Ted Lyons picked up his fourth win of the year, going the distance in the Sox 4-1 victory over the Senators.  Second baseman Aaron Ward had two hits and three RBI for the White Sox.

1949  Scoring in every inning, the White Sox beat the Red Sox, 12-8. A team tallying in every inning has only occurred five times in American League history. 

1956 Nellie Fox collected three hits as the White Sox topped the Tigers 9-7.  Dixie Howell was the winning pitcher, going 5.1 IP in relief.

1968 Luis Aparicio’s run-scoring double in the third inning was the only tally of the game as the Sox topped Oakland, 1-0.  Joel Horlen, Wilbur Wood and Bob Locker combined for the shutout.
1977 Chet Lemon drove in the winning run in the top of the 10th inning in the White Sox 4-3 victory over Texas.  Chris Knapp picked up the win, pitching all 10 innings.

1986 The White Sox won their third straight game, beating the Indians, 5-4.   Bobby Bonilla tied the game with a single in the top of the 8th and Tim Hulett drove in the go ahead run just moments later.

1994 The first-place White Sox topped the Mariners 14-6 as Jason Bere moved to 3-1.  Julio Franco and Ron Karkovice each homered in the win.

2001 Jose Valentin clubbed a walk-off homer in the bottom of the 10th inning to give the White Sox a 6-5 win over the Rangers.


Am I missing something here? Why did we have yesterday off, then we have 2 games against the Twinkies and then Thursday off? HUH?
Anybody wanna help me out here? thanx

Hi, there White Sox fans. So far, Freddie looks pretty good. But it looks strange to be in Minn, and playing outdoors. Where’s the baggie? Where’s the white roof? Why is it so cold? Where are we anyway??? Go Sox’10..j.k.

That’s just a scheduling quirk, Lisa. It happens to all teams occasionally during the course of a season. Maybe the lack of games will help our team out… couldn’t hurt! I do like AJ in the two hole and moving Gordon down. Even though AJ isn’t hitting much better, he is a veteran and handled the two hole in the past pretty well… Go Sox’10…j.k.

That’s the way to do it Boys: several hits in a row and we score 5 big runs……. Go Sox…..j.k.


I asked the same question… we play 3, 2 game series this one, det next week and angels right after that… seems kinda stupid to me…

Come on boys…. half way there!!! Let’s get it get it!!!

5-2 going into the eighth. One more run?….. Come on Guys, you can do it….. j.k.

And Bobby IS coming in for the bottom half of the ninth!. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby……. Go Sox’10…….Good night all and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks…. j.k.

c’mon, just gotta finish strong….

I didn’t want to mention the number of outs left, hate to jinx us at this point…. or jenks us as seems to be an issue of late….

I’ve been keeping track of the game on my phone all night, and I have to say that I could not be happier!! Our boys finally managed to pull off a win in Minnesota! Let’s hope that this is the start of many good things to come, not only in Minnesota, but for the rest of the season. Maybe it was the Metrodome after all!!

Ok, gonna try and post yet again… 4th time is a charm right?

I couldn’t agree with you moreo torigurl.. pretty excited about tonight’s win… could’ve handle a 3 up 3 down situation but I’ll take what we got!

Oh, and btw this is Vicki – I just changed my screen name.

Nice win tonight. Sweaty Freddy had his game on for sure. Very nice to see the SOX score 5 runs without a HR. Troubling that CQ and GB seem to be “lost” at the plate. Two of our better hitters and neither seems very confident, especially CQ. Perhaps a few days off is in order.
Let’s hope that Target field becomes a house of horrors for the twinks. Sure plays big. Morneau crushes a ball 405 feet to dead center and it’s just a loud out. Very nice. Let give JD some run support tommorrow and take both of these from the twinkees.

We won?!? In Minnesota?!? Did we just enter the Twilight Zone?!? Here’s to hoping all of that Dome Doom is behind us and that new park spells trouble for the Twinkies. Let’s take two today.

Also, Scott, I like these “Today in White Sox” history posts. I’m more familiar with the team in the last 20 years, but it’s cool to see what went on in years past. Two thumbs up.

Go White Sox!

Hi All~

I agree – great win last night. I get Tweets from Joe Cowley and Chris Rongey – both said the Twinkies did Target Field right.

Also, I read Zack Hample’s blog (thanks to MariA pointing it out last year) and he did a great job exploring and showing Target Field. Check out this:

He was there a couple days so scroll down for more information! It’s a pretty good read.


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