Top Ten White Sox vs. Cubs Moments at U.S. Cellular Field

June 16, 2010

As we start to count down to the Crosstown series here at U.S. Cellular Field, we are going to count down to the best White Sox moments against the Cubs at home.  The list is totally in fun and totally subjective, just as lask week’s list of top moments at Wrigley was, so feel free to offer your thoughts and your own Top 10 Sox moments along the way …

Moment No. 10

June 9, 2000 – Sosa Scares, but Sox Win – White Sox 6, Cubs 5 (14 innings)
Ray Durham’s single off Daniel Garibay with one out in the 14th inning scored Herbert Perry with the winning run.  The victory was the fifth straight and 17th in 24 games for the White Sox, who played their longest game at Comiskey Park since a 15-inning contest on 6/2/95 vs. Detroit.  Sammy Sosa’s two-run homer off Keith Foulke in the ninth forced extra innings, but Bill Simas (3.0 IP) and Jesus Pena combined to hold the Cubs hitless over the final 5.0 IP, with Pena earning his first career victory.


Nice game everybody, from JohnnyD through and including DonnaO and family. Now bring us home the sweep tomorrow if you please…. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Well we are on a hot little streak now aren’t we! Yes I know we are feeding off the bottom, but we are still winning, and gaining some ground on those Twinkies!
Marie that Pierre catch was beautiful! And I will gladly travel with the team if someone wants to support me!😉
I have to share that I had a wonderful time in Pittsburgh. Yes it helps the team won, but if you are looking for a park to come visit, this is the one. GORGEOUS park with beautiful skyline of city in back drop. People could not have been nicer. GREAT food. FUN, FUN, FUN! Heard music I haven’t heard in years, had hot dogs shot to us in the stands, watched perogi, yea that’s right perogi, race around the field, and got free pop, cracker jack, popcorn and a shirt on Federal St. before the game where I also found Southpaw wandering around! We took a tour of the park which was fantastic, very similar to what the tour at US Cellular is like. Dave our tour guide was fantastic! I really would recommend visiting this ballpark if you are looking to travel to a park.
Again best part, a Sox sweep! Keep it rolling in DC. Maria, counting on you to keep the train going!

Nice win tonight! Thanks for the sweep! Donna – you done good! Can you now head over to Washington DC?

Buster – can you please now say something nice about Pierre in left field? Maybe he doesn’t have the best arm, but come on, he’s making some great catches out there. How about tonight?


Marie et all.
Absolutely, JP played a great game. Catch was a game saver and his RBI triple kept the offense rolling. The best part (to me at least) is the way the other SOX are responding to JP in the dugout, that wasn’t happening earlier. It seems as if he, and the rest of the SOX, are starting to come around. As Donna said, who cares if it’s against the flubs and pirates. A win, and a series sweep, is just what this team needed. Hard to beleive but this club is within 3 games of .500 going into Washington. 2 of 3 before coming home to play the national league indians would sure be sweet.

Nice win Boys and girls(Donna and family). And now we sit only 61/2 out of first place! Almost as close as we are to Cleveland… Ouch! Not to be one to rain on our parade I will say that it’s up to Maria now to continue our good fortune….

Seriously though, last time out the Nats phenom gave up a few runs but managed to get the W anyway, so it is now up to our offense to be patient and get us ahead like today and then we can get to another 4 game win streak.

I was hoping we could get back to .500 at around 40-40, but if we keep up our good play, maybe we can do even better… Yes, we can….. Go Marie and go Sox’10….j.k.

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