In Pittsburgh … Again?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tonight’s Lineup

Pierre 7, Vizquel5, Rios8, PK3, Kotsay9, Ramirez6, Castro2, Beckham4, Garcia1.

Must Watch/Listen

Make sure you watch MLB Network, Comcast SportsNet Chicago or listen on WSCR this Friday when the White Sox visit the Nationals for the very first time.  Mark Buehrle faces Stephen Strasburg in Friday night’s series opener.  That’s one not to miss.

Chicago White Sox Charities

Make sure to attend the next Chicago White Sox Charities fundraiser on July 8 when White Sox players act as servers for a private party for you and your friends at Texas de Brazil downtown.  For details and to purchase your tickets, click here.  Don’t delay as tickets to the event are limited.


So excited about the news!!! Our family is heading to DC on Friday, and we planned not to attend the Saturday game, even though it meant missing seeing Strasburg in action. (He was originally projected to be on the mound Saturday.) Needless to say, we are thrilled about the change that will have us seeing both Buehrle and Strasburg on Friday. Should be pretty darn cool. (And adding another notch to our “visited ballparks” list is pretty neat, too.)

So glad it worked out for you Maria!! Cheer Mark on to victory and have fun. We are leaving for Pittsburgh tomorrow for the games tomorrow and Thursday. Pretty sure Ken is too. Lots of representation this road trip!

Have a great time in Pittsburgh, Donna! PNC is a beautiful ball park. Be sure to go to the upper level on the third base side and check out the view with the river and city skyline as a backdrop. Stunning. Will you be heading to DC after the Pirates series? Is anyone else from the blog going?

PNC as far as we go Maria. We saw the Nationals at RFK so the new park is for sure on our list but not this time. You’ll have to tell me all about it. Hopefully a good pitching matchup for you Friday!
These are games we should be winning so it’s good to see we are doing so. Let’s keep this train rolling!
Hey Josh, aren’t you out east? you catching any of these games?

I hope you both have fun at the away games, Maria and Donna! Cheer on our guys to victory for us! It was good to see them put another tally in the win column for us tonight. Like I’ve said, hopefully this past week was a turning point in the season for us, and as Scott pointed out so well the other day, we still have a long way to go in the season.

The Nationals Park is nice Maria. And easy to get to on the Metro. DC is such an incredible place to visit. Have a great weekend.

I hope to stop at PNC later this summer while on a trip. Won’t see the Sox but still am looking forward to seeing what I hear is a great park.

Another nice win tonight. Finally, we are on a little roll. Of course, it helps to play the horrible National League.

Really good to see Jenks get his breaking ball over again. With that, he is a top-notch closer. Beckham had a great night. Hope it is the first of many.

And how about the way Castro chugged around those bases???????

Great squeeze play too. Hope the little things continue to go well.

I hope Maria and Donna bring good karma (hey that rhymed) for us against the Bucs and Nats these next few games. Sadly no, I won’t be able to make the games in D.C. as we’ve just been too busy lately. Plus, I want Hayden to be a little older before I take her to her first ballgame. I’m not sure how much she would remember at 3 months, lol.

Great win last night, and it was nice to see the squeeze for once. Becks had a great night too, and I hope this will get him out of his funk. Let’s take Round 2 from the Bucs tonight. Go White Sox!

Another series win, very nice. SOX are playing well last 8-9 games. Does it matter that it’s aginst the flubs and pirates? I think not. A win is a win. Actually hoping Peavy goes tommorrow cause I’d really like to see MB aginst Strasburg.
Way to go boys, keep it up!

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