This Date in White Sox History – May 26

2005 – White Sox legend Chico Carrasquel passed away in Caracas, Venezuela at the age of 77.


1929 – Red Faber limited the Tigers to a single hit and no runs as the White Sox beat the Tigers 2-0.


1933 – Luke Appling had a triple and a home run as the White Sox held off a late Yankees rally to win 8-6.


1955 – Jack Harshman threw a complete game and picked up his third win of the season as the White Sox beat the Indians 3-1.


1970 – Wilbur Wood picked up his eighth save of the year as the White Sox topped the Royals 3-1.


1973 – Dick Allen clubs a three-run homer in the 21st inning to give the White Sox a 6-3 win over Cleveland.


1977- Steve Stone won his fifth game of the season and Lerrin LaGrow earned his seventh save as the White Sox nipped the Brewers 4-3 in Milwaukee.


1982 – Greg Luzinski hit two homers and drove in six runs as the White Sox beat the Royals 7-5.


1990 – Ivan Calderon, Ron Kittle and Ron Karkovice each drove in a pair of runs as the White Sox rolled the Tigers 10-4.


2008 – The White Sox put up three runs in the top of 12th inning to beat Cleveland 6-3. 


Thank goodness we won. BUT, WHY OH WHY put Bobby Jenks in?????????????????????? He stinks in non-save situations. Just sayin.

You need to add…

2010 – Ozzie and Buehrle ejected after two “erroneous” balk calls by our favorite ump, Joe West. Kotsay hits a two-run homer, but the White Sox, er, Bobby Jenks almost blows a 5-1 lead in the bottom of the 9th by giving up a double, walk, single, RBI walk, 2 RBI single, sac bunt, intentional walk, strikeout, and fly out.

I have never come so close to a heart attack in my life. I’m glad we got the W, both on and off the field. We also won the Twitter battle by a large margin. I wish the White Sox and Indians would do away with the $1,000 max cap as tweeters would have raised roughtly $5,000 from each organization.

Can we please try an experiment since it’s still somewhat early in the season? Let’s remove Bobby and put Sergio in the closer role. The last time we had a rookie closer, we won the WS. It can’t hurt to try now.

Anyway, glad we got the W. Now where is my Zanax? Let’s gear up for the Rays. Go White Sox!

First series win against the tribe this year. That’s good. Cleveland is 6-3 against the SOX, 11-25 against everybody else. Worst team in the AL central, period.
Continuing to run drama queen BJ out there in non save situations where he can throw the game away and completely demoralize this team is lunacy, period. I personally think he should be relagated into a set-up role for Thorton or Santos.
And BTW, Scott you and the rest of SOX management might want to re-think having Hawk (or anybody else for that matter) quit talking up the Crosstown Cup sponsored by BP. Again, just my opinion, but BP is the LAST company the SOX ought to be aligning themselves with or talking up in any fashion!

BP has paid a lot of money for that sponsorship. So, until something illegal is found, then the Sox can’t ignore the sponsorship.

A win is a win. Now let’s go to St. Pete and get at least a split and call it a successful road trip.

Hey TC, do you work for BP or something or are you just shilling for them?
Yeah right, let’s wait and see if BP broke any laws before
1) we condem them for what will likely be the WORST environmental disaster in history and 2) the SOX ignore their sponsorship. Come to think of it you’re right. No reason at all that the SOX should mind being mentioned in the same breath with them. After all they “paid a lot of money for that sponsorship”. Just maybe if they had paid some of that “sponsorship” money for correctly capping this well instead of cutting corners to save a few bucks we wouldn’t be having this dialogue.

Buster, relax!!!!!!

I’m not on BP’s side in this fiasco. All I am saying that the Sox should not have to give any money back just because BP is embroiled in a controversy about its own business.

The Sox did not endorse BP by signing the deal. They just gladly took their money.

If the Sox (and the other team on the north side) think that by accepting the money they are supporting BP in this matter, then they can take whatever appropriate action they want.

But, seriously, would you give back money to them if you were in the Sox’s shoes right now?

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