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060810-Hawk-02.jpgWednesday, June 9, 2010

Hawk Harrelson Night

A couple of great photos from last night …


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I had a lot of fun there last night with my dad. We got stuck in traffic, so we didn’t get t-shirts and missed all the pre-game stuff (we barely got there for the end of “Thunderstruck” and the start of the game), but it was still a good night out (despite the shortfall of our boys in black). Congrats to Hawk for so many years with the team and thanks to the White Sox for honoring such a great guy in such a great way. We really enjoyed all of the “Hawkisms” and nicknames that he’s given to players over the years which were shown on the center field screen throughout the game.

When Galarraga came out to pitch in the first inning, he got a standing ovation from a good portion of the fans there. I’m sure that a lot of them were Tigers fans, but a fair amount of them were also Sox fans, myself included. I think that he deserved it because of the classy way that he handled everything last week and with Jim Joyce. He showed class and maturity at a time when he had every right to be upset, rising above the situation and accepting the decision with grace. He set an example that I hope all current and future sports players take note of and make the decision to follow.

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