Today in White Sox History

Friday, May 14, 2010

1925 – Earl Sheely knocked in Ike Davis for the only run of the game in the White Sox 1-0 victory over the Yankees. Despite allowing nine hits, Ted Lyons kept New York off the scoreboard and moved to 3-0 on the year.


1936 – The White Sox scored a run in the bottom of the ninth to give them a 13-12 win over the Washington Senators.  Sixteen different players collected at least one RBI in this high-scoring affair.


1952 – Down three runs to Boston in the bottom of the sixth inning, the White Sox put up a timely six runs as the game is called in the following inning due to weather conditions.  Eddie Robinson and Saul Rogovin each had two RBI in the 6-3 victory.


1965 – Behind a strong pitching performance from Joel Horlen, the White Sox nip the Angels 2-1.  Moose Skowron and Ken Berry each drove in a run in the win.


1977 – Jim Spencer tied the White Sox record with eight RBI in one game as the White Sox trounced Cleveland 18-2.


1984 – Tom Seaver pitched a complete game shutout as the White Sox topped the Royals 2-0.


1993 – Jack McDowell pitched a complete game shutout and Ron Karkovice drove in two runs in the White Sox 4-0 win at Texas.


2006 – Trailing 7-1 after the first inning, the White Sox rallied for a 9-7 win in Minnesota.  Mark Buehrle became the first starting pitcher to allow seven runs in the opening frame and win that same game since Jack Powell beat the Chicago Orphans on Sept. 29, 1900.  The White Sox also turned a triple play in the game, their first since 2004.



I’m ready to kick some butt – – let’s do it to it… I got a sweep feelin this weekend!!! Tired of losing folks, just looked at the standings… time to crawl out of the hole!

And since jk is unavailabe for commentary due to plans, I’ll just say

Go Sox 10!

When your “ace” is 2-5 (as he will be after tonight) it’s not surprising that your team is playing .400 ball. We have a starting right fielder who is hitting 0.140, a DH who is a 42 old journeyman shortstop, and a starting 3rd baseman who is on pace to drive in 35 RBIs this year( that’s correct – 35 RBIs for the ENTIRE season). Is this really the best the SOX can do to field a competitive team? Come on Kenny – Ozzie, this is beyond absymal, it’s embarrasing.

I stand corrected: Abysmal (not absymal). 5 (count em 5) starters not hitting .230 – three not hitting .200. Our two pitching aces have a TOTAL of 4 wins. A closer who has blown 3 of 8 saves. It’s a miracle that this team has won 14 games.

Well, now that I am finally graduated, I can actually sit down and watch a Sox game. Come on, boys, don’t let me down!

Yes!! A nice graduation present from my White Sox! I waited until the very end because I didn’t want to jinx it. Well, I’m off to bed after a long day!

Vicki – congratulations on your graduation!!!

I’m glad the boys got you a good present for it!!!! Peavy rocked tonight. Did anyone else read his lips as he was coming off the field after the 8th? He said “this is MY game”. He had to be talking to Oz and Coop saying no way are you taking me out. Good to see him start the 9th.

And, Matty – nice save. You are a beast!!


Give me nine guys with the attitude of Jake Peavy and we’d be having parades and raising banners on a regular basis.

I listened to most of the game tonight. Was great to hear Tom Paciorek on the broadcast. Wimpy is one of the all-time great guys and the Sox broadcast team is not the same without him.

Two wins on this trip so far and both games were won on the strength of one big inning in each.

Gotta keep battling and hoping that guys like Quentin, Beckham, Pierzynski, Teahen, etc., start hitting like they are capable of doing. The pitching is good enough to compete if the hitters can just get their acts together.

This team has a lot of holes but giving up will not fill any of them.

3 hours on AA to get to KC, rain all day,game played in drizzle, sitting in my buddy’s skybox, wtaching the SOX win with a 4 run rally with NO HR, PRICELESS! Peavy had a rough start but what a gamer. The guy is a BEAST. Rios looks like a gazelle in CF, the guy gets to and catches balls so effortlessly you forget how much ground he covers. Nice win, now let’s get Gavin some run support and take two of three from the royals.

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