100 To Go

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Weekend That Was

Oh, but for a ninth-inning base hit last night to make the weekend even better …


People still were buzzing about the pregame atmosphere from last night.  I know ESPN didn’t carry much of it, but here’s some of the action, courtesy of Comcast SportsNet Chicago. 

62 Games In

So 62 games into the season with 100 remaining, it might again provide some interesting perspective on the long, long baseball season.

It seems every year is the same.  You come out of spring training thinking you have a pretty good team only to struggle early.  Quickly, the experts declare that it’s time to give up the season, that all is lost and it’s time to think about next year.

That may, in the end, prove to be the case, but it is just so easy to forget how much baseball is yet to be played.

Through 62 games of 2009, the White Sox stood at 28-34.  This year, 28-34.  Certainly, we all felt we were in a deep hole a week ago, but after a strong week, we’ve climbed halfway out.  What if this team continues to play well and we are able to reach .500 by the All-Star Break?

Last year, we went 8-2 to end June with a 39-38 record.  By July 23, the White Sox — fueled by Mark Buehrle’s Perfect Game — were in first place.  The team was 53-51 at the end of July 2009, and you felt we were hanging around in the race until a 1-8 stretch to end August left the Sox at 64-68 entering September.

The Minnestoa Twins, last year’s division champs, were 30-32 after 62, 45-44 at the All-Star Break and fell as far as six games under .500 on August 17 (56-62) before a furious rally saw them go 31-14 down the stretch to win the division in 163 games with an 87-76 mark.

People can ridicule us for holding out hope, but things do happen to teams — including teams changing their personalities — over a long. long 162-game season.

That’s why it’s fun to watch the campaign unfold each summer.



It hasn’t been very pretty so far has it? When you put it like that though Scott, there are still 100 games left, makes you want to just hope that things could get better. Gavin looked good last night. I just don’t know about our hitting. Admittingly I’ve been part time watching cause of hockey, but now that that is done, you all are stuck with me again1! I’m off to Pittsburgh with the family to cheer on the boys…hope to be a lucky charm!

Donna, you are now responsible for a series win at PNC. Isn’t Kenwo going this week too? If so, then you’ve got one game, Kenwo another and you can flip for the third one.

Usually I read comments like this one from Scott and think; Sure, that’s just the Company line. But in this case I have to agree. Why? Maybe just a gut hunch, but with the games coming up, I think we will continue to play well enough to (hopefully) get to .500 somewhere around 40-40. If that CAN happen then it’s anyone’s guess what type team we end up with….. Give this year just a little bit longer to play out….

And in conjunction with the above paragraph: Go Donna go! Bring us a couple of wins, starting tomorrow night (afternoon here).

MY Daughter’s out for the evening, My Wife is feeding the little kids and I have a moment to comment on Scotts Blog! Life is GOOD and all my family is well…. Hoping that all your families are well too and that we’re all pulling for our Boys to keep up the good pitching and adequate hitting for awhile longer…… Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Yea TC, Kenwo is going too. I’m not sure which games he will be at but I’ll be there Wed and Thurs. I’m bringing that Blackhawk championship karma to at least get the series won!😉
JK–hope life is being good to you as well! I’ve missed you guys! I gotta agree, we are in a good place to do a little catch up. Pirates, Nationals—lets hope we can feed off the bottom a little, get some confidence and put a few W’s on the board!!

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