Matinee in Minny

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Today’s Lineup

Pierre7, AJ 2, Jones9, PK3, Rios8, Kotsay dh, Teahen5, Beckham4, Ramirez6.  Danks pitching.

Last Night

So how important do you think last night’s victory was, to win the first game in Target Field?  Let me know.


How classy of White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle?  After Oakland’s Dallas Braden threw his own Perfect Game on Sunday, Buehrle immediately asked for his phone number so our lefty could welcome their lefty into the Perfect Game Club.  And how ironic that Buehrle’s son’s name is … Braden.


Tough loss. JD pitched really well considering he did not have his best stuff. No run support for him again unfortunately. Great catch by Rios and JP may not be as big a bum as I called him out as. He actually may be coming around. CQ still looks woeful at the plate. He needs to sit a while. We also really need a real third baseman. Mark Teahen IS NOT it. Sure doesn’t look to me like the twinks have the team best suited to play in their new park. It plays huge. We’ll see.

Danks pitches well and we drop a **** AGAIN!!!!!!!!! Can someone tell me why Kotsay is still playing??? Brian Anderson could hit better than this guy and he is DH???
Paulie and Rios are the only 2 playing nice. Pierre is coming around but these 3 can’t do it all. CQ, AJ, Alexi …. Any day fellas!!!!!!!!!!
This is the most frustrating season …. and that includes 2007!!!!!
Management needs to stop the same song and dance … changes NEED to be made.


Kotsay is really a pinch-hitter and a part-time player. I also beleive that he has been used too much as a starter. But he does give you great versatility off the bench as an outfielder, a baakup first baseman, and a left-handed hitter with some pop.

Pierre has had a good run now and hopefully he can continue to get on base, swipe a few and make things happen. The offense is starting to show some signs of life. But Quentin and Beckham are both still scuffling mightily.

The Sox need a win streak in the worst way. They played well in their first trip to KC last year so maybe that can be the start of a stretch where they start to win a few and chip a few games off of that deficit to the Twins.

Rios’ play in center today was one of the best we will see all year. He is showing the kind of talent that he had in Toronto for several years. And now that he gets to play CF, he is finally in his natural and best position.

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